Copper Evolution Tour Tire Review 2021

One of the extensively popular tires in the Copper lineup is the Copper evolution tour.

The copper evolution tour is an all-season tire for all types of drivers of coupes, sedans, minivans, and all the other related vehicles. This new model is launched in mid – 2018 and joins the Evolution HT and Evolution Winter tires.

Cooper Evolution Tour Tire

Copper evolution tour

The copper evolution tour is a premium tire in terms of price while it also provides all the features of a premium tire like excellent comfort and quietness. But this is not for those who need performance, this tire is for those who need comfort and quietness that’s why this tire score badly in some the tests like grip in snow and wet surface.

Features of the copper evolution tour

This tire is an all-season tire as mentioned on the website of copper’s as this tire provides you excellent comfort and a smooth ride. This tire also provides a fuel-efficient design that improves the fuel economy of any vehicle.

Like all the other tires of its range, this tire also provides the feature of Stabiledge Performance technology that enhances the cornering performance and the stability on dry roads. Technology like this is only used in the premium sector of the tires as it provides high performance.

The copper evolution your all provides a modern touring tread compound that only focuses on wear and long tread life while giving a smooth and quiet ride.

The interior building of this tire is standard for a touring tire. Inside this tire, there is a high turn-up single-ply polyester casing with two steel belts that provides extra support. This tire consist of spirally wound nylon which additionally helps with handling and stability.

Sizes of Copper Evolution Tour

Tire SizeService DescriptionUTQGLoad RangeSidewallApproved Rim WidthMeasured Rim WidthSection WidthOverall DiameterTire WeightMax LoadTread Depth (1/32″)
185/70R1488T600 A BSTDBLK4.5 – 65.57.424.211712359.5
195/70R1491T600 A BSTDBLK5 – 6.567.824.761813569.5
175/65R1482T600 A BSTDBLK5 – 65722.991610479.5
185/65R1486T600 A BSTDBLK5 –
185/65R1486H580 A ASTDBLK5 –
185/60R1482H580 A ASTDBLK5 –
205/70R1596T600 A BSTDBLK5 – 768.126.182015659.5
215/70R1598T600 A BSTDBLK5.5 – 76.58.626.892116539.5
175/65R1584H580 A ASTDBLK5 – 65723.981711029.5
185/65R1588H580 A ASTDBLK5 –
185/65R1588T600 A BSTDBLK5 –
195/65R1591T600 A BSTDBLK5.5 – 767.9251913569.5
195/65R1591H580 A ASTDBLK5.5 – 767.9251913569.5
205/65R1594H580 A ASTDBLK5.5 – 7.568.225.472014779.5
205/65R1594T600 A BSTDBLK5.5 – 7.568.225.472114779.5
215/65R1596T600 A BSTDBLK6 –
185/60R1584T600 A BSTDBLK5 –
195/60R1588T600 A BSTDBLK5.5 – 767.924.211812359.5
195/60R1588H580 A ASTDBLK5.5 – 767.924.211812359.5
215/70R16100T600 A BSTDBLK5.5 – 76.58.527.722417649.5
205/65R1695H580 A ASTDBLK5.5 – 7.568.226.462015219.5
215/65R1698T600 A BSTDBLK6 –
225/65R16100T600 A BSTDBLK6 – 86.5927.482417649.5
235/65R16103T600 A BSTDBLK6.5 – 8.579.428.032519299.5
205/60R1692T600 A BSTDBLK5.5 – 7.568.225.672113899.5
205/60R1692H580 A ASTDBLK5.5 – 7.568.225.672013899.5
215/60R1695H580 A ASTDBLK6 –
215/60R1695T600 A BSTDBLK6 –
225/60R1698T600 A BSTDBLK6 – 86.58.826.382116539.5
225/60R1698H580 A ASTDBLK6 – 86.5926.612216539.5
185/55R1683H580 A ASTDBLK5 – 6.567.624.021810749.5
205/55R1691H580 A ASTDBLK5.5 –
205/55R1691T600 A BSTDBLK5.5 –
215/55R1697H580 A AXLBLK6 – 7.578.925.282116099.5
225/55R1695H580 A ASTDBLK6 – 879.225.752315219.5
215/65R1799T600 A BSTDBLK6 –
225/65R17102T600 A BSTDBLK6 – 86.5928.52418749.5
235/65R17104T600 A BSTDBLK6.5 – 8.579.429.062619849.5
245/65R17107T600 A BSTDBLK7 – 8.579.629.532821499.5
215/60R1796T600 A BSTDBLK6 –
225/60R1799T600 A BSTDBLK6 – 86.5927.642417099.5
235/60R17102T600 A BSTDBLK6.5 – 8.57928.52618749.5
215/55R1794T600 A BSTDBLK6 – 7.578.726.342214779.5
215/55R1794V580 A ASTDBLK6 – 7.578.926.32214779.5
225/55R1797H580 A ASTDBLK6 – 879.226.772416099.5
235/55R1799T600 A BSTDBLK6.5 – 8.57.5927.172717099.5
225/50R1794T600 A BSTDBLK6 – 879.225.912214779.5
225/50R1794V580 A ASTDBLK6 – 879.225.912214779.5
225/60R18100H580 A ASTDBLK6 – 86.5928.622717649.5
225/55R1898H580 A ASTDBLK6 – 879.127.762616539.5
235/55R18100V580 A ASTDBLK6.5 –
225/50R1895T600 A BSTDBLK6 – 879.226.892515219.5


The copper evolution tour provides a 65000 and 60000 miles treadwear warranty for the T speed and V speed-rated model simultaneously.

Compatible Cars With Copper Evolution Your Tires

Honda Fit and Nissan Versa, Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Chevrolet Malibu, Chevrolet Trax, and Honda H-RV.

Pros and Cons of Copper evolution tour


  • Quiet and comfortable
  • Excellent handling
  • Fuel efficient
  • Fair price


  • Bad wet and snow handling
  • The tire is slow going respond to steering

Conclusion of Copper Evolution Tour

The copper evolution tour is comfortable and quiet and also offers very good performance on dry roads but provides bad handling on snow and wet roads or paths. So, you can go for this tire if you want a quiet and comfortable ride.

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