Top 10 Best 35×13.50r20 Tires – Updated

This is the ultimate buyer’s guide to the best 35×13.50r20 tires. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most popular 35×13.50r20 tires. We would recommend using NITTO Ridge Grappler All_Season Radial Tire-35×13.50R20LT F 126Q as it is one of our top picks for your vehicle available at a reasonable price. It is also one of the best all-terrain 35×13.50r20 tires currently available on the market.

Nitto Ridge Grappler

The Best 35×13.50r20 Tire Features

The diameter of 35×13.50r20 tires is 35.0″, the section width is 13.5″, and the wheel diameter is 20″. They have a circumference of 109.9″ and a revolution rate of 577 miles per mile. In most cases, they can be installed on 9.5-12″ wide wheels.

Dimensions of the best 35×13.50r20 tires

Diameter : 35.0″
Width : 13.5″
Wheel : 20″ x 9.5-12″
Sidewall: 7.5″
Circum. : 109.9″
Revs/Mile : 577

*Specs may vary depending on the manufacturers

List Of All Best 35×13.50r20 Tires Available Online

1. Nitto – Ridge Grappler Radial Tire [ best all-terrain 35×13.50r20 tires, 35X13.50r20 truck/SUV tires ]

truck/SUV 35x13.50r20 tires by Nitto

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If you’re searching for a tire to take your truck or SUV off-road and rip it up in the dirt and mud, the Nitto Ridge Grappler all-terrain 35×13.50r20 tires will let you have a blast. The traction is good in any terrain, thanks to a robust tread that digs into dirt and gravel and shoulder grooves that clear away the mud.

The Ridge Grappler, part of Nitto’s Grappler line of truck tires, combines mud-terrain and all-terrain characteristics with good highway manners and low road noise. The deep, aggressive sidewall lugs and tread pattern give a capable off-road performance, while the dynamic hybrid tread pattern provides a quiet and comfortable ride.

In comparison to more extreme mud, sand, or snow tire options, the Ridge Grappler 35X13.50r20 truck/SUV tires offer the best of both worlds for off-road and on-road performance.

To offer biting edges for traction, features including step-block edges, a variable-pitch tread pattern, and lateral Z grooves are arranged in a zig-zag pattern. Its shoulder grooves remove the mud from the tread for a secure grip when it matters most. On the other hand, stone ejectors are devices that force boulders out of the tread, preventing damage to the grooves’ bottoms. In short, we can say Nitto Ridge Grappler is one of the best 35×13.50r20 tires that can handle any terrain.

The Nitto Ridge Grappler has received a lot of excellent comments from users. The tire performs well in a variety of vehicles, including trucks, Jeeps, and other SUVs. It is one of the best all-terrain truck tires that give you confidence on the road whether it’s raining or snowing. You won’t be sorry to choose a tire with such robust off-road capabilities along with calm and quiet road manners.

2. Yokohama – Geolander X-AT [ best all-terrain 35×13.50r20 tires, 35X13.50r20 truck/SUV tires ]

Yokohama 35x13.50r20 truck/SUV tires

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Simply by looking at them, they appear to be somewhat aggressive, with a massive tread pattern and deep grooves. The X-AT has an aggressive tread pattern with the benefits of a conventional light truck tire. You can be assured that they will perform admirably on the trail.

The generously portioned shoulder blocks vary in length to produce more biting edges, providing loads of grips. This design also aids in the ejection of mud, snow, and stones.

For increased puncture protection, Yokohama’s Geo-Shield Technology comprises three sidewall plies and a complete nylon cover. Dual sidewall protectors decrease the chance of a puncture even more, while aggressive center blocks enhance strength and traction.

Geolandar X-AT tires feature a triple-polymer compound for increased durability and resistance to cuts and chipping. The engineered process used by Yokohama to bring the ply layers higher up the sidewall is the tire’s best feature.

As a result, a large portion of the sidewall is protected by six layers of polyester impact protection. New curing technology has also enabled the adoption of a thicker sidewall in the X-AT for added trail protection while maintaining a lower overall weight than comparable offerings.

The X-AT, as one of the best 35×13.50r20 tires, features a uniquely designed tread block sequence to provide a quiet ride. Despite its far more aggressive design, a combination of zig-zag grooves and specific pitch angles has resulted in a tire that is as quiet as its little sibling, the Geolandar AT.

3. Nitto – Recon Grappler A/T Tire [ 35X13.50r20 truck/SUV tires, best all-terrain 35×13.50r20 tires ]

35x13.50r20 truck/SUV tires by Nitto

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It is one of the best all-terrain 35×13.50r20 tires on the market. According to the company, the Recon Grappler is built with a distinctive tread pattern to provide outstanding grip off-road and comfort on-road.

The Recon Grappler is an all-terrain vehicle suitable for compact and light trucks and SUVs. The Recon Grappler is positioned in Nitto’s Grappler lineup between the Ridge Grappler M/T and the Terra Grappler G2, and the company claims that it provides quiet road driving as well as off-road traction. Moreover, as it is one of the best 35×13.50r20 tires, the Recon Grappler A/T will give amazing grip and an aggressive look to any vehicle while retaining reliable performance in both dry and wet situations, thanks to deep sidewall lugs that extend 5-7 millimeters.

