Top 10 Best ATV Tires for Mud

Top 10 Best ATV Tires for Mud: Almost all off-road enthusiasts these days are turning to ride ATVs. This transformation is majorly due to the practical component offered by SUVs. The ATVs are super fun to drive on the trail and make you indulge in a totally different realm in the era of driving.

However, tires have always been playing a major role in every vehicle, be it ATVs or UTVs. Therefore, choosing the right tire for your ATV may prove out to be the most aspiring thing one could even imagine. Appropriate tires are especially important when it comes to driving an ATV. Apart from that, several key features must be kept in mind while planning to buy your best ATV tire. Firstly, the tire should be durable, which means that the tire should be able to handle uneven terrain appropriately. The manufacturer of the ATV is not that important as the specifications offered by that particular tire.

If you are new to the world of ATV Tires, it is recommended that you go through the Best ATV Tires for Mud and choose the one with your desired specifications.

Let’s dig into the world of Top 10 ATV Tires for mud and trail

Top 10 Best ATV Tires for Mud: Tire Review

1. Kenda Bearclaw K299 (A combination of mud and trail ATV tire)

The Bearclaw K299 has an aggressive tread design that is self-cleaning with ample vertical pitches and is therefore considered to be one of the best tires for mud and trail.  The angled knobs provide maximum traction whereas the center lugs provide better control. The Kenda Bearclaw is also usable in deep mud, more so than similar tires in this category.

Best ATV Tires for Mud

Hard-packed surfaces will no longer disappoint you while driving an ATV with this tire since the BearClaw has straight-line stability and a side grip for fast driving.

Overall, the Bearclaw is super durable with a 6-ply construction.


  • Good mud traction
  • Usable on hard-packed surfaces as well
  • Very good snow traction
  • Tough and durable


  • On-road dynamics could be improved


2. ITP Mudlite II ATV

The ITP Mud Lite doesn’t feel like mud or trail tire when one drives on the pavement. Sure, performance can be worse than all-terrain or hard-packed tires, but, the ITP Mud Lite is one of the best street tires that one can go for. This ATV is a revolutionary all-conditions tire: it’s a 6-ply mud tire that’s designed for the trail.

The ITP Mud Lite II is made from a durable and tough compound. Owners report excellent tread life and a strong and durable casing.

The tire is very responsive, even on some demanding surfaces. The angled and deep lugs work very well for driving on gravel.

ITP Mudlite II ATV

Despite the excellent toughness and durability offered by this tire, it is not that expensive as tires of a similar category. The ITP Mudlite achieves excellent traction and toughness even on rocky surfaces and its angled lugs work well for driving on gravel and wet trails.

Overall, the Mullite ensures smooth and comfortable riding.


  • Excellent performance on gravel and wet surfaces
  • Usable on the grass
  • Very good performance in mud
  • Tough and durable


  • Not a very good option for deep mud


3. ITP Mega Mayhem

The mega mayhem is built for mud and trail and its 1.5 aggressive tread pattern works well even in the deepest of such surfaces. Despite the outstanding off-road abilities offered by this ATV Tire, it is still well behaved in hard-packed surfaces without causing discomfort.

Its lightweight and durable 6-ply construction resists unwanted deformation and helps you get the best traction, acceleration, and handling on the nastiest of surfaces.

The Mayhem has Lightweight carcass construction and exceptional acceleration and braking characteristics. Its design is attractive with an embossed pattern that contributes to the comfort and bite of the road.

ITP Mega Mayhem


  • Nasty 1-1/2-inch tread depth.
  • Aggressive mud and trail tire.
  • Smooth-riding capabilities with an extra 1/2-inch of the tread.


  • Loose feel to the rear

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4. Interco Swamp Lite

Interco is the best option for drivers looking for aggressive ATV Tires and who wish to experience a different phase in driving. It has an optimized V-forward tread pattern with vertical center lugs and proves to be super responsive during fast driving. Its strong construction adds excellent high-speed stability to the other specifications.

This tire is perfect on hard-packed surfaces and even some intermediate surfaces. It also provides excellent traction in light mud, an area where the Swamp Lite excels.

Overall, the Swamp Lite is known for accelerated wear when driven on quite hard surfaces.

Best ATV Tires for mud


  • Excellent performance on various trail and mud surfaces
  • Excellent traction in light mud
  • Very good traction in snow-covered surfaces
  • Tough and durable


  • Not the best option for deep mud


5. Bonus – High Lifter Outlaw II

Bonus Outlaw has a full sidewall tread to increase traction in deep terrains. It also has scooped treads to maximize digging, pulling, and paddling through deep mud and water.

