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8 Best Tires for Subaru Outback-Guide and Recommendation

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One of the famous luxury brands known in America is Subaru, a Japanese-origin automobile manufacturer. They are less expensive with their reliability itself up to the mark. As this is not the most reliable one, no one can compete with it now in the market.

It plays a prominent role in the market for fuel efficiency and reliability. The fact is anyone who wants to buy a car that is both budget-friendly, as well as a one-time investment can go with this option.

Subaru Outback is one of the finest models that have been improved yearly. Previously, it had not been well received by consumers who buy it, but it has improved a lot till now. In previous years, Subaru has developed different models, including Crosstreks, Forester, Legacy, Outback, etc. 

By comparing each model, you can see how problems have been solved throughout the years. Now it has advanced EyeSight Technology for safety and a smooth drive. Regarding small car offerings, Subaru Outback is the better option for anyone. What makes them reliable and attractive among consumers is its 2.5 liter Boxer engine which was recently redesigned as one of its improvement.

With these improvements now, it has been again people’s favorite. Subaru Outback’s powerful engine needs the best tires to give comfortable rides with complete satisfaction to drivers. You need to choose the best tire for yourself to get a satisfactory result. As the tire is an important part of any vehicle, it must be taken care of. Here I am not only talking about your choices in terms of tire selection but also guiding you in making a buying decision.

Here are some selective options of tires that you can think about.

List of Best Tires for Subaru Outback

1. Michelin Defender LTX All-Season Tire

michelin defender ltx all-season tire


  • One of the market’s best-known and most famous brands is Michelin tires.

  • Tread life of 90,000 miles


  • Good dry and wet traction
  • Excellent gripping power
  • All season tires
  • The outstanding braking system with good handling in worse condition
  • Low noise with a smooth ride
  • Tires for Subaru Outback


  • An out-of-budget option
  • Tread warranty is given up to 70,000 miles

2. Yokohama Geolandar A/T All-Terrain TireBest Tire for Subaru Outback

yokohama geolandar a/t tire

Specifications – Read the full review of Yokohama Geolandar

  • Having a tread life of 60,000 miles


  • Wet and dry traction is good
  • High in grip power on slippery roads
  • Smooth on highways
  • Nice cornering grip


  • Average performance on snow or icy surface
  • Warranty in tread life is also limited

3. Goodyear Ultra Grip Winter Tire

goodyear ultra grip winter tire


  • Good performing winter season tire
  • It comprises a soft rubber compound that offers a good grip on snow.


  • Light snow and wet traction are good
  • High in cornering gripping power
  • Having a tread life of 40,000 miles


  • An average performance in warm or rainy weather
  • On highways, it shows an average performance
  • No tread-life warranty is given

4. Bridgestone Blizzak WS80Tire

bridgestone blizzak ws80 tire


  • Winter specific tires
  • Up to 60,000 mileage warranty is given


  • Excellent winter traction with particular features


  • Low performance on a dry and wet surface

5. Pirelli Scorpion ATR Light Truck Tire

pirelli scorpion atr tire


  • 65,000 miles projected based on the test
  • Performance-based tires with good fuel efficiency


  • Dry and wet traction is good
  • Handling light snow is also good
  • All-season performance is also good
  • Low noise with the excellent braking system


  • One little improvement needs to be done, and that would be on deep snow.

6. Continental Terrain Contact All-Season Tire

continental terrain contact all-season tire


  • More prefer their comfort technology feature
  • Having a tread life of 40,000 miles


  • Noise absorbing capacity is higher with a smooth ride
  • Fuel efficiency is good
  • All season tires


  • No tread-life warranty is given

7. Kumho Solus TA31 All-Season Tire

kumho solus ta31 all-season tire


  • Due to its Noise-canceling tread design, it offers an ultimately quiet feature on rough or bumpy roads.
  • Tread life can go up to the mark of 40,000-80,000 miles
  • Read the full review of Kumho Solus Tire


  • Suitable for rough or terrain areas
  • Good handling efficiency with the excellent braking system
  • The noise reduction feature is great


  • Average performance in snow or icy region
  • A limited tread-life warranty is given

8. Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric Tire

goodyear eagle f1 asymmetric tire


  • Having a tread life of 70,000 miles
  • A run-flat tire with security


  • Good traction and handling power
  • Perform exceptionally in bad weather conditions


  • A little bit expensive, like Michelin

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What tire is recommended for Subaru Outback?

The Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 is an all-terrain tire that is robust enough to be original equipment on certain Outbacks. Most contemporary Subaru Outbacks have 225/60R18 or 225/65R17 tires.

How often should you replace tires on a Subaru Outback?

According to Subaru shops, tires on a typical Subaru Outback should be replaced every two to four years or 30,000 to 50,000 miles. The mileage range is comparable to any other automobile, albeit there’s a reasonable probability you’ll wear them out sooner.

Do all Subaru tires have to be the same?

The Owner’s Manual for Subaru vehicles has the following warning: “All four wheels should be supplied with tires of the same size, kind, and brand.” Furthermore, the amount of wear on all four tires should be the same.”

Buying Guide and Recommendations

My whole concentration is making you understand that choosing the best tires for your vehicle would be the most important thing while thinking about reliability and safety. It is up to you whether you go with the price range and neglect the essential qualities every tire should have or ignore the budget factor and choose the best one for your vehicle.

It’s not all about quality. It’s also about how you take tires for your vehicle. Is it a one-time investment for you or just like any other part of a vehicle? I was talking about the qualities that you should never forget while purchasing any tire, and I must list down some of those qualities that you might need to take in your mind before selecting any one of the tires they are

  • Tire size and tire shape matter a lot
  • Its performance in all adverse weather conditions
  • Its traction on all roads
  • Noise-making would be the important one
  • Braking and wet and dry gripping capacity should be undertaken
  • Tread life and warranty must be checked before buying
  • Reliability and durability
  • Treadwear should be checked thoroughly
  • Handling power on any surface
  • Appearance plays an essential key role
  • It would be best if you never ignored the tread pattern, which can give you an idea about the grip and traction capacity.

However, no offline shopkeeper can give you precise details about everything I mentioned above to choose correctly and wisely. You have to go for an online method that also helps you to compare the prices of different tires.

Final Thought

A good-performing vehicle is going to make you even more comfortable when it comes to the best tires. Their whole performance depends on the engine, but if you use the average quality tire, the powerful motor cannot help you as the only thing that connects a vehicle and a road is a tire.
So what comes to your mind when I say best tires? Is it all-season capability that attracts you, or the tread life or even budget-friendliness comes into your mind? And what about which condition do you want your tires to be working on?

Here is some suggestion that even I follow when it comes to prioritizing things. If you are not the type who always sees the price before buying something, you should go with brands like Michelin or Goodyear tires. Due to their long-lasting tread life and trustable features, you can not think of anything else.

But if you want to go with the budget and adjust with moderate qualities, then Bridgestone or Parelli would be the one you will choose. However, here you have to change with the best quality, but they are excellent tires for daily use.

Now it’s all up to you and your choice. If you find this information helpful, you can tell me in the comment section and let me know what your experience says.

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