Based on our findings, the Recon Grappler is the ideal tire for enthusiasts trying to get the most out of their trucks and SUVs. It genuinely gives an excellent blend of performance and comfort.

4. Toyo – Open Country A/T III [ 35X13.50r20 truck/SUV tires, best all-terrain 35×13.50r20 tires ]

Toyo best 35x13.50r20 tires

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Toyo Open Country A/T III, which was released in early 2020, is one of the most recent variants and has become well-known as one of the best 35×13.50r20 tires. We can say, it is a revolutionary new all-terrain tire that provides exceptional off-road traction while remaining responsive and predictable on the road.

To improve stability along with wet and dry traction, the Open Country A/T III features 3D Multi-Wave Sipes and an edge-cutting tread compound. This combination contributes to the tires’ long-lasting capacity to resist chips and cuts, allowing them to maintain their grip for years. It also receives 3PMSF certification, which stands for the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake sign, indicating that it has enhanced traction in freezing or snowy situations.

Meanwhile, the S-pattern for tread blocks provides less space between the blocks while yet allowing enough tread to contact the surface. This function aids with hydroplaning evacuation as well as maintaining a solid grip and a low noise level.

All of the advancements in tread design and tread compound boost shock-proofing capabilities, increase grip, and lower noise levels. As a result, it gives comfort to drivers while riding.

Nonetheless, this new generation is more expensive than its predecessor. We can conclude that you should be confident in selecting this tire for upgrading your crossover, which frequently travels on snowy and icy roads.

5. Mickey Thompson – Baja Boss A/T [ best 35×13.50r20 tires, 35X13.50r20 truck/SUV tires ]

all-terrain 35x13.50r20 tires by Mickey Thompson

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So far, the Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T Hybrid Tires have performed admirably in the market. It is regarded as one of the best all-terrain 35×13.50r20 tires on the market.

The Baja Boss A/T combines aggressive styling with smooth performance, and it has an asymmetric tread design that reduces noise while providing wet and snow performance with on-road and off-road traction.

Meanwhile, the shoulder lugs weren’t spaced out enough to dig and grip on the muddy/rocky/wet trail sections. However, the asymmetrical tread tore through loose rock and managed to climb wet rocky faces with ease.

According to the company, the Baja Boss A/T is a true all-weather tire that is ready for everything. Having said that, the tire’s Extreme Sidebiters provide a bold aesthetic as well as traction, and an all-new silica-reinforced formula ensures long wear, all-weather performance, and cut/chip resistance.

Furthermore, this tire has PowerPly XD, which has a 50% heavier denier cord on the biased-angled third ply for protection, handling, and stability. They’re also exceptionally quiet despite their extremely aggressive tread pattern, thanks to sound-deadening ribs.

This is a pretty fantastic tire if you’re looking for a true A/T tire with plenty of siping that’s also great for ice/snow (as they’re a 3PMS rated tire) and has slight M/T characteristics.

6. Cooper – Discoverer STT Pro [ best mud-terrain 35×13.50r20 tires, 35X13.50r20 truck/SUV tires ]

best 35x13.50r20 tires by Cooper

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Cooper has created this tire to take on the most difficult off-road terrain while remaining well-behaved enough for everyday on-road driving. Drivers see the Discoverer STT Pro tires as one of the best 35×13.50r20 tires and mud-terrain tires.

The tread composition of the tire blends advanced silica and carbon black tread compound with 3-Ply Armor-Tek3 protection to help prevent damage from rocks, trees, and other debris. It provides 50% more protection than a normal 2-ply tire. Whereas unique shoulder cleats, also known as sidebiters, are located on the outer sidewalls and provide additional grip and traction on a variety of surfaces.

They are built to handle rock, sand, dirt, grass, fallen trees, and other debris with reasonable ease. Besides all, Mud performance is an area where Cooper’s engineers spent a lot of effort developing. Mud release dimples on the outside lugs assist the tire shed mud, while distinctive scoops on the outer lug face improve grip in deeper muck. Now you know why they’re popular as one of the best mud-terrain 35×13.50r20 tires.

Naturally, looking at this aggressive mud-terrain tire makes you think it’ll be loud on the road. In reality, considering its profile, the STT Pro isn’t all that loud. The 3-2 rib pattern through its alternating sizes, angles, and the number of ribs around the tread, is designed to cancel out excessive road noise. Flex Grooves also aid to reduce the jarring effects of potholes and bumps on the road, resulting in a smoother and more stable ride.

7. Toyo – Open Country AT II Xtreme [ best all-terrain 35×13.50r20 tires, 35X13.50r20 truck/SUV tires ]

all-terrain 35x13.50r20 tires for you

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Toyo has designed the Open Country AT II Xtreme to perform well in a variety of conditions. It provides all the traction you require while being more durable and long-lasting than its competitors.

