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Top 10 Best Zero Turn Tires for Hills in 2023: Reviewed

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In a few years, Zero-turn lawn mowers have become so prominent now it could be said that there are several different models. You can select from small mowers that work in smaller areas or larger mowers that can be utilized for huge surfaces.

No matter your purpose, there is no gainsaying that riding a zero-turn lawn mower makes the job much faster and more fun. There is something about driving a vehicle that can make tight turns and have outstanding maneuverability.

However, not every zero-turn mower is constructed equal–some are better than others. Nonetheless, everyone agrees that the tire is the most significant part of any lawnmower. No matter how best is your zero-turn mower, it won’t give you the desired performance with bad tires.

In many cases, despite the advertising, some tires are not reliable in some conditions. The best zero-turn tire for hills should give you considerable traction on different surfaces and inclinations. Also, they should be gentle to the grass, particularly for people who care about their yards.

If you have a field with steep hills, things become even worse. Several tires will strive to provide you with reliable traction, making the whole experience more cumbrous, but too much wheel spin can harm the grass underneath.

Luckily, you have come to the right place to learn about the best zero-turn tires for hills. This blog will talk about all models workable for zero-turn mowers. We will also test them in various categories: traction, drivability, and how much they ravage the turf.

We have listed the ten best tires for zero turn mower down to enable you to make decisions with ease. Furthermore, we recorded the significant advantages and disadvantages of the products, allowing you to choose tires that will suit you best.

Many people don’t comprehend zero-turn tires, and often don’t make the right choice.

Top 10 Best Zero Turn Tires for Hills Available in 2021

1. Kenda K358 – Turf Rider -Best Turf Saver Tires for Zero Turn Mower

kenda k358

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  • Outstanding traction on dry and wet turf
  • Very gentle to the surface
  • Available in several sizes
  • Ease of removing and installing


  • Not functional in mud
  • Struggles on steep inclines

The Kenda K358 is amongst the best zero-turn tires for hills on the market. This is amongst the few tires that achieve excellent outcomes in almost every area. Many mower manufacturers use it as original equipment in their products.

The K358 delivers the best performance and gives the best balance between gentleness and traction. The chevron tread enables the tire not to destroy the turf much, mainly if driven carefully.

Besides, we found that the tread is deep enough to give you traction in most situations, apart from bottomless mud. The Kenda K358 is also functional on hills, apart from very steep inclines. However, we found it to be entirely helpful for residential areas.

The K358 is very easy to replace. It doesn’t amount very much. Also, it has a very long tread life.

2. Carlisle Turf Saver II Lawn & Garden

carlisle turf saver II lawn & garden

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  • Functional traction on most surfaces
  • Gentle on the turf
  • Durable and strong construction


  • It only comes with a rounded tread area
  • Not very good traction over mud

The Carlisle Turf Saver II is identical to the Kenda K358 in many ways, except for the difference in the tread blocks, which are hollow from the inside. This lends Carlisle an advantage in preventing the grass underneath and gives traction on very slippery surfaces as well.

However, the tread blocks on the Carlisle aren’t as solid or stable, which inhibits functionality on hardpacked surfaces. The tire comes only with a rounded tread area, further inhibiting dry surface functionality.

However, the distinctions are minimal for many people–the Carlisle is still a very usable tire for hills. The Carlisle Turf Saver II is adamant and durable despite the hollow tread blocks.

3. Deestone D265 – Best Zero turn tires for hills

deestone D265

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  • Very easy on the turf
  • Functional traction in dry and wet situations
  • Pocket-friendly price


  • Not very good over mud
  • Functional over very steep inclines

The Deestone D265 is an outstanding option for budget-oriented buyers or someone who has smaller yards. In a nutshell, this tire won’t dethrone the Kenda and Carlisle in terms of traction, but it comes very close.

The D265 is functional on most surfaces, comprising dry and wet turf. Little mud won’t pose an issue, but don’t expect enormous deep mud performance–the shoulder profile is a square. The D265 is not reliable on very steep hills, but it should be entirely usable in most residential areas.

The Chevron-style tread blocks prevent the turf from being damaged significantly.

