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Top 10 Best ATV tires in 2023: Reviews and Guide

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If you are an explorer who likes to go off the road in search of new destinations, you must own an ATV. And if you own an ATV, you need the best ATV tires.

Off-road enthusiasts prefer an ATV nowadays over regular SUVs. And they have multiple reasons for it. For starters, ATVs are smaller and more fun for adventurers. They are more like a motorbike than a car and keep the thrill of the drive alive.

Now, if you want to drive off in an ATV on muddy terrain, you will also need the best ATV tires for your vehicle. Your car will have to deal with various landscapes and weather conditions, and these are designed keeping in mind the needs of tire drivers that must emphasize precise handling and tremendous grip.

Why do you need specific tires for ATVs?

When you get an ATV, you’re never sure in which conditions you’ll be driving it. So even when you get the best snow tires, you may face a problem when the snow melts down, and the tires consume more fuel to drive through puddles. Or, if you are living in the countryside, the muddy tracks after the ice thaws can pose a significant issue for drivers.

While getting all-season tires can do the trick for some vehicles, it is not always advisable for an ATV. You need tires that offer many splendid features ranging from an aggressive tread pattern to excellent off-road performance. You need tires that work exceptionally well in freezing conditions and deliver ample traction in snow. In addition, they should help the driver ride muddy paths at high speeds.

This is where these specific tires designed for ATVs jump in. The best ATV tires offer stability and traction and can be helpful for everyday road driving. They can handle both wet gravel and muddy terrains. An ATV tire gives you the best driving experience on hard-packed surfaces. It is durable and offers outstanding stability on worn-out roads.

Here we have gathered the best ATV tires for you and their review. If you specifically need ATV tires for snow, check it out here.

Review of the best ATV tires

1. ITP Mud Lite II ATV/UTV

itp mud lite II atv tire Check Price on Amazon

Whether a wet trail or a muddy road, ITP Mud Lite II ATV/UTV tires will carry you safely through it. With that said, these ATV tires are perfect for everyone who is not sure where they want to take their ATV, as these tires are suitable for almost all kinds of terrains.

ITP Mud Lite II ATV/UTV tires are tough and durable with a 6-ply rating. So whether you are an aggressive or relaxed driver, this will fit your need. On top of it, they won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Now, how do these tires make for one of the best ATV tires. ITP Mud Lite II ATV/UTV tires offer both stability and traction. The redesigned tread pattern helps the driver to ride muddy paths at high speeds. Above all of it, these tires can also prove helpful for everyday road driving.

The only drawback ITP Mud Lite II tires face is they are not the best ATV mud tires which are almost negligible. That is why they rank first on the list of the best ATV tires.


  • Suited for hard-backed surfaces
  • Amazing highway performance
  • Not highly expensive
  • Stability and durability
  • Excellent performance on a muddy path

2. Kenda Bearclaw K299

kenda bearclaw k299

Check Price on Amazon

What if we tell you that there is an ATV tire that ensures better traction than ITP Mud Lite II ATV/UTV tires?

Kenda Bearclaw K299 features angled knobs to dig into the terrain for maximum traction. It can handle both wet gravel and muddy terrains. In fact, you’ll find that this ATV mud tire’s mud traction is better than ITP Mud Lite II tires.

The center lugs provide extra traction and better control, while the built-in rim guard protects your wheel from dings and dents. It also has an extra-tough casing to resist punctures.

This is the only department where Kenda Bearclaw K299 lags behind ITP Mud Lite II in the list of the best ATV tires. The company mentions explicitly that these tires are not for highway use. That means you can not have a standard ride on the road with them.


  • Perfect for muddy roads
  • Suited for all weather conditions
  • Amazing grip and traction
  • Durable and stable


  • Not good for a normal drive

3. Interco Swamp Lite

interco swamp lite

Check Price on Amazon

If you need the best ATV tires that are fast, check out Interco Swamp Lite. These tires ensure smooth driving on all surfaces.

The Interco Swamp Lite ATV tires are durable and have good traction for snowy roads. The V-forward tread pattern with vertical center lugs helps make your ATV fast. You can take your vehicle on gravel or mud at a speed close to that of racing cars.

However, you will find that these tires are not the perfect choice for swamps. It is not that bad, but there is always a probability of getting stuck if you push it too hard. Also, you might witness sped-up wear when the tires ride on hard-packed surfaces, which the manufacturers should look into if they want to rank higher on any list of the best ATV tires.


