Best 6 ATV Snow Tires

Have you ever seen crazy ATV lovers driving their vehicles on snow and wondered how these vehicles run so smoothly over snow surfaces?

It is just because of the ATV snow tires.

As the winters knock on the door, snow lovers start packing their bags and get ready to explore the adventure. Some snow freaks love to walk on snow while some love to ski over it. And then come those who ride ATVs and drive on snow.

Tell us which category you belong to!

Have you ever experienced snow driving?

The answer could be Yes/No. But the enthusiasm after listening to the adventurous snow driving reaches to the pinnacle right? C’mon, it happens to everyone, after all, who does not like the fun of driving crazy ATVs with Best 6 ATV Snow Tires on snow in chilly winters?

If you are from the last category and confused about which ATV Snow Tires you should go for? Don’t worry just keep reading. You will get your answer in this article.

What Are ATV Snow Tires?

The ATV or All-terrain Vehicles are specially designed vehicles with special tires that can run on all the terrain areas including mountain, rocks, plains, mud, water, and snow. But not all ATV tires are designed to tackle the snow surface. ATV snow tires unlike any other tire are made to enhance your experience by giving a wider and deep tread pattern that provides better traction, grip when turning, and strong braking to your vehicle.

Here in this article, we have made a detailed list of the Best 6 ATV Snow Tires available in the market which you can completely rely upon for your next trip to the snow land. Here we have tried to add various aspects and the pros and cons so as to make your decision easier.

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List Of 10 Best 6 ATV Snow Tires

1. Kendra Snow Mad K584

ATV Snow Tires

Get a closer look at the pattern of the tire and you will know that the tread pattern is specially designed to run the vehicle on snow and ice and is perfect for ice lovers. This snow mad is designed to enhance the adventurous experience you and your quad needs this winter.


  • It is made up of soft rubber with a sticky rubber compound which makes it suitable for low-temperature surfaces and improves its traction and grip and even studs can be added to give it additional traction.
  • Lightweight and flexible which keeps the overall weight of the vehicle down thereby improving the performance of your vehicle.
  • The lightweight feature reduces fuel consumption by the vehicle.
  • The flexibility of tires gives a smooth ride experience over bumps without any compromise with the speed.
  • For additional traction and great experience, you can add studs to it.

Keeping your experience and adventure in mind we have tried to collect the best tires available in the market and added the pros. But let’s have a look at some of the cons of snow mad, Although it has nothing to do with your experience for the sake of your trip you should know every aspect of your tire.


  • Not useful in warm conditions
  • Expensive
  • Tread compound wear fast making tires unresponsive.
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  • 【Easy to Install】:With the Rubber Seals inside, Can replace the original bad valve cap ,capdustproof and waterproof metal tire valve stem caps, perfectly protect your tire valves, extend their serving life. of the tyre and also show the beauty characteristic of the tyre.
  • 【Multi-function】:① Preventing the flat tire and ensure stable tire pressure.② Protecting the valve core , corrosion due to direct contact with clay, water and snow.③ Ensure safe driving.
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2. Maxxis 4-Snow 

Best 6 ATV Snow Tires


Acing the market of ATV Tires, Maxxis has worked out of the box to create the best snow tires to improve the experience of ATV snow tires and ATV lovers.

As it is named, 4-Snow has been given a reversible tread design to give the users optimum traction over snow and ice.


  • Flexibility in cold weather gives the tires a better grip and gives a smooth ride.
  • Made with a soft rubber compound to give outstanding traction.
  • Excellent performance in slush


  • Unusable in hot weather.

3. ITP Mud Lite II ATV/UTV 

ATV Tires

Whether it’s mud or wet snow these tires just churn through it all. It can crawl over mossy rocks and small downed trees or heavy snow. These are not specifically made for snow but are powerful enough to do wonders on ice.

If you are looking for tires that you can use everywhere and anywhere then these ATV Tires are the best to be considered.


  • Tough and Durable which gives long-lasting performance.
  • Slides easily on every surface
  • The best tire for mud
  • Can churn over grass and wet gravel


  • Not useful for deep mud.
  • Not made specifically for snow.
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4. Carlisle AT489

Best 6 ATV Snow Tires

Without putting much burden on your pocket, these are perfect snow tires for your quad this winter. Though not specifically designed to run on snow, these ATV Tires are excellent performers on snow.

