Michelin Pilot Super Sport Review | Are they worth it in 2021?

Michelin is one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, the company designs and makes a variety of tires that covers every kind of vehicle. When it comes to a well-made and top-performance tire for top-performing cars, the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire will always be in talk.

Want to know more about the tire? We have made this Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tire review exclusively for you. Here you will find all the pros and cons of Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tire and every other possible detail. So, just stick to it.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tire Review-Let’s get started

Michelin Pilot SUper Sport

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What is the important thing that you need, to enjoy driving your sports car?… A good set of tires and the Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tire is one of the most popular performance tire options for the owners of premium sports cars. Certainly, high-performing cars require well-made and high-performing tires. And that’s exactly what you get with the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire.

We can simply say that if you want to get the most out of your sports car then the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire is the one to look for. Moreover, it is also slightly cheaper than its successor Pilot Sport 4S.

For the sizes larger than 19-inch wheel diameter this model could cost you around 10-20% less than the Pilot Sport 4S. Well, that is not a big thing as this product was launched over a decade ago. It was specially developed for one of the highest-performing supercars at that time, the Ferrari 599 GTO. However, many high-performance car manufacturers chose to utilize in their highest performing models like BMW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi.

Besides, Michelin Pilot Super Sport also employs a motorsport-derived construction process. To be more specific here we can say that this tire is born from the 24 Hours race of Le Mans. Michelin learned to make high-performing tires that can also provide longer tread life, all thanks to that endurance racing. The ‘Le Mans’ inspired tread compound of the Michelin Pilot Super Sport holds up to the added stresses of high-speed cornering.

We will discuss how the tire performs on different kinds of roads, its comfortability, and all right here and for that you gotta read the complete Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire review. So, just keep reading on. Meanwhile, this tire comes in many popular sizes that can cover most of the popular sports cars and even some performance SUVs.


  • The tire provides excellent feedback from the road, even when pushed to the limit
  • Easily controllable at the limit
  • Exceptional traction for quick acceleration
  • Outstanding cornering grip on dry roads
  • Super-short braking distances on dry surfaces
  • A very responsive and direct steering
  • The 30,000-mile treadwear warranty is pretty amazing for a performance summer tire


  • Harsh ride quality and a lot of vibrations when driving over uneven roads
  • Wet grip is worse than more modern competitors
  • Noisy on most roads

Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tire Features

The French company claims that the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire offers 12% better handling than its competitors. Well, these claims are more justified in the context of a decade ago but not from the modern point of view.

Apart from this, Michelin also states that the Pilot Super Sport has longer tread life and better braking than most of the high-performance tires. And in order to be able of this, it uses the Bi-Compound tread rubber which encompasses a ‘Le Mans’ inspired dry compound on the outer shoulders that hold up to the added stresses of high-speed cornering and a wet compound on the inboard shoulders as well.

Consequently providing the driver an outstanding cornering grip. On the other hand, its center ribs and inboard shoulders use a compound that helps improve traction and hydroplaning resistance on wet roads.

Furthermore, the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire has a spirally-wound Twaron cord. For your knowledge, Twaron is a material that provides superior strength reinforcement without adding too much weight to the tire. That’s the main thing that differentiates this tire from the competition.

With that said, the use of this material lowers the overall weight of the tire by 10%. As a result, you will get better handling and performance. To add more, the Michelin Acoustic Technology is also used in some sizes of the Pilot Super Sport tire. It uses a sound-absorbing foam that is attached to the inner liner of the tire which is responsible to lower the road noise.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport- Maintenance indicators

To help the driver in order to better monitor how much tread is left there on the tire, Michelin utilizes the regular TWI’s (tread wear indicators) in the Pilot Super Sport. In the absence of sufficient tread depth, the tire won’t be able to dispel water. So, we can say that these indicators are crucial for safety purposes.

Here, the minimum tread depth of the X Tour A/S T+H tire is 2/32-inch. And this is the state when the tire can’t work on wet surfaces anymore. Therefore, it is the time you must replace the tire with the new one. Thanks to its TWI that you can easily monitor whether your tire has enough tread left or not.

TWI’s are narrow rubber bars that are built into the circumferential treads of the tire. And are recessed when the tire is new. Seemingly the bars become more visible as the tread wears down. And they will be completely flush with the surface when the tread depth falls to 2/32-inch.

Meanwhile, Michelin provides a 30,000-mile treadwear warranty on the Pilot Super Sport. And it puts the Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tire in a good position in the market as other tire manufacturers don’t provide treadwear warranties on their max-performance tires.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport- Behavior on dry road

Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire is over a decade old although, it still can deliver a lot of thrills behind the steering wheel to the driver. Meanwhile, the tire is pretty responsive, and gripping is surprisingly good as well.

Furthermore, Michelin Pilot Super Sport has some of the best handling and cornering characteristics, and the high-speed stability and braking distances are also simply exceptional.

Overall, we can say that the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire has impressive dry road performance to deliver even when it is pushed to the limit.

How Michelin Pilot Super Sport performs over wet, slippery, and snowy roads?

The Pilot Super Sport was quite competitive when it was a newbie. The tire offers enough traction on moist or wet surfaces and it’s safe in the corners and has short braking distances as well. However, today you may find many other performance tires that perform better in these conditions.

Meanwhile, the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire isn’t particularly designed for freezing conditions, yet you can expect good traction and short braking distances in light snow.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport- What about comfort and off-road driving?

This tire is not designed for any particular kind of driving. And if you are thinking to take this tire for off-road driving then just stop there. Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire doesn’t have enough tread depth for off-road surfaces.

Talking about its comfortability, it is the area where the Pilot Super Sport lags behind new competitors. Especially over rough and uneven surfaces, its ride quality is stiff, and also the road noise is high.

Final words- Should you buy the Michelin Pilot Super Sport?

This was our Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire review. After the whole discussion and analyzing the tire on various aspects we can say that as Pilot Super Sport is over a decade old now, so if you want to have the best max-performance tire from Michelin then its successor Pilot Sport 4s might be a better option.

But still, if you get a good deal on the Pilot Super Sport then go grab it. Because Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire is one of the best in terms of performance. Additionally, its tread life is also very good.

We hope you liked our Michelin Pilot Super Sport tire review. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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