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Top 10 Best RV tires in 2023: Reviewed

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With the growing craze of road trips, the demand for RVs has increased too. That leads to the search for the best RV tires.

When you get an RV, you’re never sure in which conditions you’ll be driving it. While some drivers may prefer to take a trip in a hot and humid location, some may prefer a snowy spot. Whatever the destination may be, your tires must be up for it.

Here we have gathered the best RV tires for you and their review. You will find tires that perform well in snow or dirt. We have also mentioned options for drivers who are into off-road touring.

10 Best RV Tires for Every Adventure Available in 2021

1. Goodyear Unisteel G670 RV Tire

goodyear unisteel g670 rv tireCheck Price on Amazon

Goodyear tire manufacturer has been in the business for 100 years. They manufacture all tiers according to season and use racing, touring, and all-season tier. Goodyear  Unisteel G670 RV Tire is another manufacturer’s product that provides outstanding quality and an enhanced driving experience because of superior construction and compound quality.

Equipped with an all-weather design, Goodyear Unisteel G670 is the best RV tire for road trips and long journeys. The RV tires have anti-oxidant compounds that protect them from cracking under harsh weather and prolonged use. In addition, it is fuel efficient with high load ratings.

The tread pattern of Goodyear Unisteel G670 protects against overheating while the tire is in use. The excellent traction gives you outstanding stability over dry and wet surfaces. However, all these qualities come at a hefty price. But even with that factor included, Goodyear Unisteel G670 is the best RV tire in the market.

2. Boto Tyres BT926

boto tires bt926

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The next on our list is Boto Tyres BT926. While it is a commercial-truck tire, Boto BT926 works perfectly well with motorhomes. It ranks above the trailer tires owing to its super-tough construction, making it a perfect fit for an RV.

Boto Tyres BT926 has a high load index implying they can easily withstand the weight of your motorhome. Besides that, The RV tire delivers exceptional stability and a high level of grip on the highway. It has an impressive tread life that works well for people who use their motorhomes daily.

In addition, Boto BT926 delivers high levels of traction over wet surfaces. However, the price of the tire may seem a bit high to some. And though it provides good handling, it may feel heavy in faster corners.


  • Excellent tread life
  • Tough and durable
  • Exceptional stability on the highway
  • Amazing traction on wet surfaces


  • Expensive
  • Not very responsive

3. Michelin XPS Rib

michelin xps rib

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Michelin is one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world. The French Company designs and makes various tires covering every vehicle. Thus it is quite understandable that one of the best RV tires comes from it.

If you have a mid-size motorhome, then Michelin XPS Rib is the perfect tire. The RV tire has exceptional tread life and a 60,000-mile treadwear warranty, which is the best for an RV tire.

Michelin, the name itself inspires confidence among the drivers. Known for delivering high-performance tires, the company has manufactured this commercial tire with steel casing, resulting in durability over prolonged use. The RV tire delivers outstanding mileage and is fuel-efficient.

It promises durability and optimal performance through its technology. Michelin XPS Rib is impressively stable on the highway and offers the driver high levels of grip and traction. It has a sidewall protector to prevent sidewall damage from most curb scrubbing. With that said, the Michelin tire sits heavy on your wallet.


  • Exceptional tread life
  • Tough and durable construction
  • Excellent stability on the highway
  • Outstanding performance over dry and wet surfaces
  • Impressive responsiveness
  • 60,000-mile treadwear warranty


  • Expensive
  • Performance on the snow is below average

4. Bridgestone Duravis M700 HD

bridgestone duravis m700 hd

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The largest manufacturer in the world, Bridgestone, is known to deliver quality tires. Bridgestone Duravis M700 commercial truck tire follows that legacy and can be paired effortlessly with a motorhome.

While delivering exceptional performance on the highway, the RV tire can also be light off-roading. Like most RV tires, it also has an excellent tread life with a robust casing that protects against stone drilling for belts. In addition, it has a dual sidewall protector to protect against cuts and abrasions.

Bridgestone Duravis M700 HD offers ample grip and traction over dry and wet surfaces. And while most RV tires don’t come with a treadwear warranty, you might expect Bridgestone to step up their game. But sadly, the company doesn’t offer any treadwear warranty on Duravis M700 HD.


  • All-terrain performance
  • Reliable snow traction
  • Tough construction
  • Long treadwear life


  • No treadwear warranty

5. Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor

goodyear wrangler silent armor

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Goodyear Tires is the third-largest tire brand in the world that provides fantastic driving experiences from Grand-Prix races, exciting off-road adventures, and even long, luxurious drives. Thus, it is no wonder that you will find some of the best RV tires to be manufactured by them. Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor is the second to be mentioned on the list.

This RV Tire is the best of all RV tires manufactured by Goodyear. Whether exceptional traction, an aggressive tread pattern, stability, or load index, Wrangler Silent Armor has all the features you look for in an RV tire.

Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor delivers impressive performance on hardpacked terrain and shallow mud. The aggressive tread pattern enabled it to ride smoothly over dry surfaces and hardpacked snow. True to its name, Wrangler Silent Armor delivers a quiet ride even at higher speeds.

Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor doesn’t come in many sizes, which may pose an issue for sure RV owners. The RV tire has an impressive tread life and offers a stable ride on the highway. However, the company provides a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty on the RV tire, which is not typical for motorhome tires.


