Top 10 Best Trailer Tires for Heavy Loads In 2022: Reviewed

Trailer tires must be able to carry a significant amount of weight. There are several options on the market, from those that provide excellent stability and ride comfort to those that work in all types of weather. Consider where your trailer will go and your particular demands while selecting yours. Remember the best trailer tires for heavy loads must be capable to fulfil all the demands of your trailer.

We’re primarily talking about tires here, but we’ve also seen a lot of instances where large collisions have resulted from worn-out trailer tires as well as the wrong tires being used for the task. And, most importantly, we’re talking about how much weight the trailer’s tires can bear. Trailer owners frequently buy tires that don’t have a high enough load rating for their trailers. Sure, the wheels you get may be suitable for the vehicle itself, but what about all the additional weight you put inside?

When it comes to trailer tires, the most important consideration is to get a set that can comfortably carry the entire weight of your trailer. If the tire’s capacity isn’t adequate, you’re putting yourself in danger on the road. When your trailer is overloaded, its tires won’t be able to provide sufficient stability on the road, especially at higher speeds on the highway. Furthermore, when overloaded, tires will quickly wear down and perhaps explode. Can you imagine if such a thing occurred while you were driving with your family?

We recommend going for heavy-duty trailer tires if you want a completely safe and stable drive with a trailer attached. These tires have larger load capacities, which means they can easily handle the weight of the trailer as well as any goods that may be carried within.

Furthermore, because heavy-duty trailer tires are more durable in the long run, they are also more cost-effective. That’s especially true if you leave your trailer parked for lengthy periods of time – regardless of load rating, tires with low load ratings will rapidly distort.

The problem with these tires is that there isn’t much information about them. Finding everything you need for passenger-car and truck tires is simple, but there isn’t a lot of information regarding trailer tires. Furthermore, trailer-tire brands are not as well known as passenger tire manufacturers such as Michelin and Bridgestone.

We can help you choose the right trailer tires. In this article, we listed ten good options that you can buy online. The tires are strong and can handle the weight of the trailer.

If you don’t understand heavy-duty trailer tires that well, we have a detailed guide on how to buy these types of tires. The guide has information like load ratings, internal construction, and advice on how to take care of your tires.

With this in mind, here is our selection of the finest trailer tires for heavy loads currently available.

Best Trailer Tires for Heavy Loads Compared

1. BF Goodrich 17 Inch Radial Trailer Tire with Smartguard

BF Goodrich Trailer Tires are one of the most popular options on the market. They have great traction, large load capacities, and also come in a variety of different sizes. The BF Goodrich 17 Inch Radial Trailer Tire with Smartguard has received many positive consumer reviews for being both durable and providing excellent performance at all times.

The tire has an integrated steel protection belt that protects against punctures. Smartguard is known to be extremely strong, which is why it’s capable of resisting damages from nails and other debris commonly found on roads every day. Furthermore, the sidewall offers extra protection by being resistant to external damage as well as potholes or road hazards.

This tire permits a maximum load capacity of 2270 lbs. In fact, it can easily support a weight of up to three times that amount without compromising performance. This is possible due to the unique construction of these trailer tires.

The tire’s speed rating is H and therefore capable of reaching speeds in excess of 75 miles per hour when driving with a fully loaded trailer. Note that this speed may be reduced when the load in your trailer exceeds this amount, however.

Even though these tires provide plenty of comfort on the road, they remain durable. The 17-inch radial ply construction provides strong support for trailers, while its tread design is cut with deep grooves that can channel away water and dirt when driving over wet surfaces. As a result, the tire remains stable, which means you can focus on safely reaching your destination.

Overall, the BF Goodrich 17 Inch Radial Trailer Tire with Smartguard is a high-quality tire made from strong materials. It’s not expensive and provides excellent performance when properly inflated.

2. Michelin 16 Inch Trailer Tire

Michelin offers a great tire for trailers up to 3300 pounds. The most notable feature is its sidewall protectors which are designed to keep your tires looking new even after miles of salty roads have had their way with them. It is built with dual steel belts so it can handle even the most brutal loads without ever breaking down on you.

