Top 10 Best 33×12.50r20 Tires – [Updated 2022]

This is the ultimate buyer’s guide to the best 33×12.50r20 tires. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most popular 33×12.50r20 Tires. We would recommend using Goodtrip GS-67 M/T Mud Tire 33X12.50R20 114Q LRE BSW 33125020 33×12.5R20 as it is four top picks for your vehicle available at a reasonable price and also one of the best products currently available in the market.

List Of All Best 33×12.50r20 Tires Available Online

1. Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T All-Terrain Off-Road Light Truck Radial Tires

The Venom Power Terrain Hunter X/T sits on the top of the best 33×12.50r20 Tires list owing to its multiple features. Not only it is an all-terrain tire but also an all-season tire specifically manufactured for light trucks.

You can drive Venom Power Terra Hunter 33×12.50r20 tire in any kind of weather thanks to its optimal tread design. It upgrades the all-weather traction and thus you can enjoy a safe ride. The detailed tread pattern and all-season compound improve the dry, wet, and winter weather road-gripping capability.

Venom Power Terra Hunter 33×12.50r20 tire has a detailed staggered tread element design. Accompanied by its tread elements, sidewall pattern, and wide grooves, the all-terrain tire enhances the soft, loose, and uneven terrain gripping capability. The flat footprint and the detailed grip enhance the steering responsiveness and driving stability. Thus giving you the freedom to drive on-road and off-road.

Venom Power Terra Hunter 33×12.50r20 tire doesn’t require much maintenance as well. The high void ratio tread comes with a self-cleaning nature. Its open shoulders keep a clean footprint and prevent stone retention.

The tire can withstand enough weight since it is designed keeping light trucks in mind. This 33×12.50r20 tire maintains the ideal tire shape under the load and driving pressure, thanks to the stronger ply construction. The durable tire compound and equal pressure distribution extend the tread life with a slower even tread wear.


  • All-season tire
  • All-terrain tire
  • Self-cleaning tread
  • Durable
  • Longer Tread Life

2. 33×12.50R20 Kenda Klever R/T KR601 119R E/10 Ply BSW Tire

The Kenda Klever RT KR601 is an all-season rough terrain tire. This aggressive tire is designed for optimized road conquering whether it’s on mud, sand, or gravel environments. Its strong upper sidewall tread blocks assist with typically difficult mud, sand, and gravel environments.

When it comes to durability, Kenda Klever R/T KR601 is way ahead of its competitors. The KR601  has a 3-ply sidewall construction for maximum protection against impact damage and punctures in off-road conditions or in the snow. This 33×12.50r20 tire can support up to 3000 lbs weight, and thus can be paired with light trucks too.

The Kenda Klever R/T has exceptional wet traction and strong winter performance, earning it an M&S rating. The Klever R/T is ready for snow and pinned for winter studs. You can enjoy a comfortable ride in any season on all kind of terrains.

3. Lanvigator Catchfors M/T II Mud Off-Road Light Truck Radial Tires

Another 33×12.50r20 tire that is specifically designed for lighter trucks. The Lanvigator Catchfors M/T II is a mud-terrain tire and can be used throughout the year. This all-season tire has an aggressive tread design that enhances surface contact while driving, thus giving you the freedom to map the swamps and muddy terrains.

Lanvigator Catchfors M/T II has a large tread block placement and high void ratio. This enhances the soft and loose, off-road surface traction and gripping capability so you can drive on uneven terrain too. The optimal tread block placement enhances the various surface contact which boosts the steering responsiveness and driving stability, thus boosting the tire’s performance.

It also keeps a clean footprint at all times. The 33×12.50r20 tire features a stronger internal structure that maintains the ideal tire shape under the load and driving pressure, offering a safer performing ability.


