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Achilles Tires Review 2022: Pros and Cons of an Affordable Tire

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Achilles Tires are great for individuals who want new tires without breaking the bank. These tires offer excellent quality and performance while remaining reasonably priced. We’ll look at the benefits and drawbacks of Achilles Tires in this blog article so you can determine if they’re appropriate for your car.

You could do what millions of other Americans do and purchase less expensive tires, like Achilles. These tires look similar to more expensive ones and have the same tread pattern. But naturally, ordinary people don’t understand tires, as well as experts do, which is why you shouldn’t believe Amazon reviews on that matter.

Achilles is one of the brands I get asked about the most regarding new tires. Achilles is not simply a brand that imports products from China; instead, it is a firm with a bit of history. They produce tires in Indonesia, which, since they’re made in China, may very well be a better location.

The brand is owned by PT Multistrada Arah Sarana, the largest tire manufacturer in Indonesia. The company has factories all over the country on 460 acres of land. They have previously worked with Continental and Pirelli, but now they are developing their products.

Are Achilles tires any good, in other words? The answer isn’t simple. They have several benefits but also some significant drawbacks. Some people are willing to overlook the latter, especially given how cheap they are.

Even though tires are essential for safety, the cost of a good set of tires should not be the top priority. In our opinion, safety is always the most crucial thing regarding tires. That is why we think that premium tires are worth the investment. Michelin and Bridgestone are two brands with a good reputation for being safe and reliable.

However, we need to test if the Achilles tires work as the manufacturer says they do…

1. Achilles ATR Sport 225/45 R17 91W XL

achilles atr sport 225/45

The Achilles ATR Sport 225/45 R17 91W XL tires are an excellent choice for people looking for low-cost tires that deliver outstanding quality and performance. These tires provide a solid dry grip and handling and a smooth ride. They’re also reasonably priced, making them a bargain.

The Achilles ATR Sport 225/45 R17 91W XL tires are a good choice for people who live in an area with dry roads. However, if it rains a lot where you live, you may want to invest in a higher-quality set of tires.

These tires are of great value. They offer excellent performance at a fraction of the cost of some of the more expensive options.

The tire is also suitable for damp conditions. It’s a little more vulnerable to extremely heavy rain, but it’s still completely safe. Because it’s an all-season tire, it won’t function in freezing weather or on snow and ice. The ATR Sport 2 delivers a long service life but doesn’t excel. If you drive responsibly, it should last you two seasons; however, Treadwear warranties on tires are usually shorter, and if you push it too hard, the tire tends to wear out more frequently. Fortunately, the manufacturer offers a 35,000-mile treadwear warranty; nevertheless, this is still insufficient in most cases.

2. Achilles ATR-K Economist 225/50 R17 94W XL

achilles atr-k economist

The Achilles ATR-K Economist 225/50 R17 94W XL is a great all-terrain tire for people on a budget. These tires give excellent grip in wet and dry conditions, with a comfortable ride. They’re also reasonably priced, making them an exceptional value.

If it rains or snows heavily where you reside, you may wish to consider a higher-quality set of tires. These tires provide outstanding performance at half the cost of some of the more expensive alternatives. The Achilles ATR-K Economist 225/50 R17 94W XL is a fantastic option for individuals who live in an area with moderate weather conditions.

The tire is also suitable for wet conditions. It’s somewhat more susceptible to severe downpours, but it’s still relatively safe. Because it’s an all-season tire, it won’t function in freezing weather or on snow and ice. The ATR-K Economist is a long-lasting tire, but it’s not the best. If you drive carefully, it should last you two seasons. However, tire warranties usually last for a shorter amount of time. If you push the car too hard, the tire’s life will go by quickly. Fortunately, the manufacturer offers a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty. This is still not enough in most cases.

3. Achilles Desert Hawk H/T 2

achilles desert hawk-ht2

The Desert Hawk H/T2 is a regular all-season highway tire for SUVs, crossovers, and trucks. The company markets it as a “superior performance” tire for the highway. In reality, the tire provides reasonable but not exceptional performance.