When you are looking for one of the best Trailer tires for heavy loads, MICHELIN Defender LTX is at the top of the list. This tire comes with a sturdy build that is perfect for carrying heavy loads.

It Offers excellent handling even in inclement weather conditions. Load Range C helps to carry heavy loads up to 2,300 pounds per axle. But with a disadvantage is that it does not perform well on snowy or wet roads.

3. Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer

The Carlisle Trailer tire has an all rubber construction that easily adapts to various environments including snow-covered roads or beaches during off-roading adventures. Its supple sidewalls provide extra cushioning, adding to its overall stability and improving ride comfort. The sidewall protectors are easily replaceable and maintenance-free, ensuring a long life span.

The Carlisle Radial tire has an all-season tread pattern that provides traction in mud, snow, and ice. It is studdable so you can install optional metal lugs for additional traction if desired. It features steel belts below the surface of the tire to provide extended durability even when carrying heavy loads or when towing trailers through harsh conditions.

This Trailer Radial also comes with two full-width steel belts at the center of the tire allowing it to handle higher load capacities than conventional tires. This tire offers high lateral stability which means that your trailer will not sway while driving at highway speeds where crosswinds are present. The Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer can handle a load capacity of 3340 pounds per axle and is 23.5 inches in diameter.

4. Bridgestone 16 Trailer Tire

Read Bridgestone Trailer tire reviews to find out why this tire is considered one of the best Trailer tires on the market today. This Trailer Radial features a low heat buildup design for improved tread life and even tread wear. It also has a wide footprint and deep shoulder grooves that provide additional traction and help to prevent hydroplaning so you can drive safely throughout all types of weather conditions including rain, sleet, or snow.

This Trailer Radial delivers excellent performance on the road as well as off-road over gravel, dirt roads, and rocks. You can expect high-speed stability with studdable Trailer tires regardless of the road surface.

The Trailer Radial is equipped with steel belts for added strength while also delivering extended durability even when towing heavy trailers over challenging roads or during inclement weather conditions. Its load capacity is 3680 pounds per axle and it is designed to work on cars, SUVs, minivans, and light trucks.

5. Trailer King ST Radial II

This Trailer Radial has a robust design that can carry hefty loads up to 1250 pounds. It’s designed to keep good traction at high speeds and give a good grip in wet or snowy road conditions while transporting heavy loads. The Trailer King ST Trailer Tire comprises steel belts that provide strength while also extending its life span regardless of how many miles you drive it.

ST-Series Trailer Radials are very popular in Europe for their excellent all-around performance, especially with lower speeds (4 km/h). They may be studded for extra traction on gravel, snow, or ice-covered roads. If you want additional traction on dirt or pavement, consider studdable Trailer tires with optional metal lugs. If you’re going to transport greater weights, pick Trailer tires with a higher load capacity. The diameter of the ST-Series Trailer Radial is 20 inches, and it has a 6-ply rating. Its maximum weight per axle is 1250 pounds.

6. Pirelli LT Trailer Tire

The Pirelli Trailer tire has good vehicle control on dry roads, even when completely loaded down. It’s ideal for traveling at high speeds without fear of slipping or hydroplaning. The all-season tread compound of the Pirelli Trailer Tire works well in wet weather conditions with large circumferential grooves that assist to drain water away so the tire maintains traction on wet surfaces. This Trailer tire also has wide lateral grooves to give better handling and grip on dry roads and in light snow or rain.

Pirelli Trailer Tires are rated at 120 psi, which means they can carry loads beyond the stated maximum capacity in order to provide more carrying capacity. The wide footprint of this Trailer Radial provides greater cornering stability, steering response, and braking efficiency on the road. Steel belts for added strength and a longer life even while transporting heavy freight over potholes and bumps on unpaved surfaces, as well as gravel and dirt roads.

The Pirelli Trailer Radial can hold up to 3340 pounds per axle. It also has a 2-year limited warranty against defects in workmanship and materials as well as road damages like cuts, punctures, and impact breaks.

7. Trelleborg Trailer Radial

The Trelleborg Trailer Radial is a high-tech tire with better performance in wet situations than most Trailer tires. It has deep circumferential grooves that displace water for increased traction while driving on wet roads and wide lateral grooves that aid traction and stability while driving on dry surfaces.