  • Fast and smooth drive
  • Amazing traction in gravel and dirt
  • Durable
  • Compatible with all weather conditions


  • Not suitable for deeper mud
  • Accelerated wear on hard-packed surfaces

4. SunF A027 ATV

sunf a027 atv

Check Price on Amazon

When you think of the best ATV tires, bulky tires immediately come to mind, but this tire defies your expectations. SunF A027 ATV tire is 30% lighter than the regular ATV tires you can find within this budget. So, it won’t be a heavy workload even if you need to change your tire once in a blue moon.

SunF A027 ATV tires give you the best driving experience on hard-packed surfaces. It is durable and offers outstanding stability on worn-out roads. This feature can be attributed to the premium rubber in its hard compound that can withstand the harshest racing conditions. The lightweight construction also improves the performance of the tires and saves fuel.

The SunF A027 ATV tires come with a knobby tread pattern. This enhances the traction but also hinders the performance of the tires in deep mud. It also provides added protection to the rim and sidewall. So the mention in the list of the best ATV tires.


  • Lightweight design
  • Durability and stability
  • Enhanced traction
  • Amazing performance on hard-packed surfaces


  • It cannot compete with an ATV mud tire

5. Carlisle All Trail ATV Tire

carlisle all trail atv tire

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Another ATV tire is both stable and fast. Carlisle All Trail ATV Tire gives you a better grip on rocks and gravel. You can also take this all-rounder tire for a drive in the grass or soil fields.

Carlisle, All Trail ATV Tire offers both safety and speed. Its tread pattern with numerous grooves ensures you can drive it on almost all surfaces. The ATV tires have a low, comprehensive profile for reduced soft wallowing chassis roll. In addition, it is DOT-approved, so that you can ride it without worries.

Like everything, these ATV tires have certain drawbacks too. For starters, they are only suitable for light mud. If you push too hard in a swamp, you might get stuck. A few people also find Carlisle All Trail ATV Tire expensive. And they are quite right too. Carlisle All Trail ATV Tires cost more than their competitors. But they also offer better traction and safety, making up for the price.


  • Damage resistant construction
  • DOT-approved
  • All trail tire
  • Safety and Durability


  • Not perfect for heavily muddied areas
  • Not cheap

6. EFX MotoClaw Radial

efx motoclaw radial

Check Price on Amazon

EFX’s ATV tire owes its popularity to its detailed design, making it a splendid companion for hard surfaces and dirt. Thanks to its strong lugs, you can take it on a drive on rocks, soil, or gravel.

EFX MotoClaw Radial has an outstanding tread pattern for smooth drive and superb traction. The grip is too amazing to ignore. Be it gravel or mud, the ATV mud tire guarantees you a safe movement.

Proving to be an all-rounder EFX MotoClaw Radial is durable and rugged too. It also proves to be an excellent tire for the highway. This makes it one of the best ATV tires. However, all these unique features come with an expensive price tag.


  • For all surfaces
  • Smooth and safe drive
  • Tough and durable
  • Perfect for normal drives too


  • Highly expensive

7. GBC Kanati Mongrel

gbc kanati mongrel

Check Price on Amazon

While its competitors are still offering a 6-ply rating, GBC Kanati Mongrel has emerged as a winner with a 10-ply rating. Not many tire manufacturers can deliver this. And that alone warrants a place for GBC Kanati Mongrel on the list of the best ATV tires.

The ATV tire’s toughness makes for an excellent companion on hard-packed surfaces. It has an aggressive tread pattern with exceptional grip and traction. In addition, you can also drive it on wet or muddy surfaces.

GBC Kanati Mongrel has an improved sidewall for more excellent puncture resistance. Its carcass is re-engineered to increase the durability of the tire. And finally, it is DOT approved so that you won’t get in trouble with the authorities.


  • 10-ply construction
  • DOT approved
  • Greater puncture resistance
  • Reliable and durable


  • Deep mud performance still needs improvement

8. Kenda Executioner

kenda executioner

Check Price on Amazon

Kenda Executioner deserves mention if we are talking about the best ATV tires. This tire is specially designed for the muddiest terrains. Kenda Executioner ensures a smooth ride where many tires face hurdles in deep mud.

Thanks to reinforced knobs, Kenda Executioner can ride comfortably by reducing knob rollover at low pressure. This also increases the tread life of the tire. In addition, you can drive on sand and hard-packed surfaces both.

Kenda Executioner has a dimpled tread surface for improved traction in drier conditions. So whether on a dry grassland or in mud puddles, the ATV mud tire provides the required traction.


