Continental Crosscontact LX25 Tire

Continental Crosscontact LX25 Tire Review

Continental Crosscontact LX25 is the new delivery is from the Continental Crosscontact which is the LX25. The continental crosscontact LX25 is an entire season tire worked on wet, dry, and snow-covered surface with its cost going from $139 to $248. Intended for hybrids or little SUV while giving great taking care of good foothold on wet and dry surfaces.

 Continental Crosscontact LX25 Tire

Continental Crosscontact LX25 Tire Review

Continental Crosscontact LX25 Tire performances in different areas or situations:
• In dry, its performance is almost 95%
• In wet, its performance is almost 95%
• In snow, its performance is almost 85%
• In comfort, its performance is almost 95%
• In noise, it’s almost 95%
• In tread wear, its performance is almost 95%
So, the overall performance of this tire is 93%.

For what type of person’s or drivers Continental Crosscontact LX25 tire is the first choice

Continental crosscontact LX25 is intended for drivers of hybrid and small SUV that needs a comfortable ride for the entire season.


Continental crosscontact tire is an entire season tire that provides a comfortable and safe ride and provides a great grip on wet and dry surfaces. Due to its great grip, this tire becomes one of the options for its buyers.

The innovation of Continental Crosscontact LX25

Solace ride invention which puts an ingestion layer under the track for great controlling response and smooth ride.
Circumferential sections for simple entry of water to employ hydroplaning when driving.
Continentals cross contact Ecoplus invention is shaped into symmetric track design.
Its persistent circumferential ribs assist with outcry decline when driving.
Its foothold groove is worked to trap snow in its gnawing teeth for better snow to snow footing.
Ecoplus invention path provides better track life.
Polyester string body present in its inner development to help two uncompromising steel belts.
Spirally twisted polyamide fortifications for solidness and better dealing with especially when driving on rapid.

Guarantee of Continental Crosscontact LX25

The continental crosscontact LX25 is provided with 6 years or 70,000 miles.
Additionally, 6 years or 65,000 miles for the v speed assessed.
It provides a warranty for the main year or introductory 2/32 inch of wear at that crossroads modified until the last 2/32 depth.
Road-related problems(like accidents) warranty for the main year or introductory 2/32 inch, despite the truth that there are terms and limitations assigned so you should check with mainland first.
This tire endows 60 days introductory from continental and 3 years street side help.

About the new Continental Crosscontact LX25

Continental Crosscontact LX25 is the new continental LX which is the replacement for the earlier continental Crosscontact LX20 which is also a good tire and also provides a good grip in wet and dry pathways. Both of them called the all-season tire. The LX20 is operated for trucks, SUVs, and hybrid with a hilter kilter track plan. Furthermore, the two of them share the Ecoplus invention for all goals and purposes, for the LX25 there is improved wet slowing down compared with the LX20.
Fundamentally the Crosscontact LX25 is an improved adaptation of the LX20 which is available since 2011 and has a good sign.
This tire provides an extent of consolation, very good grip, comfort, and eco-friendliness.

Tire size

215/70R16 100T

215/70R16 100H

235/70R16 106T

225/55R17 97H,

225/65R17 102T,

225/65R17 102H

235/55R17 99H,

235/60R17 102H

235/65R17 108H,

245/65R17 107T

215/55R18 95H,

225/55R18 98H,


235/50R18 97H,

235/55R18 100T,

235/55R18 100H,

235/60R18 103H,

235/60R18 107V,

235/65R18 106T,

235/65R18 106H,

245/60R18 105T,

245/60R18 105H,

255/55R18 109H,

255/65R18 111T,

265/60R18 110H

225/55R19 99V

235/50R19 99H,

235/55R19 101H,

235/55R19 105V,

245/55R19 103H,

255/50R19 107H,

255/60R19 109H,

275/55R19 111H20

235/55R20 102H,

235/55R20 102V,

245/50R20 102H,

265/45R20 108H,

265/50R20 107T,

275/45R20 110V

275/50R20 109H22,

285/45R22 114H

Conclusion of Crosscontact LX25

We are confident you acknowledge our cross-contact LX25 statement acclimating, this tire is an improved form of its archetype which is the LX20.
Thus, the improved form wouldn’t communicate less, you can evaluate the 60-day consumer loyalty to get a feeling about its powers and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy Continental Crosscontact LX25?

You can buy the Continental Crosscontact LX25 from any of the following providers for quick and breezy service. We recommend you to buy the Continental Crosscontact LX25 from Amazon, for the best deals.

What is the warranty that is provided with Continental Crosscontact LX25?

The manufacturer provides a warranty of six years or 70,000-mile tread warranty (whichever is earlier). You can check the precise details on their official website.

What is the speed rating for Continental Crosscontact LX25?

The Continental Crosscontact LX25 is rated H/T and V, which translates for a rated speed of 118-149 miles per hour depending on the specific model you choose.

What type of tire is Continental Crosscontact LX25?

The Continental Crosscontact LX25 is an All-season tire, which performs really well on dry, wet roads, and snow roads.

How much noise does the Continental Crosscontact LX25 make?

The Continental Crosscontact LX25 handles noise amazingly and is surprisingly quiet, provides a comfortable driving experience.

Does Continental Crosscontact LX25 justify its price?

In our opinion, the Continental Crosscontact LX25 has sufficiently great reviews, and there would be no reason to move away from choosing the Continental Crosscontact LX25.


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