4. Kenda K505 Turf Tire – Best All-Terrain Zero Turn Tires

kenda K505 turf tire - Best All Terrain Zero-Turn Tires

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  • Performs well over most surfaces
  • Functional in shallow mud
  • Very strong and durable
  • Self-cleaning properties enhance performance over the long run


  • Struggles in deep mud

The Kenda K505 is among the best zero-turn mower tires for people with more extensive areas and someone looking for advanced traction for steep hills.

The K505 will still endeavor in bottomless mud, but it will be far better than turf-saver tires. Also, this tire will give you more robust traction on very steep hills compared to those tires.

The K505 has properties of self-cleaning, which facilitate the tires to conserve traction for a long time. The K505 is very tough and durable as most of the Kenda tires.

The siped tread blocks prevent the K505 much from turf damage compared to all-terrain tires, but still more than turf-savers.

5. Michelin X Tweel Turf

michael x tweel turf

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  • Excellent toughness and durability
  • No punctures
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Outstanding for uneven surfaces
  • Outstanding traction in most conditions
  • Excellent sidehill performance


  • Very expensive
  • Not functional in mud

The Michelin X Tweel Turf is a very expensive tire, but that’s completely worth it considering its properties. This is an airless tire, which implies that it can never be punctured. On top of that, the overall design vows excellent durability and toughness.

The multi-directional tread pattern aids sidehill stability, making it a great all-terrain tire for driving on steep hills. Thanks to the tread pattern, which prevents the turf from the damage the turf.

It will surely strive in deep mud but let’s be honest – not many people do their mower duties when it rains heavily. The design of the tire also enables excellent usability over uneven surfaces.

In a nutshell, these are the tremendous zero-turn mower tires on the market. However, it is very costly, so we advise it only to companies (golf courses) and not residential areas.

6. OTR Grassmaster

otr grassmaster

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  • Outstanding traction over dry and wet surfaces
  • Very tough and durable construction
  • Excellent good on hills


  • A not very good alternative for driving in mud

The OTR Grassmaster is a tire that is mainly used on mowers as original equipment from the factory. Also, it is one of the great lawnmower tires for people who seek ultimate traction.

The Grassmaster gives outstanding traction over dry and wet turf. We found that it also performs excellently on steep hills. The siped tread blocks prevent the turf from damage caused by the tire.

The OTR GrassMaster isn’t very functional in deep mud like most all-terrain tires, but it’s entirely valid for residential areas.

The durability of the GrassMaster is good. It has excellent tread life and rugged construction.

7. Kenda K514

kenda k514

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  • Exceptional traction on hills
  • Works tremendously well in mud
  • Very long tread life
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Excellent resistance to cut, chips, and punctures


  • Damages the turf

For commercial usage, The Kenda K514 is a heavy-duty zero-turn tire. The thick lugs give the driver traction on every surface, even bottomless mud. This model also offers excellent performance on very steep hills.

The K514 has a rim guard and internal solid construction, providing you with years of carefree mowing. The K514 has the most extended tread life among the listed tires.

The K514 isn’t very gentle on the turf, which confines its usability in residential areas.

8. Carlisle Super Lug Lawn & Garden

carlisle super lug lawn & garden

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  • Excellent traction on every surface
  • Excellent performance in mud
  • Very strong and reliable


  • Not very gentle to the turf

The Carlisle has very deep tread lugs, whereas the pattern of this tire is angled and directional.

The Carlisle offers outstanding traction on every surface, especially in shallow and deep mud. Also, this tire won’t lose traction on steep inclines.

The “Super Lug” is robust and durable as most Carlisle products. That said, the tread pattern is unreliable as it can damage the turf easily, significantly, when the rider isn’t cautious.

9. Kenda K401X – Best Tires for Zero Turn Mower (Front Axle)

kenda k401x

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  • Outstandingly gentle to the turf
  • Good lateral stability on hills
  • Very strong and durable


  • No traction on slippery surfaces

For the front wheels on any zero-turn mower, the Kenda K401X is an outstanding alternative. The tire is very responsive and provides excellent performance in tight spaces. The circumferential grooves give exceptional sidehill traction.

The Kenda K401X has an incredibly long tread life, provided that you won’t use it on the driven wheel. And, to be honest, you shouldn’t – this tire won’t give you reliable traction on hills.