  • Outstanding tread life
  • Quiet ride at high speeds
  • Exceptional off-road traction
  • Highway stability to the mark
  • 50,000-mile treadwear warranty


  • Not available in many sizes

6. Goodyear G614 RST

goodyear g614 rst

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Established in 1898, the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company is the leading American tire manufacturing company in the 21st century. Goodyear G614 RST adds to the company’s durable and comfortable tire legacy.

The RV tire has been manufactured keeping in view the demands of fifth-wheel campers and trailers. It can withstand a lot of weight, increasing the tire’s life, and it goes well with your trailer.

Goodyear G614 RST is very stable on the highway, a crucial feature for people who go on long trips. In addition, the tread life is terrific, giving you a smooth riding experience. However, the tire may not perform as well on snow.


  • Very stable on the highway
  • Tough and durable
  • Impressive tread life


  • Performance on snow could be improved

7. Goodyear Marathon Radial

goodyear marathon radial

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Another tire from Goodyear has found a place on our list of the best tires for RV. Goodyear Tires provides outstanding on and off-road driving, from superior wet road braking to a relaxing and quiet ride. Goodyear Tires continues to develop tire technology to stay safe as time progresses with Goodyear Marathon Radial.

Goodyear is one of the most innovative tire companies in history. The RV tire has a high loading index so that you can pair it with large fifth-wheel campers. No wonder Marathon Radial is extremely tough and delivers exceptional performance on the highway.

Safety is a primary factor for Goodyear Tires, with each tire designed to require even the foremost challenging road situation. The RV tire gives you the stability you need while driving an RV. It carries the legacy with Goodyear Marathon Radial. However, if you want speed, this tire is not for you.


  • Exceptional stability
  • High load index
  • Tough and durable


  • Not available in high-speed ratings

8. Maxxis M8008 Radial Trailer Tire

maxxis m8008 radial trailer tire

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The Maxxis M8008 Radial is undoubtedly one of the best RV tires available in the load range B, C, D, and E. They are also the most loved trailer tires for their stability on the highway. On the other side, it also provides excellent shock absorption.

Additionally, its advanced tread compound decreases the rolling resistance, as a result of which you will get a better fuel economy and improved tread life. Because of the double-steel belted internal radial construction, these trailer tires are also challenging.

Meanwhile, you will get a 5-year limited warranty on the Maxxis M8008 Radial Trailer Tire.


  • Very safe handling when loaded
  • Excellent highway stability
  • Excellent warranty
  • Tough construction


  • Not the best choice for off-road use

9. Carlisle Trail HD Trailer Radial

carlisle trail hd trailer radial

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These RV tires can resist overheating quite well, all thanks to the variable-pitch design. This makes Carlisle Trail HD one of the best tires for RV to carry heavy loads. With that said, it is available in load ranges C, D, E, and F.

Moreover, Carlisle Trail HD Trailer Radial is equipped with low-rolling-resistance technology for improved fuel economy while offering superior ride and stability. Apart from these, the DuraTrail high-strength belt package and HeatShield heat-resistant compound technology are also there to give this tire added durability.


  • Solid construction
  • Stable on the highway, even when loaded
  • Excellent overheating resistance


  • The radial construction isn’t suited for off-roading

10. Freestar M-108+

freestar m-108+

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If you are looking for a set of reliable RV tires to carry heavy loads, then it is the one to look for. The Freestar M-108+ is another low-cost option on our list of the best set of RV tires. Freestar M-108+ offers superb highway stability even when loaded with weights.

Moreover, they are adamant and durable trailer tires due to the double-steel belted internal radial construction. Besides, you may have to seek the help of a tire technician, as the Freestar M-108+ can be somewhat tricky to install.


  • Tough and durable construction
  • Excellent highway stability
  • Budget-friendly price


  • It can be hard to install
  • Not suited for off-road


What kind of tires should I put on my RV?

RV tires are classified into two types: LT and ST. You’ll need ST tires if you’re hauling an RV. ST tires are intended for “Special Trailer” applications. Because trailer tires are not used for steering during acceleration, traction is not an issue. Their tread designs are optimized for reduced rolling resistance. Trailer tires, on the other hand, must carry a lot of weight and withstand outdoor storage and weathering for lengthy periods of time.

How long should RV tires last?

The general rule for changing your RV tires is every three to six years. If you drive frequently and believe your tires need to be replaced, it is conceivable that you will not be able to survive as long as six years. However, if you just use your rig occasionally, you may be able to push it up to the six-year mark – though going much longer than that is never recommended.

How much is a set of RV tires?

Class A motorhome tires typically cost around $300. Of course, several things might cause these rates to change, including the brand selling the tires, the website you’re purchasing from, and, of course, the quality of the tire.

Do you rotate tires on an RV?

Yes, you should rotate the tires on your RV. Like any other vehicle, RV tires suffer from regular wear and tear. This includes uneven wear from typical driving and difficulties like mechanical faults that exacerbate tread wear.

The majority of experts recommend rotating your tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. Follow the instructions in your owner’s handbook for more detailed information on tire rotation. If you don’t use your RV much, you might not need to rotate the tires before replacing them. They may dry out and crack if you do not rotate your tires.

Final Verdict

We have reached the end of the list of the best RV tires for 2021. The list was made keeping in mind the tires’ stability and traction, among other things.

RV tires are generally bulky, but you can find some with lightweight construction, too, on the list. Similarly, these tires can face troubles in snow, but we have listed a few products that cover that area too. In short, you will find every kind of tire you need on this list of the best RV tires. Make sure you know the tire size and where you’ll take the RV before making the final purchase.

Let us know in the comments if we missed out on any candidate for the best RV tires list.

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