Kelly Edge A/S

Kelly Edge A/S Tire Review [Updated 2022]

Goodyear tires like Kelly and Douglas are specifically designed to be cheap and not made that of advanced material. Kelly Edge A/S, however, looks quite good. It costs quite less than premium quality tires and falls in the category of a budget-oriented aspect.

A detailed review will however help drivers of vehicles get a better option to choose the tire best for them. How the product performs on wet and dry pavement, how it works in the winter, and how comfortable it is will be discussed in the sections below

Features offered by the Kelly Edge A/S Tire

The Kelly Edge A/S tire features a tread compound pattern that is specifically designed to evacuate water from the surface. As a result, this tire is supposed to perform admirably in rainy conditions. Moreover, the Kelly Edge A/S has biting tread block edges in its compound for increased traction in snowy conditions, which helps in winter driving. Meanwhile, the sturdy-looking tread blocks ensure stable handling even at higher speeds, but also for increased tread life.

Kelly Edge A/S Tire

Kelly Edge A/S


The internal construction of this super amazing Kelly Edge tire consists of dual steel belts and nylon reinforcement to stabilize the tire. This tread design is standard for the category, so the aspect is not at all new.

Overall, there is nothing much that excites me about the Kelly Edge A/S tire. The tire has been designed simply without any advanced technology. In that aspect, it resembles tires from over a decade ago, which, at the end of the day, might not be a very bad thing for a budget-oriented tire.

The tire also comes in multiple sizes, which range from a 14-inch diameter to a 17 inch one. The Kelly Edge A/S tire has been specifically designed for sub-compact cars, compact cars, minivans, and mid-size sedans. This budget-oriented model also comes in T, H, and V speed ratings.


  • Good traction and grip on dry roads
  • Feels stable on the highway
  • Quiet around town and on the highway
  • Excellent treadwear warranty for the price
  • Very cheap to buy


  • Wet traction falls behind premium tires
  • The ride quality isn’t very impressive
  • Snow traction is below average

Maintenance Indicators offered by the Kelly Edge A/S Tire

This model uses tread wear indicators that are industry-standard based on its all-season tires category. These tread wear indicators can show its driver how much tread depth there is left on a particular tire. Therefore, they are very much important for safety since the tread depth connects directly to wet traction. Without sufficient depth, the tires definitely won’t be able to channel water out of their contact patch, which affects hydroplaning resistance.

The Kelly Edge A/S model comes with a very good warranty for such a cheap category tire. Goodyear provides a 55,000-mile treadwear warranty to protect one from premature wear down. Compared to premium tires, that’s not too good for around 15,000-miles but still fine for the price.

Overall, the Kelly Edge A/S tire will definitely wear faster than premium tires of a similar category. Moreover, the rubber compound of the model won’t survive as long. However, this is one aspect that one should expect, given the low price of the model.

Kelly Edge A/S

The Response of Kelly Edge A/S Tire on Dry Surfaces

As far as the first impression of the tire is concerned, one thing is for sure that the Kelly Edge won’t impress you much at first sight. It doesn’t communicate well with the driver. In terms of traction, this tire performs well for the purpose of daily driving. The tire is very safe at regular speeds and is also quite good on the highway, especially on the highway.

Even if you imagine, one can definitely not imagine this tire to be a sporty one but it hides its price on dry roads or surfaces.

The Response of Kelly Edge A/S Tire on Wet and Slippery Surfaces

The Kelly Edge A/S loses its motive on wet roads. It doesn’t perform as badly as some cheap tires of a similar category, but it is still not reliable enough. In the corners, it feels like it lacks traction easily than on more expensive tires. There is also more spin during hard acceleration, and the stopping distances of the tire are also longer.

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