  • Mud Terrain Tire
  • Durable
  • Stable driving

4. Nitto Ridge Grappler All-Season Radial Tire-33×12.50R20LT F 119Q

Nitto Ridge Grappler All_Season Radial Tire-33x12.50R20LT F 119Q
  • This product is not for sale in the state of Arkansas
  • Black Sidewall

The Ridge Grappler promises to deliver for both mud-terrain and all-terrain. It offers an elevated driving experience and is quite a responsive tire. Nitto Ridge Grappler offers ample traction and grips the road perfectly well when driving. Its water-evacuating circumferential grooves help it perform nicely in wet conditions.

Thanks to the dynamic hybrid tread pattern, you can enjoy a quiet and comfortable ride with the Ridge Grappler. In addition, its deep aggressive sidewall lugs and tread pattern provide capable off-road performance. Like all Grapplers, the Ridge Grappler features two bold sidewall designs. One side features a more traditional pattern while the other side features a new, aggressive block design.

Nitto Ridge Grappler features alternating tapered edges and step block edges. Combined they provide additional biting edges for more traction. Its shoulder grooves are arranged in alternating widths and lengths to clear mud and maintain traction. And the Lateral Z grooves are set in a zig-zag pattern to provide biting edges for traction.

The Ridge Grappler also has stone ejectors that protect the bottom of the groove from stone drilling. As a result, your tires are less accident-prone. Its reinforced block foundation adds rigidity to tread blocks to reduce flex.

It is an all-season tire so it can be used in both dry and wet conditions including light snow as well. The Ridge Grappler looks tough and delivers a quiet ride. It is also available in a wide selection of fitments, for half-ton and heavy-duty pickup trucks in plus-sizes too.

Nitto backs the tire with a standard warranty where they will replace the tire if there is found to be a defect in the workmanship or materials of the tire. This applies to tires that are less than 25% worn and are within 60 months from the original purchase date.


  • Variable pitch tread pattern
  • Smooth highway ride
  • Stone ejectors
  • Biting edges for more traction


  • Not a comfortable ride
  • Noisy

5. Venom Power Terrain Hunter X/T All-Terrain Tire

Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T All-Terrain Off-Road Light Truck Radial Tire-33X12.50R17LT 33X12.50X17 33X12.50-17 120R Load Range E LRE 10-Ply BSW Black Side Wall
  • Treadlife: 50,000 miles
  • Season: All Season
  • Performance: All Terrain
  • Car Type: Light Truck
  • Load Range E, 10-Ply Rated, 10-PR

The Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T is an all-terrain, all-season tire manufactured for light trucks. The optimal tread design upgrades the all-weather traction and ensures a secure performance. These tread elements and sidewall patterns also upgrade the soft, loose, and uneven terrain gripping capability.

The tread’s self-cleaning nature keeps the footprint clean of mud, snow, and rocks. The durable compound and equal pressure distribution extend the tread life and usability. The constant road contact upgrades the controllability. The Terra Hunter X/T’s reinforced structure enhances its load and driving durability.

The detailed staggered tread element design and the wide grooves enhance the soft, loose, and uneven terrain grip. The detailed tread pattern and all-season compound improve the dry, wet, and winter weather road-gripping capability. The stronger ply construction maintains the ideal tire shape under the load and driving pressure affecting the model. The flat footprint and the detailed grip enhance the steering responsiveness and the driving stability both on- and off-road. The durable tire compound and equal pressure distribution extend the tread life with a slower, even tread wear.


  • All-season tire
  • All-terrain tire
  • Durable
  • Longer Tread Life
  • Self-cleaning tread

6. RBP Repulsor M/T All-Terrain Radial Tire

If you want a 33X12.50R20 tire that delivers outstanding off-road performance in rain, sleet, mud, or snow, then RBP Repulsor M/T All-Terrain Radial Tire will suit you well. This all-terrain tire not only delivers a comfortable ride but also performs well in extreme conditions.

RBP Repulsor M/T All-Terrain Radial Tire provides off-road drivers the ability to scale rocky terrain by delivering maximum traction. Off-road enthusiasts love this tire for it can drive smoothly on any kind of terrain. This tire can perform equally well in both dry and wet conditions, thus making it a favorite of many all-terrain tire lovers.