The Desert Hawk is a good tire. It performs well on dry roads, and it has excellent high-speed stability. It does not perform well in extremely wet conditions, especially in the corners. Snow and ice traction are terrible, even compared to premium tires. It has a 60,000-mile treadwear warranty. That means it will last for two seasons.

4. Achilles Multivan

achilles multivan

The Multivan has smooth tread. This tire is primarily intended for commercial vehicles like vans and trucks. According to the manufacturer, it is designed to provide comfort, durability, and resistance against sidewall cutting and scuffing.

You shouldn’t expect the tires to work very well in bad weather. The tires work well on dry roads, but they don’t do as good of a job in the rain or snow.

Even when the tire is loaded to the max, it remains comfortable. This is a good thing because it helps stabilize the car on highways. Achilles does not have a treadwear warranty, which is typical for a commercial tire. That said, the company only provides one LT-metric size.

5. Achilles Winter 101

achilles winter101

The company’s only winter tire is the Winter 101. It performs well in light and deep snow. Sure, it can’t compete with the best premium winter tires, but I believe you’ll be pretty pleased with its performance. There is a little ice traction, to be sure, but not much to speak of.

You will definitely notice a difference. The tire struggles on dry and wet roads, though. Performance is not as good as premium tires. Besides, the Achilles Winter 101 doesn’t have an excellent tread life. You should be lucky if you get two seasons out of it.

6. Achilles Desert Hawk Off-Road Radial Tire

achilles desert hawk off road

Achilles is known to offer quality and reliable products. They provide tires that rival world-class competitor tires. The Desert Hawk Off-Road Radial Tire is also in the continuation of its year-old legacy.

Achilles continues to innovate with technologically advanced and foremost products. The Desert Hawk Off-Road Radial Tire has an aggressive tread pattern that provides a better grip and enhances off-road performance. It can slay on any terrain thanks to its aggressive three steps block. It minimizes the moving angle of tread blocks during cornering, thus maximizing grip and stability.

This tire delivers solid performance over hard-packed surfaces, mud terrain, and rocks. The advanced sidewall design provides sidewall protection from sharp cuts and rocks. As a result, the tire is durable, with high resistance to damage and better additional traction. You get a steady performance and the ability to withstand rugged terrain. If you want to get off-road tires, check our page.

Like most all-terrain tires, Achilles Desert Hawk creates a noticeable amount of noise on the highway. That does not affect your drive’s stability or comfort in any way. On the downside, the wet grip of the Achilles Desert Hawk could do with some improvement.

Achilles Tires Review: What to Know Before You Buy

Achilles uses its designs for tires, which is better than borrowing cheap Chinese tread patterns and rubber compounds. However, the company doesn’t have the resources to research and develop new tire technologies like some of the more expensive companies or even some budget companies. In fact, Achilles is behind those companies in terms of research and development.

In reality, Achilles is a brand dedicated to consumers who wish to save money on tires. Compared to brands like Lionhart, Achilles tires perform better, especially on wet roads, and last longer. However, we advocate investing in superior tires for the best driving experience.

  • Achilles Tires Positive Aspects:

The cost is more reasonable; Achilles tires are less expensive than other brands, but they do not provide superior performance and endurance.

Tires for automobiles are available in a range of sizes and tread patterns. Achilles provides over 100 distinct variations of passenger automobile tires, as well as over 40 SUV/CUV and almost 30 light truck tires.

  • Achilles Tires Negative Aspects:

Not as good on dry roads as more expensive brands, with less snow and ice traction.

There is no manufacturer’s warranty on this tire. This is typical for a commercial-use tire, but it may be an issue for some buyers.


Achilles Tires may be the right choice if you are looking for a less expensive tire that still provides good all-around performance. However, if you live in an area with severe weather conditions, investing in a higher-quality tire is advisable.

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