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How To Properly Use a Rubbing Compound: Guide 2023

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Car scratches can be saddening once we’ve put such much effort into making our car look nice. Even a minor scratch on our car could ruin its overall appearance and cause us to be disappointed. If our car is our baby, we’d wish to ensure it is taken care of. And Rubbing Compound is the way.rubbing compound

It could cost quite a bit if we take it to a car body shop to use a replacement coat of paint or a minimal touch-up.
For many drivers, our car is one of the most precious items, if not the most important.

Car scratches, without a doubt, are hurtful and uneasy that causing us to rush to the car to repaint. It’s ok if we’re rich, but we have a much better and cheaper solution: rubbing compound.

Rubbing compound is a product used to restore the looks of the automobile’s paintwork. This will cover from a little scratch to mild abrasions and renew the dull look of car paint. In other words, it’s the same function as fine sandpaper within the type of paste or thick liquid.

When we see a scratch in our paint, we’ll first need to evaluate the type of scratch it’s if the scratch is light, we ought not to be able to feel it grab as we progress our fingernail over the scratch. We can use rubbing compounds.

A deeper scratch will grab our fingernails as we progress over the scratch. This usually means some sanding could even be required.

How To Do It?

Choose the proper Tool.

To possess the only result, it’s recommended to use an orbital polisher. It’s a valuable and professional tool that makes the application progress much smoother. A dry, clean microfiber towel can also do the work to spread the car-rubbing compound effectively.

  • We will use a wool pad to repair an orbital polisher.
  • To perform a secure, we’ll choose ultrafine dry or wet sandpaper, which can be found in any auto spare shop.
  • Buffing machine or orbital polisher: this is often non-compulsory. We’ll use it to support the scratches’ removal becomes easier.
  • Shoe polish: black or white
  • Soap water to urge obviate dirt completely.
  • A dry towel uses for applying the compound and wax to scrub off the surface when rubbing the compound and wiping off wax.
  • Car wax to supply a final ending.

Repair Paint Scratches

We need to make the scratch look clean. It’s impossible to remove the scratch altogether, but sanding down the paint around will make it hard to notice.

Clean the Car

We must wash our cars, and if not done, we will travel with dirt on the surface since it’d ruin the repainting process and end during an unclean, worthless effort. Our car is sweet and glossy, especially around the scratch, because we might wish to focus there.

Washing soap or conditioner is the foremost used standard mixture when washing the car since they do not damage the paint.
Rinse the car with a hose to scrub all the bubbles and soap. A trick is to park the vehicle in a sunny spot to help it dry much faster.

How To Properly Use a Rubbing Compound

Applying the Rubbing Compound

At first, we must put the compound over our fiber towel to cover the flat area with a thin amount of compound.
Apply the rubbing compound using firm pressure as we rub during a circular motion over the flat sanded area with a microfiber towel.
Apply more rubbing compound until the planet isn’t any duller.
We must use a separate wool pad when spreading the rubbing compound, and another will be used for waxing the car surface.

Polishing, Painting, and Waxing

Polishing: After cleaning off any rubbing compound, we’ll polish the surface with another wool pad. This is not necessary but may help the overall shin.
Painting: If we have a scratch that goes right down to the metal, it’s easiest to use a slightly up kit or putty and paint. A chip or scratch won’t answer the rubbing compound if it goes down to the paint or metal.
Wax: It is essential to guard the world. If we sanded, employing a paste wax works best. We applied to rub compound too.

Final Words

The above steps will assist we remove scratches if we’ve followed the steps correctly. We’ll remove light scratches easily and deeper scratches in a short time and with patience.
As we learn, our experience will grow, and we will master the art of scratch removal. If we follow the steps above, we’ll look confidently at work we almost certainly did by ourselves and luxuriated during a beautiful paint finish.
We will see them slightly in the worst situations when looking so close.

Nonetheless, it’s just a learning experience; we’ll master the technique as we learn to use a rubbing compound.


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