How to Stretch Tires

How to Stretch Tires

How to Stretch Tires: When we first hear the term stretched tires, the first thought that pops into your mind is why does this happen? Why would you want to stretch a tire? The answer is because of the way they appear. Before reading the rest of the article it has to be clear that tire stretching offers no extra performance benefits.

Stretched tires are essentially fitting narrow tires on wider wheels.

What is the stretching of tires?

How to Stretch Tires

Tire stretching is a vital topic in the automobile sector. Some say stretching tires will make the car difficult to drive while others say that stretching of tires is fine as long as you pay attention to the air pressure of your tires. How do you know which side is right?

Tire stretches are when the wheels that tires are put up on are wider than the tire itself. But, the worst point is that stretching tires makes the car’s performance decrease. The performance of stretching tires is worse than normal ones.

Simply putting it stretched tires are essentially fitting narrow tires on wider wheels and these stretches range from 1 to 3 inches.

When we first hear the term tire stretch we question, why? Why would you want to stretch a tire? The answer is easy, and it’s because of the way they appear.

Are Stretched Tires Safe?

Stretching something in a way that gets wider than it’s meant is quite risky. Safety majorly depends on the amount of stretch. If you drive rough or hit something like this can cause sudden issues like tire deflation.Sunlight reflects off the scratches, therefore, decreasing the visibility and water can collect in the grooves making it impossible for the windshield wipers to remove the water completely from it.

We shouldn’t go overboard with stretching, since it is good for your tires’ durability. Tire stretching can cause irregular tread wear.

The Legality of Tire Stretching

Stretched tires have become quite popular recently. Before you stretch your tires, consider the state you live in and check the legality of doing so.

With that said there may be some difficulties with car insurance, especially if the modification is not informed. The insurance can be refused. Follow the tire catalogs displaying the guidelines from the manufacturers.

Popular Tires for Stretching

The most popular manufacturers are:

  1. Nankang
  2. Falken
  3. TOYO
  4. Dunlop
  5. Bridgestone

Can You Stretch Your Tires?

The quick answer is yes. But we should be aware that tire stretching at home is quite dangerous. A fire extinguisher must always be handy. There are various stages of stretching and different sizing. Try to stick to either stage 0 or stage 1 as these are acceptable “legal” ranges that manufacturers will have noted for wheel and tire sizes.

How to Stretch Tires – Steps to perform a tiring stretch:

  1. Lay the tire and rim flat on the workspace and stick to popular brands’ steel wheels.
  2. Try using a soap and water mixture and apply it to the bead of the tire with a paintbrush as with this less friction.
  3. A tire spoon is good to get the next bead over the rim.
  4. We can use a flammable substance and spray it around the inner part of the tire. 
  5. Connect an air compressor to the tire.
  6. Light the flammable substance.
  7. When the tire is beaded, compress it to the correct PSI only.

A mild stretch on tires should be safe to drive. If the tires are stretched and pressure gets low then it can cause the bead of the tire to slip off the wheel which will deflate the tire. If you think to put stretched tires on the vehicle then you would want to be sure to maintain the tire pressures of all of your tires.

 Is Tire Stretching Illegal?

In general tire stretching, for the most part, is legal in most states. Many of the states have laws mandating a specific tread depth for tires mentioning how the tires are mounted to the wheels. That said, no law bans tire stretching. But, the laws are different from each other. Before stretching we should study the laws in the area and where we often go. 

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This article has mentioned a sensitive technique. No one can deny the aesthetics that this work offers. But, safety methods should be paid attention to. 

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