Carlisle tires are all-rounder performers that well excellent in the sand and on rocks as well.



  • Runs outstanding on soft to intermediate mud.
  • Better traction
  • Minimal lateral slip
  • Tough and durable
  • Shock absorbance log added


SUPERGUIDER 25x8x12 ATV Tires 6PR Set of 2 25x8-12 25-8-12 ATV UTV Tire
  • ATV Tires 25x8-12 (Rim Size: 12x7”, [email protected], Speed Rate F, 6PR). Recommended replacement of your quad ATV utility, side by side and etc.
  • The non-directional tread design and wide lug have excellent traction in all types of terrain and suitable for desert, mud, dirt applications; provides predictable cornering and claws up roots and rocks, creating optimum climbing confidence.
  • Innovative sidewall design keeps the shoulder from being punctured and rim from being damaged.
  • Lug depth and pattern offers enhanced skid and traction control; Heavy 6PR nylon construction resists puncture and abrasion.
  • SUPERGUIDER tires provide a 2-YEAR warranty. Free lifetime technical service ready to serve you all the time.

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5. Interco Swamp Lite

ATV Tires

Its V-forward tread pattern and vertical center lugs make it super responsive during fast driving and give a completely smooth riding experience. No doubt why these ATV Tires are the most favorite among various ATV lovers.

Its eye-catching design and versatile pattern gives the vehicle outstanding performance and the power to handle the vehicle in mud, rocks, snow, etc. One of the key features of Interco Swamp is its multi-stepped tread which helps the tires to self-clean.


  • Available in various sizes
  • Lightweight feature
  • Budget-friendly and superb quality
  • Tough and durable
  • Excellent traction in snow and mud


  • Not really good for deep or extreme mud
  • Accelerated treadwear may not perform well on hard-packed surfaces.
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6. Kenda Bearclaw Evo K592

Best 6 ATV Snow Tires

Kenda Bearclaw Evo K592 is one of the few tires with performs excellently in all-terrain surfaces. It even works wonders in hot weather which very few tires can do the same. Take it to snow or in mud, these ATV Tires are designed in such a way that they will never disappoint you anywhere.

Not all ATV Tires can run in deep mud. But then Kenda K594 is the one you need to look at if you want to invest in one tire to fulfill all your purposes because this tire is outstanding to be driven on the trail. Besides, the large Center knobs have been specially designed for improved straight-line and braking traction

If you will look around, you will hardly find options for tires dedicated to snow but there are tires in the market made for all-terrain or mud terrains that work perfectly on packed as well as unpacked snow delivering excellent traction and grip to the vehicle.


  • It provides great traction in snow also steers and seems to handle well.
  • Tough, durable, and lightweight
  • 6 ply rate chasing allows exceptional puncture resistance
  • Available in various sizes
  • Improved traction and handling.


We did not find any specific cons in these tires which need to be mentioned.

Kenda EVO 25x8-12 25x10-12 Tires 4 Pck w/ 25x10-12 25x8-12 TR-6 Inner Tube 4 Pck
  • Designed to be well balanced across all terrains
  • Reduced weight helps improve the performance and manuverability
  • 6-ply rated casing offers excellent puncture resistance
  • Large center knobs are designed for enhanced straight line tracking and braking capabilities
  • Tire & Tube Combination

Bonus A B C About ATV Tires

Here in this article, we have added the Best 6 ATV Snow Tires available in the market and the links where you can get them. But we recommend you to go through this video and know the basics of ATV/UTV tires to keep yourself on a safer side.




Although riding on snow in winters is everyone’s dream and we understand it’s a breathtaking experience, but you should always be aware of each part of the vehicle you are using.

ATV tires are completely different from normal tires and hence should be chosen very wisely. Wrong tires can spoil your journey while the reliable and durable ATV tires can make you slide over snow giving you the most memorable and adventurous journey of your life. So make sure you invest in the right tires.

In order to extract out the best performance of your vehicle, you should go for ATV snow tires and find out the one from our list of Best 6 ATV Snow Tires.

We hope that you found answers to the queries you had before visiting here. Do comment your opinions in the comment section below.

Thanks for Reading!

Have a safe and adventurous riding!

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