How to Refinish Aluminum Wheels?

How to Refinish Aluminum Wheels? – Aluminum wheels alter the appearance of the ride and they add a set of custom wheels. In reality, these seem to be the first modifications that are done on a vehicle getting customized and changed. The correct pair of wheels can turn an average-looking car into a cool car! Our aluminum wheels are vulnerable and it is a very tedious task to refinish aluminum wheels, but we can do it by ourselves and save our precious money.

A quick tip to see if your wheel is coated or not is to take a clean rag with some metal polish and give a quick rub on the wheel. If it comes out clean, then the wheel is coated and that will need to be removed before polishing but if it turns out black, then the wheel is bare aluminum.

Why do we Need to Refinish Aluminum Wheels?

How to Refinish Aluminum Wheels?

It is due to our climatic and weather conditions as alloys do corrode which eventually leads to air loss. But replacing these alloys can be a costly exercise and refurbishing is always an alternative to replacing and normally a lot cheaper.

When we refurbish your alloys we sand them down and try to sand away all the corrosion BUT there is always the possibility that it has eaten so far into the alloy that eventually it will come back. The longer we leave the corrosion the more likely it is to come back. If we get them refurbished at an early stage there are more chances of the delay to be inevitable.

What materials are required to Refinish the Aluminum Wheels?


How to Refinish Aluminum Wheels at Home?

  • Prep Work 

We prepare the work area by jacking the car on ground level so our tire can rotate. If this enables our lug nuts to protrude then remove all that doesn’t extend beyond the wheel’s surface. Also, try to mask the tires and protect the valve stem from any damage that may be inflicted.

  • Initial Cleaning 

Try to use the wheel and tire cleaner to remove any dust and dirt to build-up on the wheels. We need to make sure to rinse our tires well and let them dry. This step is very crucial as we do not want to sand the grime in the aluminum.

  • The Sanding Process 

Begin here by sanding each of the lug nut holes and between the spokes with coarser sandpaper. This is an important step in starting point because it is easy to scratch the surface and we can smoothen out the scratches next. Now sand the wheels at a lower speed with a sander-polisher and a full range of sandpaper grits. Make sure, to begin with, a higher grit and then lower the grit to smooth out any scratches.

  • Polish 

 Begin the polishing process with polishing cream and polisher. Moisten the polishing pad with water first and then rinse and repeat this process until achieving the desired shine.

  • Wax 

 Once we are done washing and drying the entire aluminum wheel we can begin to wax the surface or degrease it and coat it with crystal-clear paint. The addition of a clear coat of paint adds a layer of protection.

  • Remount Tire 

We must make sure our lug nuts and weights are balanced and the valve stem is in a proper position. Here we are finishing to refinish the aluminum wheel. Next is to leave it in an airy space for at least five hours to make sure the paint is dry absolutely. Lastly, we can remove the tape and paper, and finally, we have new aluminum wheels!

Notices When Refinish the Aluminum Wheels?

When repairing the wheels we must completely strip off the paint. Once wheels are stripped and scratches are sanded out then the wheels are ready to be repainted or sprayed with a clear coat.

The correct method when refinishing the wheel is to remove the tires from the rims available. In case we don’t want to waste money and effort in reinstalling it again we can omit this step. It would help if you chose an open area to refinish the aluminum wheels because there will be so much dust and odors that can hurt you in the small and closed garage.

When applying the paint we must use three layers of color while giving them some time to dry amongst each layer.

We must not keep wheels under the sun because the sunlight can not only dry the paint faster but can also hurt the tires.

Final Words

It is not cheap to have a car. When taking vehicles to the garage any small item can cost dollars in rate. So we must have specific knowledge if we own a car. Because we can always fix and repair things by ourselves. 

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