How to Make Tires Black Again

How to Make Tires Black Again

How to Make Tires Black Again: It is certainly not a problem to return the tire back black as new because a lot of tire polish is sold in the market ranging from cheap to expensive. When returning the tire to black we can also make our own tire polish, and we will discuss in this article how to make tires polished again.

The reason you should make tires black again

The natural color of rubber is milky white but the black color we see was originally caused by soot. Soot was thought to increase the durability of the tire along with cotton threads, which were inserted in order to reduce heat and increase its stability.

However, the prime factor for black tires on cars today is the chemical compound ‘carbon black’. 

It is a stabilizing chemical and is combined with other polymers. Once it is added to the rubber, carbon black increases the strength and durability of the tires. One way it expands the lifespan of tires is by conducting heat away from parts of the tire that tend to get hot when driving, such as belt areas. Carbon maintains the quality of tires by protecting them from UV light and ozone, which are known to deteriorate tires. When it comes to looks, although black may be considered boring, they are definitely easier to clean. 

They are therefore more preferred than the white wall tires or fully white tires which are sometimes seen to be more luxurious.

There are some novelty cars with colorful tires but they aren’t considered suitable for daily driving. The plain black tires are chosen for a very important reason and that is tire durability and road safety.

The chemicals used to make tires black again

Approximately 45 to 60 percent of a tire is rubber. A tire has four different kinds of rubber: natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, polybutadiene rubber, and butyl rubber. 55 percent of a tire’s rubber is in the sidewall, and companies use natural, styrene-butadiene, and polybutadiene rubbers in these areas. The rubber mixture in a standard car tire is a 45-percent synthetic rubber and 45-percent is natural rubber.

Chemical Fillers

Fillers and additives add chemicals to tires. There is a high percentage of the chemical fillers used and the most common are carbon black silica and resin. Manufacturing companies utilize anti-degradants like paraffin and waxes, as well as adhesion promoters, like, cobalt salts, resin on fabrics in tires. 

The sulfur acts as a curative agent. Oils, peptizes and softeners, Cotton, aramid fiber, rayon, polyester, and fiberglass are common additives.

How to make tires black again

  1. Rinse off dirt on tires – Spray down the surface of all tires. If there are tough dirt spots, move the hose closer to the tire.
  2. Spray the surface of tires with a cleaner – You can make your own using water, a few drops of dish soap, and a spray bottle. Spray it all over the surface of the tires to completely cover with the cleaning mixture.
  3. Use a hard-bristled scrub brush to brush the cleaner into your tires – Press firmly over any dirt or grime patches so they come off. If the bristles of the brush accumulate a lot of dirt, rinse the bru
  4. Wipe tires with a dry microfiber towel – Wipe the towel over the whole surface of tires and pick up lingering dirt and grime
  5. Try to get a water-based dressing that contains a UV protectant in it – Water-based dressings that have UV protectors help prevent sun damage, which can make our tires look less black.
  6. Apply the tire dressing to dry tires – Put a drop or two of the tire dressing on the sponge and rub the sponge over the surface of your tires.
  7. Wiping down the rims of our tire with a microfiber cloth only – The cloth will pick up any of the tire dressing that may have gotten on them.
  8. Let the tire dressing dry for 5-10 minutes. – Driving immediately after you apply a tire dressing could prevent the dressing from sticking to your tires.
  9. Apply tire dressing frequently  – Routinely applying tire dressing will keep your tires looking clean and black.


Many people buy a car without seeking to know or investing in how to keep tires black and shiny always. Black and shiny car tires are necessary for a healthy car. Many people think that the car manufacturer picked a dull color – a black car tire. However, a black car tire plays specific roles. To enjoy your tires, it is best to keep them black and shiny. 

Here we have discussed the many ways we can keep our tires shiny. Even with homemade products like sugar water tire shine and vegetable oil tire shine, tires can be maintained.

“Take care of your tires by learning how to keep the tires shiny, and it will take care of you.”

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