The Rolling Big Power Repulsor M/T has beefed-up sidewall and tread protection for a secure drive. No matter the weather condition or the surface, these tires will plow through everything.

On the downside, these tires create a lot of noise on the highway. The aggressive tread blocks that provide you with the required stability and grip also create a lot of noise. Still, Gladiator has managed to reduce this noise to a bearable point.


  • Aggressive shoulder blocks
  • Formidable sidewall design
  • Excellent off-road performance
  • Smooth ride in extreme conditions

7. Gladiator X-COMP M/T LT33/12.50R-20 119Q RBL F

Set of 4 (FOUR) Transeagle ST Radial Premium Trailer Radial Tires-ST225/75R15 225/75/15 225/75-15 121/117M Load Range F LRF 12-Ply BSW Black Side Wall
  • Treadlife: N/A
  • Season: All Season
  • Performance: Highway
  • Car Type: Trailer
  • Load Range F, 12-Ply Rated, 12-PR

Gladiator Tires was founded in 1982, and since then they have been providing quality products at competitive prices. Their state-of-the-art product designs and innovative technology have helped them build a reputation in the market.

The Gladiator X-COMP M/T tire delivers excellent off-road performance. Build for light trucks, this 33X12.50R20 tire’s casing is full three plys of polyester with a high turn up on the sidewall. The aggressive tread pattern provides maximum traction and grip on the shoulder area of the tire when it is needed the most. The end result is a tire that is strong, stable, durable, and surprisingly quiet.

In addition, the Tread area has two full steel belts and two full nylon belts. This ensures that your ride is a safe and comfortable one. Also, the self-cleaning tread and shoulder area prevent mud, rock, and snow build-up. This gives the tire excellent strength and durability. The result is the very stable tread and shoulder area, for aggressive and proven performance.

If you are an ardent racer, then this tire will suit you perfectly. Gladiator also offers 100% free replacement though it applies to new first quality tires only. The policy does not cover retreads and tires unserviceable due to road hazards. Gladiator X-COMP M/T LT33/12.50R-20 119Q RBL F is covered by the 30 Day “Satisfaction Assured” trial period. If you are not satisfied with your new set of tires within 30 days of the date of purchase, you may exchange all or any one of them.

On top of it all, you also get mounting and balancing services free of charge. Their products are also manufactured in an eco-safe environment.


  • Aggressive tread pattern
  • Self-cleaning tread
  • Suitable for racers
  • 12 Ply Rating
  • The environmentally friendly manufacturing process

8. TOYO Open Country AT II All-Season Radial Tire

The Toyo Open Country A/T III has a lot of aggressive tread patterns and zig-zag sipes. As a result of which, this improved model provides the driver with outstanding traction on icy surfaces, and very strong braking as well. This 33×12.50r20 model even comes with the latest technologies.

The manufacturer employs the best materials and designs to build a premium quality tire designed especially for off-road traction. Moreover, the aggressive tread pattern also works well for off-road driving. It is one of the few all-terrain tires that can work finely on any off-road surface, including light mud. Additionally, it also features a durable tread compound that is responsible to enhance tread life.

The hydroplaning resistance is simply outstanding, but that’s expected from a 33×12.50r20 tire with such a large void area. What is not expected is exceptional traction and safe handling. The Open Country AT3 is quite predictable in the corners during brakes. Overall, the tire’s response to dry surfaces is quite amazing.

Toyo Open Country AT3 is genuinely usable in wintry conditions and provides the driver with excellent traction and comfort. Moreover, the tire handles corners pretty well and provides short braking distances. The tire is quite durable and amongst the longest-lasting all-terrain tire.

Apart from these, it is quite noisy which is a given with most all-terrain tires. But as a cherry on the top, Toyo provides a 65,000-mile treadwear warranty on Open Country AT III.


