how to remove plasti dip from rims

How to Remove Plasti Dip from Rims: Step-by-Step Guide 2023

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Before we start, let us answer the most basic question. Why did the need to remove plasti dip from rims arise?

Several avid car fans are becoming more creative toward making some unique designs or changes in their vehicle. One of the major things done by car geeks is using a plastic dip in coloring and designing the rims of their tires. You see, tires don’t generally come with a plasti dip.

However, there have been instances where you want to remove that rubber coating on tires in the rim because you want to regain its natural look and design or change color. If so, I will present it before you and will show you a complete and painless guide on how to do it.

What is a Plasti Dip?

remove plastic dip from rims

Plasti Dip is a new thought of using rubber coating, primarily used in insulating handles of various tools to have a better grip and avoid slippage. It is sprayed or brushed onto any surface and can even be dipped – like the handles, rims, fenders, bumpers, etc. It can even help insulate various tools’ handles to offer a better grip and prevent slippage while traveling. Some users also apply it to give their automobiles and vehicles a new look.

The paint is flexible, which means it does not peel, chip, or become brittle and crack. One of the many benefits includes that it can resist acids, alkalis, weather, UV light, impact, abrasions, etc., and insulates from electrical shock, dead sound, and vibration heat.

Undoubtedly the process of applying this is as easy as spraying in the color of choice we want. Plasti dip is regarded differently from other kinds of paints and sealants because it can get peeled off by hand.

To get the best results, we must apply at most five coats of it at an interval of 15 minutes and also let the object sit for 5 hours after the last coat. This helps the paint develop a solid and intimate bond with the surface. When the paint is applied in this manner, it lasts up to 3 years.

Things that must be avoided before removing plasti dip from rims:

Before proceeding to how to remove plastic dip without making the car look patchy or ugly, we need to know what we need to stay away from. Below are some strategies that can not be ignored while doing this:

  • Use metal-edged blades on the car- While removing plastic dip, do not use a sharp scraper or metal blade on the vehicle, even if you are confident you won’t ever make a mistake.
  • Apply powerful cleaners- Pay special attention when using any harsh chemical or acid, especially as we’ve got a bottle of chemical available at home. It might be the acid that can make it rust.

How to remove plasti dip from rims

1 Use Rust penetrant lubricants  It lubricates and displaces moisture. It smoothes leather and cleans surfaces like tiles, cars, etc. After securing this aerosol, we must remove the wheels from the tires to prevent damage to the brake pad. Next, spray this on the tire and leave it for 7 minutes straight. It should penetrate the dip and start dissolving the adhesive.

2 Use your hands and nails- Peel off the rubber skin with your hands and nails. The coat behaves like how the nails gel polish on the fingers.

3 Use KeroseneThis is a cost-effective and practical option. Kerosene is an organic solvent that dissolves rubber. The chemicals in Plasti Dip are organic. Thus, we know that an organic substance will only dissolve in an organic solvent.

4 Use Adhesive Removers- The chemical composition of the chemical adhesive removers as organic solvents. Removal of the tire from the car to protect the brake system should be done. 

5 Use paint thinner– Take sufficient amounts of paint thinner in a bottle. The bottle would prevent the thinner from evaporating away too quickly. Soak the paper towels in this volatile liquid. And place them on the rim. 

6 Isopropyl Alcohol- Any alcohol is an excellent organic solvent. Isopropyl alcohol is a volatile liquid. Thus, it will work on rubber paint too. You can either make a setup like the paint thinner. Or let out sufficient amounts to soak the paper towel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I remove plasti dip from the rims with WD-4?

When the dip becomes too thin to peel, it must be wiped away with WD-40 or a dip remover. Plasti Dip can also be softened and scraped out with paint thinner. After removing the Plasti Dip, wash and buff your automobile to restore it to its original state.

Will the paint thinner remove Plasti Dip?

Try to remove the Plasti Dip after cleaning it with the paint thinner. Once all of the Plasti Dip has been removed from the car, thoroughly wash the surface with water and soap.

How long does Plasti Dip last?

Plasti Dip, when correctly applied, may last up to three years without needing to be retouched. It is incredibly long-lasting and will not lose its connection. The spray distance and the number of coatings sprayed will significantly influence the product’s lifetime.


Plasti dip can sometimes be brutal to remove from vehicles, especially if it has been there for a very long time. If plasti dip is not appropriately applied at first, it can also be challenging to remove from a vehicle because it will not be easily removed by tearing it off only.

When you first apply the plasti dip to your vehicle, it should be easy to remove by just ripping it off in sheets.

If assistance is required in removing plastic dip from vehicles, chemicals can be used to help you remove it, but you would want to make sure that you re-apply some wax or sealant if any kind of chemicals to remove plastic dip from vehicles are used.

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