  • Perfect for deep mud
  • Safe drive
  • Amazing traction and grip


  • Not good enough for highway

9. ITP Cryptid

itp cryptid

Check Price on Amazon

ITP Cryptid ATV tire is the best ATV mud tire owing to its powerful forward traction. This tire takes the crown when it comes to deep drive-in mud. You can get superb traction even in puddles of water or soil.

Now to utilize all that power, you need a powerful ATV too. If your ATV cannot handle the load and the force, it might burn out the engines. But if you have a powerful ATV that can redirect the energy of the tires, then the ITP Cryptid ATV mud tire is one of the best ATV tires for you.

ITP Cryptid ATV tire comes with grooved center lugs, which proves valid. Think of it; you will be taking your ATV for a ride amid all the dirt or even wasteland. This feature comes into work by channeling debris away and cleaning your tires.


  • Top-class mud traction
  • Easy cleaning
  • Stable in swamps too
  • The on-road performance was also praiseworthy


  • It works well only when paired with a powerful ATV

10. Maxxis Mudzilla

maxxis mudzilla

Check Price on Amazon

Another lightweight ATV tire makes up for one of the best ATV tires in 2021. Maxxis Mudzilla is designed for soft terrains. You can drive it even in deep mud, where many ATV tires struggle.

The Maxxis Zilla has a directional V-shaped center tread and dimpled lugs. These contribute toward exceptional traction and stability on all surfaces. So, whether in a swamp or a dry grassland, you can trust this ATV tire for safety.

Maxxis Mudzilla is durable and has outstanding responsiveness. It has stiff sidewalls to ensure you don’t lose control of your vehicle. In addition, it is fast. The point to note here is that Maxxis Mudzilla is designed explicitly for muddy areas, so it won’t give you that fantastic performance on the highway.


  • Outstanding performance in deep mud too
  • Lightweight construction
  • Fast and stable
  • Durability


  • Not for normal driving

Buying guide for ATV tires

The first thing you should consider before buying any product is its purpose. It’s the same case with ATV tires.

We have already mentioned how buying specific ATV tires can be useful to you. Now it is up to you to decide for what specific reason you need it. Because different brands excel in various features, for example, some models may not be able to give you the required grip but make up for it with excellent speed.

Therefore, knowing what tire you need for your ATV is essential. Here are a few points you should remember before making the final purchase.

Kind of tire that suits best

You can pair your ATV with all kinds of tires, ranging from all-terrain to all-season. An all-season tire might be great throughout the year, but extreme winter weather requires an all-weather tire that can easily withstand harsh conditions. There are also snow tires and mud tires for specific terrains.

Similarly, if you are buying an all-terrain tire to drive it on the highway, it may not be the best purchase. However, while snow and mud tires are limited to a particular weather condition, all-terrain tires are evergreen. So you need to match your vehicle requirements with the tire needs.

Tread Pattern and Traction

No doubt, you will want tires that provide the best traction on snow when looking for any ATV tires. However, there is no harm in having a tire that can offer more than the average.

Tires that have powerful forward traction can give an excellent performance not only in snow but also in puddles of water or mud. On the other hand, a dimpled tread surface improves traction in drier conditions, and a knobby tread pattern enhances the traction but also hinders the performance of the tires in deep mud.

A tire with a highly graded tread pattern should allow your ATV to stop on wet roads at a shorter distance than a tire with a lower grade. Many brands use certain compounds to provide great ice and snow traction. You can also look for Bite particles for impressive traction.

Brand and Price

While buying a specific brand means quality, you may give more money just for the brand’s reputation. Therefore, you must maintain a balance between the brand of the tire and its respective features. Though the brand is not everything, it is better to be safe than sorry.

It is no good to pay more for a brand name if other less famous models offer better features. And when it comes to ATV tires, this factor becomes even more relevant.

Similarly, looking at branded products is no use if they can’t fit your budget. In the end, your budget is what leads to the buying decision. However, there is no need to be disheartened. Many branded ATV tires will fit into your tight budget even.

Still, fixing a budget is necessary before starting the buying process. That way, you will know what models you can afford and explore their alternatives. One important thing here is not to be too nitpicky with the price. You don’t want to end up with a tire that can’t withstand the power of your ATV.

Load Index

Load Index dictates the weight capacity a single tire can handle. It is wise to get a tire with a load index higher than the weight of your ATV. For example, a tire with a load index of 90 can carry up to 1,323 pounds.

So do check the load index chart of a tire before making the final purchase. This will divide the load equally and reduce the chances of accidents and punctures.