  • An outstanding 65,000-mile treadwear warranty
  • A very strong and durable compound
  • Outstanding snow traction and braking
  • Excellent traction for off-roading
  • Usable for rock crawling
  • Improved comfort and quietness compared to the AT3


  • Noisy on the street
  • Not the best option for very deep mud

9. KANATI MUD HOG M/T 33X12.50R20LT LRE 114Q

KANATI MUD HOG M/T 35X12.50R20LT LRE 121Q Mud-Terrain Light Truck Tire Only
  • Aggressive angled tread design delivers enhanced traction in off-road conditions
  • 3-Ply sidewalls for increased strength and puncture resistance
  • Optimized void ratio for superior self-cleaning action
  • Engineered for on and off-road performance
  • Built with resilient rubber compounds for even tread wear and durability

The Kanati Mud Hog is the perfect blend of safety and performance. Be it a ride to your office or a trip to the camp in the woods, this 33X12.50R20 tire delivers on each occasion. In fact, the Mud Hog was specially designed to address the various needs of off-road enthusiasts.

Kanati Mud Hog has an aggressive angled tread design that enhances the traction of the tire for off-road adventure. The large lugs compress for maximum surface-to-surface contact which creates improved traction, better handling, and peace of mind for your off-road adventures.

Built with resilient rubber compounds, the 3-Ply sidewalls boost the strength of the tire. This also reduces the risks of punctures and tears. The sturdier construction digs into softer terrain for better traction and performance.

The 33X12.50R20 tire delivers a wide footprint for superior traction and stopping power. Its powerful tread lugs chew through the terrain, while its high void ratio allows for effective clean-out and improves the tires’ ability to drain water. The off-road performance of Mud Hog is simply exceptional.


  • All-terrain tire
  • Puncture resistant
  • Self-cleaning tread
  • Durable

10. Achilles Desert Hawk Off-Road Radial Tire

Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT All-Terrain Radial Tire - 33X12.50R15 112Q
  • Image reflects model and tread design and not necessarily the size
  • Light truck/SUV tire.Max Single Air Pressure(PSI):50
  • Made in China

Achilles is known to offer quality and reliable products. They offer tires that rival world-class competitor tires. The Desert Hawk Off-Road Radial Tire is also in the continuation of its year-old legacy.

Achilles continues to innovate with technologically advanced and foremost products. The Desert Hawk Off-Road Radial Tire has an aggressive tread pattern that provides better grip and enhances off-road performance. It can slay on any terrain thanks to its aggressive 3 steps block. It minimizes the moving angle of tread blocks during cornering, thus maximizing grip and stability.

This 33×12.50r20 tire delivers solid performance over hard-packed surfaces, mud terrain as well as rocks. The advanced sidewall design provides sidewall protection from sharp cuts and rocks. As a result, the tire is durable with high resistance to damage, and better additional traction. You get a steady performance and the ability to withstand tough terrain.

On the downside, the wet grip of the Achilles 33×12.50r20 tire could do with some improvement. Like most all-terrain tires, Achilles Desert Hawk creates a noticeable amount of noise on the highway. That does not affect the stability or comfort of your drive in any way though.


  • Achilles Desert Hawk
  • X-protection Sidewall Design
  • Aggressive 3 Steps Block
  • Exceptional Treadwear
  • Environment Friendly


  • Wet grip could be improved
  • Noisy on the highway

Final Words On Best 33×12.50r20 Tires

I tried my best to find out all the best 33×12.50r20 tires available for you in this article, In-depth research has been done on all the available tires that are going to be the best option for your vehicle. The article is completely based on my own experiences and on user opinion and reviews available in the public domain.

The list was made keeping in mind the stability and traction of the tires among other things. You will find every kind of tire you need on this list. However, if you are looking for an all-season tire, with satisfactory all-terrain performance then Venom Power Terra Hunter can prove to be the perfect fit for you.

Hope the article proved to be helpful in deciding the best available 33×12.50r20 tires for your vehicle. If you have any opinions and questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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