list of all season tires for Toyota RAV4

10 Best All-Season Tires for Toyota RAV4: Compared with Reviews

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Toyota RAV4 has been one of the most popular compact crossovers since it was first launched. This Japanese brand is known for its reliability and wins over buyers worldwide. The best thing here, having one of the best Toyota RAV4 tires will give you a snug and stable driving experience throughout the year.

So, if you are looking for the one, you are at the right place as we will discuss the best all-season tires for Toyota RAV4. You will get a list of the top 10 best Toyota RAV4 tires.

All the tires listed here are designed to offer the driver of this Japanese crossover ample traction and braking performance throughout the year. Therefore, before finalizing a new set of the Toyota RAV4 tires, we recommend you read our article to the last.

Let us begin our list of the best all-season tires for the Toyota RAV4. You can check this comprehensive list of all-season tires if you have any other cars.

List Of 10 Best Tires for Toyota RAV4

1.Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus

bridgestone dueler hl alenza plus

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The Dueler H/L Alenza Plus Tire by Bridgestone can perform in all kinds of weather. It is among the most popular and best all-season tires for Toyota RAV4 because it provides a reliable and safe driving experience throughout the year.

It can perform quite well over dry and wet surfaces. In the same way, the Bridgestone Dueller H/L Alenza Plus tire handles light snow efficiently. Moreover, it offers impressive high-speed stability, excellent traction, a capable grip, and strong braking.

In simple words, we can say that this is among those Toyota RAV4 tires which is responsive and durable and also offers excellent traction on almost every kind of road. So, if you are searching for durable, long-lasting, and solid-performing all-season tires for Toyota RAV4, Bridgestone H/L Alenza Plus could be a good choice.

Apart from these, the best attraction of the Dueller H/L Alenza Plus is that Bridgestone offers an 80,000-mile warranty.

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  • Excellent performance in dry and wet conditions
  • Best-in-class durability record
  • Usable in light snow
  • Outstanding comfort and quietness levels


  • Not the most responsive tire around

2. Continental CrossContact LX20 with EcoPlus Technology

continental crosscontact lx20 with ecoplus technology

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The Continental CrossContact LX20 with EcoPlus Technology is the company’s one of the most popular tires for SUVs and also one of the best all-season tires for Toyota RAV4.

An eco-friendly tread compound is used in the CrossContact LX20 to enhance traction. As a result, this helps provide better overall treadwear and gain a bit of extra fuel mileage.

Besides, ride quality, comfort, tread growl, responsiveness, and cornering stability of these Toyota RAV4 tires are the highlighted merits of this tire which are impressive. It offers ample traction and gripping over dry, wet, and snowy surfaces.

And last but not least, Continental CrossContact LX20 comes with a 70,000-mile treadwear warranty, which is also good.


  • Pretty good ride quality
  • Very quiet and comfortable
  • Low-rolling resistance
  • Excellent in dry and wet conditions


  • Some competitors offer better treadwear warranty

3. Michelin Premier LTX

michelin premier ltx

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The Michelin Premier LTX is already a popular name among SUV and crossover tires but is one of the best all-season tires for Toyota RAV4. It gives a slightly more responsive driving experience than any other tire in its category and is categorized as one of the best Toyota RAV4 tires.

Meanwhile, the Premier LTX also offers excellent high-speed stability, a high degree of grip and traction, and strong braking in dry, wet, and snowy conditions. Like any other Toyota RAV4 tire, it is also calm and comfortable. And comes with a 60,000-mile treadwear warranty.


  • Supremely quiet and comfortable
  • Excellent wet traction and grip
  • Best-in-class responsiveness
  • Outstanding grip and traction in dry conditions


  • Limiting 60,000-mile treadwear warranty

4. Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus

pirelli scorpion verde all season plus

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Regarding high-quality tires, Pirelli is always on our list, and here we have placed Scorpion Verde All-Season Plus by Pirelli at number four among the ten best all-season tires for Toyota RAV4.

Surprisingly, the Scorpion Verde is quite responsive in the corners, thus improving the already good handling capabilities of the Toyota RAV4. On the other hand, it has a silica-enhanced tread compound that is molded into an asymmetric tread pattern, providing the driver with excellent high-speed stability, high levels of gripping and traction, and outstanding braking performance.

Moreover, this Toyota RAV4 tire resists hydroplaning very well and works on moist pavement thanks to its four circumferential grooves. And to add further, it offers a 65,000-mile treadwear warranty.


  • Low-rolling resistance
  • Great handling on dry and wet surfaces
  • Excellent braking performance
  • Excellent responsiveness


  • Shorter 65,000-mile treadwear warranty

5. Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max

goodyear assurance cs fuel max

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The Goodyear Assurance CS Fuel Max is quite an appealing tire and a good option among the best Toyota RAV4 tires. For instance, this tire offers the best dry and wet handling combination.

And to improve the fuel economy and save your vehicle fuel, the Fuel Max technology is already there. Moreover, it has the Dry Tread Zone and Wet Tread zone on the tread pattern, making this Toyota RAV4 tire very responsive in the corners and providing high levels of grip and traction.

Overall, we can say that it is one of the best all-season tires for Toyota RAV4 even when you are driving on snowy surfaces, as it offers good traction and gripping there as well.


  • Usable in light snow
  • Fuel-saving tread compound
  • Excellent dry and wet traction
  • Excellent hydroplaning resistance


  • Not the most comfortable tire in its category
  • Only 65,000-mile warranty

6. Cooper Discoverer SRX

cooper discoverer srx

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The Cooper Discoverer SRX is another great tire among the best all-season tires for Toyota RAV4. It is also popular as a touring tire as well. However, this one is cheaper than its premium rivals.