10. Carlisle Straight Rib Lawn & Garden Tire

carlisle straight rib lawn& garden

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  • Excellent lateral grip
  • Perfect tread life
  • It doesn’t damage the turf


  • It doesn’t give traction on slippery surfaces or hills

For the front wheels, Carlisle’s ribbed tire is another excellent alternative. It is a perfect option for budget-oriented people. Although it is low-priced, it is very tough and durable. Also, the Carlisle is very responsive and manageable to turn in tight spaces.

The circumferential groove facilitates sidehill stability. Also, the tire is gentle to the grass.

We recommend not to put these tires on the rear wheels as they lack traction on slippery surfaces and hills.

Considerations to make while buying zero-turn tires

Pairing your zero-turn mower with the right set of tires is essential. People make the mistake of picking any tire only to realize later that the right pair could make mowing much more accessible. A little miscalculation can ruin the look of your prim garden. Therefore, we have created a buying guide to assist you in making the best decision.

Some tires may be able to speed up the mowing job compared to others. But the wrong set of tires can harm your turf too.

Here are the factors you need to remember while making the final purchase for zero-turn tires.

Size of the Tires

When choosing a zero-turn tire for your mower, it is essential to measure the rim diameter and the width of the tire. The other method is to measure the diameter of the tire, then its width, and thirdly, the width of the rim. That way, your work becomes much more straightforward.

Also, you will have to buy different front and rear tires. While the front tires should be smaller, the rear ones should be strong enough to carry the weight of your zero-turn mower. We have explained the two in detail below. When you buy tires of the wrong size, they risk rubbing against the body or not being able to position the wheel properly.

Zero-Turn Mower Rear Tires

The drive tires of the zero-turn mower bear most of the vehicle’s weight. For this, you need tires that can transmit the mower’s power to the surface without causing any damage to the turf. This is a very crucial factor when it comes to zero zero-turns.

The traction needs to be so that it doesn’t ruin your garden or lawns. Also, the tire must be able to distribute the weight of the zero-turn mowers over a broad area.

Zero-Turn Mower Front Tires

Now that you know the rear tires you need for your zero-turn mower, let’s move to the front tires. Smooth front tires can prove to be the best choice for zero-turn mowers. These create minimal friction between the surface and the mower, thus allowing for sharper turns.

The front tires for zero-turn mowers also come with no tread. This way, the tires won’t dig into the ground. You can also go for tires with minor ribs or grooves that help mowers maintain straight paths. However, these tires may damage the grass.

Tread Design

The tread design of zero-turn tires can ruin or enhance your lawn’s look. You can choose between an aggressive tread pattern with deeper grooves and a less aggressive tread with more minor grooves. Tires with big biters and large tread depth pair well with zero turn mowers. You can also opt for models that have a curved design.

Another thing you need to note is the construction of the tire. The tread design will determine what kind of work your tire can handle. While some zero-turn tires are specifically designed for lighter-duty work, others are designed for heavy-duty work. You can opt for flat or round tires, which we have explained below.

The other options include ribbed tires with few circumferential grooves and slightly better sideway grip, turf-saver tread design, all-terrain knobby tires, and tires with large lugs. Each tread design has its ups and downs. To evaluate this factor well before buying a zero-turn tire.

Flat Tires vs. Round Tires

Flat tires, as the name suggests, are designed for flat surfaces. They provide ample traction on flat surfaces owing to their large contact patch. However, tires with flat treads don’t work well on softer surfaces such as mud or snow due to their flat tread.

On the other hand, round tires have much less traction on flat surfaces. This is why they work comparatively better on soft surfaces, thanks to the minor contact patch.

Final Words

As seen from the above list, we have listed the best Zero turn tires for hills in the market. Kenda K505 Turf Tire is an all-terrain tire that is also one of the best zero-turn tires. And it can work for most people.

That doesn’t imply that the single tire type will work best for everyone. We want to convey that even if some tires are at the top of the list, it doesn’t imply that they will work better for you.

That’s why selecting tires that suit all conditions you encounter is always advisable. And by all conditions, we imply choosing the proper size, the appropriate “ply” rating, and a suitable tread pattern. That way, you’ll assure that the tires perform best for you.

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