Cooper  Discover A/T3 Tire

Cooper Discover A/T3 Tire Review 2022

Cooper Discover A/T3 tire is a modern technology that is suited for aggressive all-terrain paths. Whether its the well-built road or the rough paths that need extra care and safety. This technology has various features that make s it different from the existing competition in the market. It has a five-rib design that provides the ultimate all-terrain performance, confident handling, stability, and comfortability. This tire has a Silica-based tread compound which is formulated with a mixture of chemically coupled silica and carbon black mixture. This combination is perfect for a smooth ride on the highways as well as on the rocky and gravel terrains.

Cooper  Discover A/T3 Tire - Review

Although this product is on the newer side but due to its amazing capacity and features, it is one of the best tire selling in the market. A/T3 tire delivers the best out of best performance whether it is mud, sand, gravel, rocks, or grass. This piece of art right here has it all that your car or SUV needs. There are some problems with the tires in snow as per some reviews of the user but it’s not as they always say. This tire is also pretty well off in that area too.

Overall, Cooper Discover A/T3 tires are an absolute must-have tire for your car if you need a car that offers everything in one. These tires provide every type of comfort, a perfect grip, and stability, it has enough mobility to cross over all the terrains and is balanced just right to be the top sellers of tires.

Cooper  Discover A/T3 Tire TIRE DESIGN


Sawtooth technology traps the snow in the tread to provide superior snow on snow traction. In layman’s term, the tire’s tread traps the snow in between the provided gap. By entrapping such snow in the treads it provides a sturdy base and thus the tires work well enough in the snow too.


Each channel of the tire is uniquely built with deep center grooves to improve the resistance and hydroplaning. As each channel has its own uniqueness, these deep built-in tires help in the channeling of all the substances that come in the way such as mud, snow, gravel or rocks. Providing the ultimate protection against all the odds.


As discussed above it has a five-rib all-terrain pattern that provides a smooth transition of mobility on the well-built paths as well as off-roads efficiently. It also has an additional feature of improved wet and dry traction.


The zigzag spies create a counter for repelling all the stones and gravels and maintain the sweet and dry surface for the proper functioning of the tires. While the small/micro gauges provide an increase in control and stability.


The price range of Cooper Discover A/T3 tires starts from $114 and up. You can choose from a wide range of options. Consider your personal factors and then make a decision to buy the tires that are just made for you in the perfect manner that you want.

Cooper tires provide a 55,000-mile tread life warranty on the Discoverer A/T3. There is also a 2/32 inch tire uniformity guarantee as well. In this particular condition, 5 years are covered for the materials and craftsmanship, including a replacement of the 2/32  inch tire.


Cooper tires always show their excellence in their said tasks. Now after all the information that is provided above. Making the right decision is on you. As there is a wide range of tires, you can choose any of its products that is up to the mark with your satisfaction.

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