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Top 10 Best Tires for Honda Civic in 2023

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Honda Civic was always well known for being a well-designed car. From the factory, it was a spacious and feasible or practical sports car with excellent fuel-efficient and credibility or reliability. Although, because of the essence of driving dynamics, the Honda Civic has always been a car that all car fanatics loved.

However, whatever your driving preferences are, you’ll still require a set of the best tires for this fantastic car. The best tires of the Honda Civic will emphasize this famous car’s features from the Japanese brand, Honda.

Here is the list of some of the best tires for Honda Civic and a buying guide to help you:

Buying Guide: Best Tires for Honda Civic

The most appropriate tires for Honda a Civic car may differ from other perscles. For instance, if you’re the proprietor of a Honda Civic Sports Car,, undoubtedly require high-performance tires. While if you’re a Honda Civic Insight driver, then your primary concern can be MPG (Miles per Gallon) and low rolling resistance.

Under all circumstances, additional factors should be considered when selecting a pack or set of tires for your specific variant and your requirements. There are five factors or points to consider when making your preference or choice of tires for your Honda Civic.

Size of the Wheel and Tire

There are generally three standard sizes for the Honda Civic tire

In addition to e sales pages for tires traded or sold on offer a ‘Check Fit’ calculator that permits you to enter the description of your vehicle for otify or inform you whether the suitable tire will fit that vehicle or not. These tire sizes are compatible with the standard wheel size of the Honda Civic. To be ensured entirely about this, you should consider your vehicle’s instruction manual or the features of the tires that are nowadays suitable for that particular Honda Civic variant.

Driving Atmosphere and Circumstances

We’ve disclosed that in our other tire buying guides, ale kind of land or terrain you’ll be driving on comprehensibly dictates the genrtypetire you should purchase. HoweAs a baseline, you may require an all-season tire with excellent specifications for winter driving. ver, if you reside or live in a region undergoing snow showers or heavy snowfall throughout the winter, some specified winter tires are essential. As duction quality and Brand Image

While buying a particular brand means quality, you may also end up giving more money just for the brand reputation. Therefore, you must maintain a balance between the brand of the tire and its respective features. Though the brand is not everything, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Some of the critical players in the Honda Civic tire market (like Michelin, Continental, Goodyear, etc.) transparently spend the vast sum of money on Research and Development (R&D) and boast a few innovative technologies that can make them worthwhile at the high price point. Although, for a few drivers, this all can be more than enough. You can save money on the largely unknown tire companies or brands that still supply high-quality tires with a trustworthy tire tread life.

Accessible Budget for the Tires

You should purchase the highest quality tire which you can pay for; although, the higher price point doesn’t always interpret or translate to the finest obtainable or available tire for your requirements. You should keep in mind your planned budget for the tire and observe what is obtainable in that price range. With the correct combination of proper analysis and research, you’ll be capable to buy the finest Honda Civic tires for you and your requirements at a reasonable price.


You will find certain brands on our list that provide treadwear warranties. Few top brands go as far as to offer a 65,000-mile treadwear warranty. Some brands also provide a warranty against defects and on tread life. It is better to buy Honda Civic tires that come with a warranty so you don’t have to spend much on the maintenance of the tires in the starting years only if anything goes wrong.

Fuel Efficiency

The tires you buy can significantly affect how much money you spend on fuel, as well as your vehicle’s impact on the environment. Here it also becomes necessary to know the kind of tires that will suit your vehicle well and balance the power.

Best Tires for Honda Civic In 2021

1. Michelin Defender T+H All-Season Tire

michelin defender

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If you don’t think about rapid driving and engaging control, the Michelin Defender T+H is the ultimate choice for you. The typical Touring Tire composed of an all-season tread compound defeats its rivalries in nearly every genre or category. Certainly, the price is also higher than the above rivals, but we still believe it is worth every single penny.

Built for sedans and minivans, this one by Michelin is our top recommendation in the best tires for the Honda Civic category. Packed with features and a 90,000-mile warranty, Michelin Defender T+H will give you an Ultra-High performance in winters with its IntelliSipe Technology. Moreover, the added sipes featuring biting edges that enhance the grip when driving on wet or snow surfaces.