Despite the low price, this Toyota RAV4 offers excellent handling on dry roads with a very high quality of grip, traction, and strong braking. More specifically, the traction and grip are excellent in heavy rain as well.

Although, traction on light snow is slightly worse than competitive Toyota RAV4 tires. But on the other side, the comfort and ride quality is outstanding. Meanwhile, the Cooper also offers a 75,000-mile treadwear warranty for T-Rated models and 70,000-mile for H-Rated models, the best for budget tires.


  • Excellent 75,000-mile treadwear warranty
  • Very comfortable over bumps
  • Excellent handling in dry and wet conditions


  • Below-average snow traction

7. Michelin CrossClimate SUV

michlin crossclimate suv

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In our list of 10 best all-season tires for Toyota RAV4, the Michelin CrossClimate SUV comes at number seven. The CrossClimate SUV by Michelin is one of the best Toyota RAV4 tires right now that can give a fantastic performance in all weather conditions.

In addition, it comes with a 3PMSF rating. Consequently, it delivers outstanding light snow and ice traction and excellent wet traction in wintry conditions. To add more in warm weather conditions, it works perfectly fine, especially during rain.

This is an excellent all-season Toyota RAV4 tire but sadly comes only with a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty.


  • Outstanding wet traction and braking
  • Excellent light-snow traction
  • Responsive and grippy


  • Only a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty

8. Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady

goodyear assurance weatherready

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This latest offering from Goodyear fills the need for a true all-season Toyota RAV4 tire very well. The Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady is being marketed as the company’s best traction tire and is famous as one of the best tires for Toyota RAV4.

It features a technology that provides additional biting edges for better traction. More importantly, the braking in the snow is quite strong. And the snow traction and grip are relatively better than any other Toyota RAV4 tire.

To add further, with the help of tires’ circumferential and sweeping tread grooves, it reduces the risk of hydroplaning by providing enhanced gripping on wet pavement. Regardless of weather conditions, it gives a dependable cornering grip, traction, and handling on dry, wet, and snow-covered surfaces.

In short, the Assurance WeatherReady is entirely safe for everyday driving and comes with a 60,000-mile treadwear warranty.

Check out our Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady Review


  • Usable in warmer conditions
  • Excellent wet traction and grip
  • Better snow traction than all-season tires


  • The 60,000-mile warranty might be limited to some

9. Yokohama Parada Spec X

yokohama parada spec x

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For those who want to get the most from the Toyota RAV4 tires, the Yokohama Parada Spec X will be an excellent option. The responsiveness of this Toyota RAV4 tire is fantastic.

The Parada Spec X is quiet and comfortable and can work perfectly fine on dry and wet pavements in warm and cold weather. We have placed it at number nine on our list of the best tires for Toyota RAV4.nd. While traction, grip, and braking are some of the best in the category.

However, its snow traction is not that good. Unfortunately, this Toyota RAV4 tire doesn’t come with any treadwear warranty.


  • Outstanding cornering ability
  • Excellent responsiveness
  • Excellent wet traction
  • Quiet and comfortable


  • No treadwear warranty
  • Light snow traction could be better

10. BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

bfgoodrich all-terrain ta ko2

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The BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 gives stiff competition to the other all-terrain tires in its category and is among the best tires for Toyota RAV4. It is durable, and overall off-road traction is also brilliant.

This Toyota RAV4 tire makes you feel safe while driving on the road, a bonus point for an off-road-focused tire. Furthermore, it offers ample traction and grip through the corners along with top-notch longitudinal traction.

KO2 comes with a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty, which is good enough for the category. But the ride quality is of average level, and it can be not quiet on the highway as well. And on wet surfaces, you won’t have to worry because it also gives enough traction there.


  • Excellent traction and braking on snow
  • A very tough and durable compound
  • Excellent street performance
  • Usable in deep mud and over large rocks
  • Outstanding off-road traction


  • Noisy on the highway

Best All-Season Tires for Toyota RAV4: A Short Buying Guide

We have discussed all-season tires for Toyota RAV4, and you might want to know what all-season tires are. As their name suggests, all-season tires are designed to work in all seasons throughout the year.

These tires are made of a rubber compound that is not too hard in winter and too soft in summer. For some enthusiasts drivers who want the highest cornering stability and added grip, summer tires are best for harsh hot weather and winter tires for severe winter weather.

But still, all-season tires offer a considerable cornering and braking advantage both in summer and winter weather. Most of them also employ technologies in the tread pattern that should help them cope with light snow.

For the average Toyota RAV4 owner, all-season touring tires offer a calm and safe everyday drive in most conditions. Moreover, most touring tires are made from the all-season rubber compound and are reasonably cheaper and durable.

And if you want to have more sporty and better performance and handling, you can opt for all-season sport/street tires. You will get better traction and gripping and stronger braking. The biggest flaw of these tires is that they are expensive. So, we suggest you choose according to your needs and where you live.

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Final words

This was our list of the best all-season tires for Toyota RAV4. We have thoroughly researched this list and put together the top 10 names.

As you can see, we have included only high-quality Toyota RAV4 tires from well-known tire brands. These all-season Toyota RAV4 tires are crafted to function optimally in all kinds of weather throughout the year.

We hope our list of the best all-season tires for Toyota RAV4 helped you eventually decide on an ideal tire.

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