The additional sidewall tread further increases traction in deep ruts and is an amazing feature of the Outlaw2. It has an impressive tread pattern depth of 1 5/8” in the center increasing to 2 ¾” at the shoulder.

Additionally, the cupped/scooped treads improve traction in mud trails and help paddle through deep water. With an 8-pitch design, the Outlaw2 cleans out exceptionally well.

Overall, the High Lifter Outlaw is perfectly proportioned with a flat profile that will deliver a smooth mud ride while delivering great performance in mud.

High Lifter Outlaw II


  • Pulls harder and has sidewall tread
  • Lighter and has more lug spacing


  • Not a very good option for snow-covered surfaces


6. Carlisle All Trail ATV Tire

Carlisle ATV Tire is one of the best ATV Tires among off-road car enthusiasts. performs extremely well across various surfaces and weather conditions. Its tread pattern with a large number of grooves makes this tire a true all-rounder. Usually, drivers have a good experience on hard-packed surfaces, such as dirt and gravel, but also grass and rocks.

An amazing thing about this tire is that it’s very responsive and stable at higher speeds. However, the Carlisle is more expensive than tires of a similar category.

Carlisle All Trail ATV Tire


  • Excellent grip and traction on the pavement
  • Usable for light off-roading
  • Durable tread compound
  • Strong casing


  • Expensive tire
  • There are better mud options


7. EFX MotoClaw Radial

The tread pattern of this ATV Tire allows for a very smooth ride on the street, something that other tires cannot brag about.

The EFX MotoClaw is also quite expensive, but that is expected given its qualities. This ATV has an aggressive shoulder and side lug for an incredible grip on any terrain.

The MotoClaw is known for its unique non-directional tread pattern, incredibly strong rubber compound, and radial carcass. This ATV tire will climb rocks, grab roots, latch on to side ruts and perform in light mud as well. Get ready for a whole new level of ATV Tire or UTV Tire performance with EFX MotoClaw.

EFX MotoClaw Radial


  • Outstanding drivability on the trail
  • Good performance in mud
  • Smooth ride on the street


  • Expensive

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8. GBC Kanati Mongrel

The Kanati Mongrel is one of the best tires for trail driving, especially on hard-packed surfaces or even rocks. The responsiveness is excellent, and there is ample grip for fast driving through the corners.

Mongrel tires are sure to remain the preferred choice of recreational and professional drivers.

This ATV Tire also works well on light mud and offers a smooth ride on pavement. One disadvantage that this ATV holds is that they are expensive. But this is truly value for money.

An amazing thing about this Kanati Mongrel is that it has a 10-ply rating which means that this tire is super tough and can also be used with low pressures.

The Kanati Mongrel is also a champion when it comes to driving on hard-packed surfaces.

GBC Kanati Mongrel


  • Excellent performance on hard-packed surfaces
  • Smooth ride on the pavement


  • Not the best option for deep mud surfaces


9. ITP Cryptid

The resulting paddle-like shoulder configuration of the ITP Cryptid provides maximum side bite for climbing in and out of the mud surfaces without compromising ride comfort on trails and hard pack.

The grooved center lugs help to channel away mud and debris, keeping it clean. The Cryptid can give you traction in surfaces where we don’t expect, including deep mud-covered surfaces with over 20 inches of water.

Traction is outstanding on every surface with this ITP, but one might experience slightly worse action than on hard-packed, or intermediate tires.

ITP Cryptid


  • Best-in-class mud traction
  • Excellent responsiveness on the trail
  • Very good stability
  • Usable on the road


  • One needs a very powerful ATV to get the most out of this tire

10. SunF A027 ATV

This ATV Tire has a lightweight construction, the A027 weighs 30% less than tires of a similar category.

Its knobby tread pattern is different from most, which is good because it provides the driver with outstanding traction and drivability. This model is especially good on hard-packed surfaces and helps you drive fast on mud trails as well.

These tires are quite responsive and provide outstanding traction. Overall, the SunF A027 is evidently tough and durable and offers excellent on-road stability and ride.

SunF A027 ATV


  • Excellent traction
  • Drives fast on mud trails


  • Not much Durable


Final Thoughts and Recommendations

If you plan on using your ATV mostly on the trail, it is recommended to go for hard-packed terrain tires since these work excellently on fast sections covered in dirt, and even on rocky surfaces. Mud traction can be worse, though.

It is highly recommended that before choosing the mud and trail tire for your ATV always go through customer reviews as well as the specifications offered by that particular ATV Tire.

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