Michelin has incorporated the next-generation Evertread compound and asymmetric tread pattern. This compound contains higher amounts of silica which results in increased traction on wet pavement. Michelin’s Intellisipe Technology and independent tread blocks help in enhancing this wet traction.

The IntelliSipe technology of zigzag sipes interlace or interlock beneath the surface. Because of that, Michelin is the most responsive touring tire in the present times, and also offers the finest friction or traction, grip, and stopping power. Like most other Michelin tires, the Defender T+H offers the passengers placid or smooth ride quality and nearly no clamor or noise on the highway.


  • It provides a convenient and noiseless ride quality.
  • It has a long-running tread life than its forerunner tires.
  • It is supplied with impeccable or reliable wet and dry friction or traction.


  • Wet friction or traction can be improved moderately.

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2. Goodyear Assurance All-Season Radial

goodyear assurance

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It provides a magnificent or excellent combination of features that play well with vehicles such as the sports car Honda Civic. The Assurance All-Season has large solid or stable shoulder blocks for improved durability or stability and turning on arid or dry surfaces. Because of that, the tire supplies the driver with safe and probable or predictable control and a short stopping distance.

Due to the broad tread grooves, the Honda Civic tire also supplies the driver with good waterproof resistance. On a more favorable remark, Goodyear Assurance regulated or managed to adapt the tread pattern for reduced noise. The ride quality of these tires is also very majestic or impressive particularly when you hit a chuckhole or pothole. The company Goodyear also offers a 65,000 miles treadwear warranty on the tires.


  • This tire has an amazing carrying or load capacity.
  • It contains amazing features like dry traction or friction with magnificent control or handling.
  • It also produces very low noise on the road.


  • The wet friction or traction could be more enhanced or improved.

3. Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack All-Season Tire

bridgestone turanza quiettrack

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The Bridgestone’s Turanza QuietTrack is the latest inclusion or addition to the Bridgestone’s large turning or grand-touring family of tires, and it instantly attracts attention with its exceptional features and characteristics. As the name suggests, this is significantly the most noiseless or quietest tire in this genre because of the distinctive tread pattern in the tire.

The Turanza is molded into an asymmetric tread pattern and its innovative Quiet Track Technology combines the in groove quiet tracks, shoulder slots. The Honda Civic tire also has an optimized pitch which helps in reducing airborne noise and further helps in delivering a serene driving experience.

This Honda Civic tire also helps the driver control the vehicle easily on snowy and wet pavements, while also assuring long-lasting performance and durability. The technology entails a wide circumferential groove, which is further accompanied by longitudinal channels, and loads of diagonal grooves.

ComfortCruise Technology, contrastingly, takes care of faults or imperfections on the road easily. This should not diminish or detract from the fact that the Turanza QuietTrack is also one of the finest grand-touring tires in the matter of tire performance. The friction or traction and grip of the tire are excellent which is better than any other tire in this category.


  • This tire has an outstanding controlling or handling performance than any other tire.
  • It is extremely noiseless or quiet and convenient for all types of vehicles.
  • It also has a long-running tread life which is covered by an 80,000-mile warranty.


  • It is slightly overpriced or expensive.

4. Continental PureContact Radial Tire

continental purecontact

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The Continental’s PureContact LS directly exchanges or replaces the PureContact with EcoPlus Technology, bringing many upgrades or improvements to the table. Continental also guarantees even greater wet performance but also has improved controlling or handling on dry tracks or courses with enhanced comfort.

Controlling or handling on dry surfaces is outstanding for an all-season tire which is followed by magnificent alertness or responsiveness and steering feel. The stopping distance is also the slightest or shortest in this category. The Honda Civic tire also operates properly or reliably on light snow tracks which makes it more significant than other all-season tires.

And, on top of all that, the PureContact LS is remarkably silent or quiet on the highway, while also supplying calm and smooth ride quality to passengers. The company Continental also provides a 70,000-mile treadwear warranty on the tires, which is comparatively similar to its predecessor variants.


  • Smooth Ride convenient is the best in this type of all-season tire.
  • It has an excellent tire performance in arid or dry, wet, and snow weather conditions.
  • It is also covered by a 70,000-mile treadwear warranty.


  • It becomes slightly difficult to operate on heavy snow tracks or courses.

5. Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS Tire 

bridgestone potenza

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Bridgestone has maintained a rapport in the tire market. The Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS is the latest addition to the Potenza family of high-efficiency tires from Bridgestone. This ultra-high-performance tire provides the best possible traction, grip, and braking regardless of the weather conditions. You get top-notch responsiveness that enables you to cut corners smoothly.

The Honda Civic delivers many upgrades in comparison with its forerunner or predecessor which also comprises light snow friction or traction. Controlling is also refined or improved with magnificent responsiveness, super high-standard of grip and friction or traction, and massive stopping power.

Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS has an outstanding tread compound that works even under cold conditions, and in light snow, something that not many tires can boast about. Furthermore, Bridgestone is regulated to make the Potenza pretty quiet for an extremely high-performance tire. Although, the ride quality is a little bouncy or choppy. On another note, the Potenza RE980AS has the maximum warranty of any extremely high-performance tire at 50,000 miles.


  • This tire offers an enjoyable and convenient ride.
  • It also has a prominent controlling or handling on wet and arid or dry surfaces.
  • This tire is completely safe to drive on slithery or slippery and wet roads with innovative aquaplaning or hydroplaning resistance.


  • The ride quality of the tire is not as good as it is proclaimed by the company.

6. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ Radial Tire

michelin pilot sport a/s 3

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The Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ is currently one of the finest extremely high-performance all-season tires for the Honda Civic. It supplies the driver with excellent controlling or handling capabilities. The sensitivity or responsiveness is merely astonishing, and can also be said for friction or traction, grip and braking.

The Michelin Pilot Sport A/S is also outstanding for the wet weather, and it even operates in light snow conditions. It is interesting to note that the Michelin Pilot Sport is also very convenient and noiseless thanks to its ultra-high performance tires. The Honda Civic tire also contains an astonishing 45,000-mile treadwear warranty.


  • The dry and wet friction or traction feature of this tire is very magnificent.
  • This tire provides a very convenient ride to its passengers without any hassle.
  • The controlling or handling and grip of the tires in the corners are of premium quality.


  • It is slightly bulky or heavy in weight.

7. Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS Pole Position

bridgestone potanza

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If you relish or enjoy a more energetic driving experience, then the Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS Pole Positions is the right choice accessible for you. This tire not only greatly enhances the controlling or handling of the Honda Civic car, but it is also an all-season tire, which signifies that it operates in almost any circumstances or situation.

The Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS Pole Position is composed of a premium tread compound with Bridgestone-owned Uni-T AQII Technology that helps it to attain or achieve great friction or traction all over the year. The Bridgestone Potenza RE960AS Pole Positions provide the most appropriate controlling or handling in dry and wet climatic conditions, but it disappoints in snowy climatic situations.


  • This tire provides magnificent traction or friction and also has impeccable or reliable handling on dry and wet surfaces.
  • The steering response of this tire is outstanding.
  • This tire will provide a gentle and noiseless ride quality.


  • Drive quality of the tire can be improved more.

8. Michelin X-Ice Xi3 Winter Radial Tire

michelin x-ice xi3

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Michelin, the name itself inspires confidence among the drivers. Known for delivering high-performance tires, Michelin has also given one of the best tires for Honda Civic in the form of Michelin X-Ice Xi3. This tire offers a number of characteristics that make it one of the best winter tires for the Honda Civic.

The Michelin X-Ice Xi3 is furnished or equipped with Michelin’s FleX-Ice Silica-based Rubber compound that stays flexible and resilient at low temperatures, but it also provides enough stiffness or hardness for good controlling or handling on those hotter winter days, unlike most of the other winter tires.

It gives the best traction and braking in snowy and freezing conditions. The best thing about this tire is that it provides a 40,000-mile treadwear warranty, which is generally not given for winter tires. Michelin Max Touch Construction enhances the durability of the tire and ensures a longer tread life.

The directive tread structure or design is what makes this Honda Civic tire considerable in the snow, as it helps to repulse or repel and remove the snow rapidly. The changeable Cross Z Sipes, contrastingly, help with friction or traction on snowy surfaces and supply extra rigidity or stiffness for better controlling or handling. Thanks to its sipes and Micro-Pumps, you get long-lasting performance in the snow.