It’s an excellent upgrade for pickups, SUVs, and other cars that don’t commonly get found in new models, regardless of manufacturer. And one of the best 35×13.50r20 tires available in the market.

To begin, Toyo has used a new tread compound, a redesigned sipe design, and tie bars to prevent uneven wear in the AT2. The end result is significantly greater wear resistance than the original. In fact, the firm claims that it delivers over 40% more tread life, which we think to be true based on our own observations and feedback from other drivers.

Moreover, the AT II excels in terms of on-road performance. The thicker sidewalls and open tread block design improve handling and cornering stability on dry and wet roads. The insertion of tie bars between the tread blocks not only improves wear but also increases stability and decreases braking distances in dry road conditions.

Meanwhile, we gotta say off-road performance is increased by the tire’s deeper tread grooves and stone ejecting blocks, which work together to provide better traction in mud and snow.

8. Toyo – Open Country R/T [ best 35X13.50r20 tires, best all-terrain 35×13.50r20 tires ]

35x13.50r20 tires for your light truck/SUV

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The Toyo Open Country R/T possesses an aggressive and durable design that is engineered to give the traction and performance required for all types of trucks, SUVs, jeeps, and other 4x4s. This new Toyo R/T (Rugged Terrain) tire is designed to perform well in off-road circumstances while delivering decent on-road drivability without the noise found on the M/T.

These rugged terrain tires are designed to give you enhanced durability, traction, handling, and grip when you’re driving on the road or navigating through severe off-road terrains. It has a 3-ply structure and a more durable cut and chip-resistant tread composition.

Meanwhile, scalloped shoulder blocks, a vital characteristic of these 35X13.50r20 truck/SUV tires, improve traction and grip, even more, when driving off-road. It does an excellent job of self-cleaning and removing stones, mud, and other debris, which can be a problem when using subpar off-road tires.

In addition to its aggressive appearance, the Open Country R/T offers a touch of class to a rig, all thanks to its unique tread pattern and dual sidewall construction. Apart from these, when compared to M/T tires, this tire produces less noise, and reviewers have reported that it provides a smooth and comfortable ride both on and off the road.

9. Toyo – Open Country M/T [ best mud-terrain 35×13.50r20 tires, 35X13.50r20 truck/SUV tires ]

mud-terrain tires for you 35x13.50r20

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Finding one of the best 35×13.50r20 tires that is also a quality tire designed for mud-terrain can be a bit difficult task. However, Toyo Open Country M/T is the one that delivers amazing off-road performance and mud traction while also providing all-round solid performance in a variety of road and weather conditions.

The aggressive tread design of these mud-terrain tires with hook-shaped blocks, as well as the open, scalloped shoulder blocks that get rid of water, mud, and rocks, improve off and on-road stability and grip to provide traction that is among the best in its category.

Moreover, the Open Country M/T, with its deep sipes and over-the-shoulder tread, is also appropriate for snow and wintery conditions, making it a true all-season tire.

Besides, the high turn-up, 3-ply polyester casing provides strength, lifespan, and durability. This also helps to boost the vehicle’s load capacity.

10. Radar Renegade R/T [ best 35X13.50r20 tires, best all-terrain 35×13.50r20 tires ]

best 35x13.50r20 tires

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Rugged terrain, all-season tires are primarily designed for bigger SUVs and light trucks. These tires provide great all-terrain performance without sacrificing on-road driving safety and comfort. The Radar Renegade R/T is one of the best-selling models of 35X13.50r20 truck/SUV tires in the market. To ensure a safer performance, this tire model combines all-weather and flexible terrain traction with excellent controllability and off-road durability.

The Renegade R/T improves all-weather traction. The computer-optimized robust tread design and the long-lasting all-season compound improve the model’s traction on dry, rainy, and snowy road and terrain surfaces, boosting its all-weather performance.

The Renegade R/T also has computer-optimized aggressive tread block placement, which improves grip on uneven terrain. The tread pattern also aids in the removal of dirt and snow that get stuck between the tread elements. As a result, it ensures better surface contact on any terrain.

Meanwhile, the longer-lasting compound extends the tread life of the tire. The reinforced construction, on the other hand, strengthens the tire against punctures, cuts, and damages.

To summarise, the tread design and the stronger internal structure protect the tire from external damage. Furthermore, the wider center tread block placement keeps the tire’s surface contact, which improves steering response and driving stability.

Final Words On Best 35×13.50r20 Tires

We have tried our best to find out all of the best 35×13.50r20 tires available for you in this article, We have done in-depth research on all the available tires that are going to be the best option for your vehicle. Our article is completely based on our own experiences and on user opinion and reviews available in the public domain. We have classified the tires in various categories like best 35X13.50r20 truck/SUV tires, best all-terrain 35×13.50r20 tires, and mud-terrain tires.

Our article is completely based on our own experiences and user opinion and reviews available in the public domain.

We hope our article helped you decide on the best 35×13.50r20 tires available for your vehicle. If you have any opinions and questions you can ask us in the comments section below.

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