Check the Ratings

Checking the ratings is what every rational person must do before buying a product. Tires are more about their performance than their looks. Therefore, it becomes more important to know how other people’s experience has been with a particular set of tires. You can also find the kind of tire you need by looking at customer reviews and ratings.

Many countries’ governments also rate the tires on treadwear, traction performance, and temperature resistance. You can also rely on certain trustworthy agencies for credible ratings. Thus, with both government and user ratings combined, you can get a good idea about the tire you need.


You will find certain brands on our list that provide treadwear warranties. Few top brands go as far as to offer a 65,000-mile treadwear warranty. Some brands also provide a warranty against defects and on tread life. It is better to buy tires with a warranty, so you don’t have to spend much on maintenance in the starting years only if anything goes wrong.

Fuel Efficiency

An ATV is a vehicle that doesn’t hold an excellent reputation for saving fuel. But you can pair it with certain tires that can increase the life of your tires, at the same time, balance your fuel consumption.

The tires you buy can significantly affect how much money you spend on fuel and your ATV’s impact on the environment. Here it also becomes necessary to know the kind of tires that will suit your vehicle well and balance the power.

Other features to look for

  • Sidewalls: This feature depends on your driving style and conditions. If you indulged more in off-road driving, you would want many sidewalls. While stiff sidewalls ensure you don’t lose control of your ATV, a lower sidewall is more functional for on-road performance.
  • Noise: It is a given that tires for ATVs are not exactly silent. But you can find specific models that almost make no noise in the snow. However, it may differ from on-road to off-road. So try to make the best of the two worlds.
  • Hydroplaning Resistance: When driving in snow, you need an ATV tire with increased traction and fewer hydroplane risks. Tires that have zig-zag sipes that perform well on dry and wet roads. High-density siping improves braking and acceleration even on hard-packed snow surfaces, and wider circumferential grooves evacuate water and slush from the contact patch.
  • Shock Absorption: No one likes a bumpy ride. Many reputed brands offer tires that have compounds to absorb most of the shock the tire may carry. This ensures that you enjoy a smooth ride. Tires that absorb shocks and vibrations also protect your vehicle against early damage.


Are tires for ATV expensive?

It mainly depends on the brands you choose to go for. However, All-Terrain Vehicles ask for sturdy, durable tires that can withstand the weight of your vehicle. So, keeping some extra cash in hand while purchasing tires for ATV is better.

How long can ATV tires last?

Most ATV tires are built for enduring gravel and dirt and thus are durable. In general, an ATV tire will last you 40000 miles. But it mostly depends on the maintenance of the tires and how roughly you use them.

Are ATV tires worth it?

There are many benefits of owning an ATV tire. For starters, they offer exceptional performance both on-road and off-road. You get tires with advanced rolling resistance and fantastic traction. On top of it, ATV tires guarantee safety. So that even if you drift off the highway for a small getaway, you need not worry about inflated tires or rough rides.

How much treadwear warranty do ATV tires offer?

Some brands go as far as to offer a 60000-mile treadwear warranty. Tires with a contract are better as they safeguard you against possible accidents in the first few years.

Are ATV tires good for highways?

The ATV tire’s primary role is to deliver a fantastic driving experience both on- and off-road. However, experience with various brands has told us that since ATVs tend to perform better in dirt and gravel than on the highway, the tires only make little difference.

So if you are buying an all-terrain tire for the sole purpose of driving it on the highway, it may not be the best purchase. But if you intend to use it for all kinds of surfaces, then all-terrain highway tires can be a superb choice.

Do ATV tires create a lot of noise?

The aggressive tread blocks that provide the required stability and grip also create a lot of noise. This is a necessary evil when it comes to ATVs. Many brands claim to offer silent all-terrain tires, but experience tells that there is no all-terrain tire that can ride without making any kind of noise.

However, tires with symmetrical design as they create less noise compared to their counterparts.


We have reached the end of the list of the best ATV tires for 2023. The list was made keeping in mind the tires’ stability and traction, among other things.

ATV tires are generally bulky, but you can also find some lightweight construction on the list. Similarly, these tires can face troubles in deep mud, but we have listed a few products that cover that area too. In short, you will find every kind of tire you need on this list of the best ATV tires.

Even the best ATV tires can fail if you don’t pair them with the required ATVs. Some tires, for example- the ones which rank higher on the best ATV tires list- go with every ATV, but some tires, such as the ITP Cryptid, need a powerful ATV too. Make sure you know the tire size and where you’ll be taking the ATV before making the final purchase.

Let us know in the comments if we missed out on any candidate for the best ATV tires list.

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