  • The tire has outstanding friction or traction, even if it is utilized in dry, wet, or snowy climatic conditions.
  • It provides a firm grip, solid control, gentle cornering, and superb controlling or handling even if you’re driven vigorously or aggressively.
  • The tire generates a negligible amount of noise even though the tires are driven on dry surfaces, which is unusual for winter tires.


  • The wet surface cornering capability of the tire could be enhanced or improved.

9. Hankook Optimo H724 All-Season Tire

hk optimo h724

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The Hankook Optimo H724 is an all-season tire that is reliable for nearly any kind of climatic conditions and this tire is highly durable too. We believe that it’s a perfect choice for quite older variants of Honda Civic cars, but this tire is also considerable for the recent variants.

Hankook’s Optimo H724 is formulated or designed in such a way that it wears equally, which signifies that it will maintain its performance eventually, and there will be a less requirement for gyration or rotation. They engineered this Honda Civic tire for all sorts of coupes, sedans, and minivans.

It’s composed of a custom-blended chafed or rubbed compound which enhances friction or traction in cold winter months. We see this in the 100,000-mile tread warranty that the company offers. Also, the high-density sipes enhance the grip in packed snow and give the driver a comfortable and smooth driving experience in winters. The best part of the Hankook Optima H724 all-season tire is that it outstays for an extended period.


  • These tires are pretty quiet and also provide a gentle and convenient ride quality.
  • The tire also offers a 100,000-mile treadwear warranty which is astonishing and outstanding.
  • It also has an outstanding steering precision feature.


  • The controlling or handling ability of the tire can be enhanced.

10. Yokohama AVID ENVigor All-Season Radial Tire

yokohama avid ascend

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Yokohama tires may not be the most inexpensive tires on the marketplace, but they are still more affordable than premium-quality Honda Civic tires. Despite this, they perform well in nearly every situation and are highly durable too. The Yokohama AVID ENVigor is one of their finest all-season variants, and it is an especially ideal fit for the Honda Civic car.

It is also pretty good in dry weather situations, where it provides accurate or precise handling with a reasonable amount of response or feedback. The tire also comprises distinctive angled cuts in the groove walls to accelerate water discharge or evacuation easily. It provides better friction or traction in the rain and intercepts aquaplaning or hydroplaning when you’re driving at high speeds on the highway.


  • The traction or grips will give you Goosebumps for its completely first-class performance.
  • The cornering and controlling or handling feature of the tire is one of the best characteristics of this tire.
  • The tire is pretty quiet and the ride comfort of the tire is uniformly outstanding or impressive.


  • The steering response of the tire is nice but not as accurate as few identical tires have been examined or tested.


Are Honda Civic tires expensive?

It mostly depends on the brands and tire size you choose to go for. Normally you can find Honda Civic tires at a reasonable price between $150 – $350 per tire. But if you go for high-performance tires, then it can sometimes cost even well over $500. Honda Civic asks for sturdy, durable tires that can withstand the weight of your vehicle.

How many miles do Honda Civic tires last?
An average Honda Civic tire should last you up to 50,000 miles. However ineffective driving habits can shorten the life span of your tire.

How long can Honda Civic tires last?

This takes into account both the quality of the tires and your driving habits. If you keep up with your tire maintenance and don’t experience any premature damage, then an average tire will last you about 3 to 4 years. The tires could last longer if the tire is of premium quality or if you are driving less than 30,000 miles. On the other hand, the tread will wear out faster if you don’t drive effectively or are using a tire of poor quality.

How often should you change Honda Civic tires?

If your driving habit is effective and the tire doesn’t face any external damage, you will need to change your Honda Civic tires at least every five years. This depends on the kind of surface you have been driving the tire on.

Final Words

With this list of the finest tires for the sub-compact car Honda Civic in 2021, I believe that everyone should discover the appropriate tire as per their requirement. As expected, ask yourself what type of driver you’re and the weather in your place or area before choosing the best Honda Civic tire for you.

That way you’ll ascertain that the tires you just purchased will provide the finest feasible or possible performance and you and your passengers will also be secure and safe. If you ask me, then obviously Michelin Defender will always be the superior choice. The tire company has a long history of delivering quality tires and the Defender is one of their best tires for Honda Civic.

I hope that this article will help you a lot to choose your favorite and desirable Honda Civic tire for you.

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