The all-season tread compound on the trailer tire offers superior grip on both dry and wet surfaces, so you can drive without fear of losing control even when fully loaded down or driving at high speeds during inclement weather conditions.

Trelleborg Trailer Radials are designed to carry a load of up to 1700 pounds per axle and include steel belts. It has a diameter of 20 inches, is rated at 10 ply, and can support a maximum load of 3450 pounds per axle. This Trailer Tire comes with a limited guarantee for workmanship and materials flaws as well as road damage such as cuts, punctures, or impact breaks incurred during the use of the tire.

8. Michelin Trailer Radial Tire

The Michelin Trailer Radial Trailer Tire has an asymmetric tread design to enhance traction in wet weather conditions while adhering to strict safety standards set by the U.S Department of Transportation (DOT). The Trailer tire’s broad lateral grooves improve stability on dry roads and improve steering response, while the deep circumferential grooves in the Trailer tire provide excellent water displacement and superior wet grip.

Michelin Trailer Radial can hold up to 3150 pounds per axle. It comes with a limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, as well as damages from road conditions like cuts, punctures, and being hit by things. The tire is 20 inches in diameter and has a 10-ply rating, which means it can hold up to 3000 pounds per axle.

9. Westlake ST Tire

westlake st

It is one of the Trailer tires that are best on heavy loads. The first thing one notices about this tire is its pretty nice looking design with stylish black diamond-shaped cuts all around. This gives it a very strong look and also allows more air to flow through the tire for a better grip on roads.

It has got some deep treads so you can be sure that your vehicle stands high on the ground even when you drive over rocks or some other obstacles in some forest area where you might need to go off-road. It would not be able to scare easily like most other cheap trailer tires which end up giving their owners nightmares later, but this Trailer Tires With Deep Treads has got you covered.

Westlake Trailer Tires with Deep Tread not only look tough but also feel tough. It is flexible and does not break easily like cheap Trailer tires. The rubber of this Trailer tire gets less hard under the heat produced while driving, so it grips more firmly on roads even when it is hot outside. This Trailer tire is good for cars that are light weighted and need more grip on roads, which is why one can be sure that after changing to Westlake Trailer tires the car would no more run out of control at high speeds or skid off-road.

For heavily loaded vehicles, Trailer Tires for Heavy Loads will give your vehicle better stability and control over them Westlake ST Tire gives you Longer mileage with its best Trailer Tires for Heavy Loads. Trailer tire is slightly more expensive than other Trailer tires but it gives your vehicle better grip on roads and would not break or become hard under the heat so you can be sure that it stays flexible even at high speeds.

Trailer Tires With Deep Tread also has a thicker rubber layer which means that Trailer Tires for Heavy Loads would not wear out easily. Trailer tire is very good Trailer tires that give you longer mileage. Trailer Tire has got deeper treads which means it has got a better grip on roads and does not skid off-road like Trailer tires with slightly shallow treads or trailer tires with no deep treads at all.

10. Taskmaster Premium Trailer Contender

Taskmaster premium

The Taskmaster Trailer Contender is a low-cost tire with excellent traction. The multi-angled tread pattern provides the tire extra traction in most weather conditions, whether dry or wet. These are particularly useful for towing heavy loads over difficult terrain at high speeds. The tires are well suited to people who travel long distances or commute daily since they run smoothly and quietly.

The Trailer Contender tire has a reinforced bead that locks onto the wheel, making it more difficult to flat. A thicker protective layer is added to the sidewall as well. This protects you from objects such As this prevents damage caused by rocks and debris when you’re moving them about.

Trailer Tires are available in three distinct tire sizes to meet your exact demands: 28 x 6-10, 26 x 9-12, and 24 x 8-12. These Trailer Contender Trailer Tires can handle all types of terrain accurately and safely, whether you’re transporting heavy equipment across the country or moving big things at low speeds.


This is all about the best trailer tires for heavy loads. Hope this article would help you choose your next one! Thanks for reading! Please bookmark us Ctrl+D.

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