Best Honda CR-V Tires Reviews 2021

Are you looking for some Best Honda CR-V tires for you this year? I know it is quite hard to select the best quality out of so many market options. To solve your confusion, this blog contains some unique quick features and reviews of some best tires.

Have you ever wondered why choosing the right quality tire is necessary? If your answer is to get a smooth ride and for your safety, you are on the right track, but it doesn’t give us a full picture of how we choose a “right” tire. Being an essential part of any vehicle, a tire requires more attention as it is the only connection between a car and road, so it’s a necessary part to take care of its quality and performance.

In this blog, I will recommend to you some of the Best tires for Honda CR-V and show some reviews that give you a clear understanding of how you can choose a superior quality tire for you. There are viable options in the market in which you can find various tires; however, it’s going to be very confusing to choose one of them that suits your comfort. You can select the best tire based on what its features say and your requirements.

Before we hop into that, let’s discuss why and how to choose some of the best tires out of those huge options.

What do you see in the best quality Honda CR-V tires?

  • First, you should always check whether it is a tube or tubeless. I hope you don’t want a rough drive, So I suggest you go with the tubeless ones.
  • One of the essential things to be noted is the tire’s sidewall height and tire’s width. The smaller the sidewall height, which means better cornering but a rougher ride.
  • You also have to take care of the material used in making tires.
  • Always take notice of their surface, either symmetric or asymmetric, as based on your usage, you can choose what might be best for you.
  • Most of the time, you neglect the material used in tire construction but believe it or not, it is the most important thing you need to check before buying.

Why choosing the best tire Honda CR-V Tires?

  • For a vehicle like this, you need those kinds of tires suitable for all-weather as its turbo engines are powerful and can run on any road whether it’d be wet or dry.
  • It has a generous amount of space and needs those tires that can handle all side pressure and run smoothly.
  • If you want to run your Honda CR-V effortlessly and enjoy a smooth turn, you need the best tires.

Now you understood why it’d be necessary to choose a superior quality tire, here I recommend you some of the best and affordable tires for your Honda CR-V.

List Of 10 Best Honda CR-V Tires

1- Michelin Energy XM2 plus

Michelin Energy XM2 plus -Best Honda CR-V Tire


  • Excellent wet and dry grip
  • Increased tire life by 20%
  • It uses 4% less fuel than any other tires
  • Built with an excellent rubber compound


  • Long-lasting performance
  • Run almost in all seasons as in wet roads
  • Huge options in the market
  • Comfortable ride quality
  • Smooth steering with noise reduction
  • Available in 30 sizes from 12 to 16 inches (30.40-40.64 cm)
  • 5 Years Warranty from the date of purchase


  • The road grip is less
  • Little costlier

“I bought this tire for my Hyundai Crete Car. I recommend this tire because I am using this tire. Its good at rough roads and tires are good for a long period. The tire to road contact is good in rainy season also you can move with your desired speed. I bought it with a good deal price. It has excellent longevity and safety in both wet and dry conditions.”
By Harsh

Michelin Energy Saver A/S All Season Tire 215/50R17 91H
  • Fit Type: Vehicle Specific
  • Package Dimensions: 9 H x 26 L x 26 W (inches)
  • Package Weight: 20.46 pounds
  • Country of Origin : United States

2- Pirelli Scorpion ATR

Pirelli Scorpion ATR


  • Equipped with wide central rib for utmost handling
  • Tubeless and available in three sizes ranges from 16 to 17 inches


  • High road grip power
  • Good performance for both wet and dry roads
  • Comes with a four-year warranty
  • Ideal for Highway drives and occasional off-roading


  • Not cheaper than Michelin Energy XM2 plus

“For my Chevrolet Optra Magnum, I am using Pirelli P6 Tyres. Price of these tyres is a little bit high but these tyres provide me with amazing handling even at high speed. Also, these tyres generate less noise and provide a quiet driving experience. These are the best tyres in quality. I like that these tyres provide amazing grip on dry and wet roads.”
By Paraful

Pirelli Scorpion ATR All-Terrain Tire - 275/55R20 111S - SL RADIAL PERFORMANCE TIRE
  • Made In United States
  • Package Height: 10.9"
  • Package Length: 31.9"
  • Package Width: 31.9"
  • SEAL INSIDE is a new tyre construction technology that allows to drive on without losing air pressure even after the tyre has been punctured by an external object, covering almost 85% of the possible accidental causes of pressure loss.It delivers a high resistance to aquaplaning and low rolling noise, which enhances the acoustic comfort in the cabin

3- Nexen WinGuard

Nexen WinGuard - best honda crv tire


  • Dual V-shaped that enhances grip and braking in snow conditions


  • High grip power in winter or wet condition
  • Not slippery
  • Great price with good quality


  • Average handling in all weather other than winter

“I bought these tires 3 to 4 years ago and just bought them again today for my 08 Silverado. These are great all around quiet tires. My son has bought the same tires twice for his SS Trailblazer and obviously loves them as I do. I highly recommend these tires.”
WRITTEN BY: Jerry | August 11, 2017

4- Goodyear Efficient Grip

Goodyear tire


  • No noise-generating with smooth driving.
  • The high number of biting edges makes it well on any surfaces


  • Best performance
  • Suitable for all conditions
  • Quiet cheaper than others
  • Smooth runner


  • Noise problem
  • Grip low in snowy surfaces

“It has been about 4 years when I bought this tyre for my Maruti Swift. Quality-wise it is the best tyre. it came at a very affordable price. The tyres are best enhancing the car’s handling in any situation and mileage efficient too. There is no cut in the tyres till the date.”
By R.K
On: 2020-11-10 08:14:08

5- Cooper Discoverer AT 3 XLT

Cooper tires


  • Average Noise
  • Snow Groove Technology
  • The price range is minimal


  • Affordable
  • Comes with a standard limited warranty
  • All-season Tire
  • Comfortable ride
  • Huge options with sizes
  • Great handling pressure


  • Average Dry braking
  • Poor resistance on rolling
  • Average performance on wet and dry regions

Mike of Evans, GA
Original review: Dec. 11, 2020
“In May 2018, I bought 4 Cooper Tire’s Evolution Tour tires with 65000 miles warranty. After installation, I took the car to Tire Plus to get a full alignment with 3 years warranty and repeated alignment check. I used the alignment as frequently as needed. I also had tire rotation done with oil changes. Meaning all of the required steps to make sure tire maintenance is obeyed- have been taken.”

Cooper Discoverer AT3 XLT All-Season LT275/70R18 125/122S Tire
  • All-Season, All-Terrain Tire
  • Treadwear Warranty: 60,000 Miles
  • Aggressive Sidewall Design: Deep, jagged sidewalls that help the tires climb up rocks and plow through mud
  • Rugged Traction Shoulders provide increased off-road traction for boulder crawling and mud handling, as well as additional resistance to abrasion and punctures
  • Hauls heavy loads with less wear

You can check: Cooper Discover A/T3 Tire Review 2020 


Choosing the right tire for your vehicle especially crossovers where you can find special features and high performance would be a difficult task yet very important as you can’t neglect the quality of tire you use. While doing this you need to check the physical appearance of the tires. It has to be an all-season tire so that you can not find difficulty in running it.

I hope now you can decide which Honda CV-R tire is best for you and your comfort. Let me know in the comment section whether this information will be helpful for you or not. The reviews I share in this blog will help you to understand.

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