Michelin X Tour A/S T+H Tire

Michelin X Tour A/S T+H Tire Review | Is it really a solid Costco tire?

You may already know that Michelin is one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world. The French Company designs and makes a variety of tires that covers every kind of vehicle. And among the dozen of passenger car tires, Michelin X Tour A/S T+H Tire is one of the gems of the company.

If you want to know more about it then read this article as we have prepared Michelin X Tour A/S T+H Tire Review exclusively for you. Here you will find all the pros and cons of Michelin X Tour A/S T+H and every other possible detail. So, just stick to it.

Michelin X Tour A/S T+H Tire: Review and Analysis

michelin x tour a/s t+h tire

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If you are looking for this X Tour A/S T+H Tire by Michelin, you might not be able to find it on popular online retailers, such as Tire Rack. And there is a reason for the same, it is offered only in Costco which’s why it is often referred to as the ‘Costco exclusive tire’.

Being called a Costco exclusive doesn’t mean that Michelin specifically developed X Tour A/S T+H tire for Costco. The Michelin X Tour A/S T+H Tire is categorized as an all-season touring tire and Michelin already has a dozen of passenger-car tires in its lineup. So, instead of making a new tire which obviously gonna require a lot of time and money, Michelin tried to copy the design of other products and mold it into its own fashion for X Tour A/S T+H.

If we say that the Michelin X Tour A/S T+H is the same as the Defender T+H, then there will be no exaggeration. Never mind, moving on further it is well known that Michelin’s standard all-season touring tire is one of the most accomplished products in its category. To be more clear, we can say that it is expected from a tire having Michelin’s logo on it.

Talking about the tire sizes, the Michelin X Tour A/S T+H is in many popular sizes, ranging from 15-inch wheel diameter to 17-inch wheel diameter. These dimensions of the tires are a good fit for compact cars like that of Corolla and Civic, minivans, mid-size sedans, and even some coupes and crossovers as well. Moreover, Michelin offers X Tour A/S T+H in other sizes as well including smaller 14-inch wheel diameter and larger 18-inch wheel diameter.


  • Very responsive for a touring tire
  • Excellent handling and braking on dry tarmac
  • Excellent hydroplaning resistance
  • Good traction and strong braking on wet surfaces
  • Outstanding tread life
  • One of the quietest and most comfortable touring tires around


  • Expensive, specifically within the category
  • Very long treadwear warranty (80,000-miles)
  • Snow and ice traction aren’t as impressive as other competitors in the segment

Michelin X Tour A/S T+H Tire Features

The Michelin X Tour A/S T+H tire is labeled as providing long tread life, all-season safety, smooth and quiet ride experience, by the company. Michelin utilized an all-season tread compound in the X Tour A/S T+H that aims for better treadwear characteristics and longevity in comparison to the previous generations.

Meanwhile, the tread compound also features a high silica content, which helps improve traction on wet surfaces. Along with this, the rubber compound is molded into an asymmetric tread design, which is developed in this tire to reduce road noise and improve ride quality.

Furthermore, the tread pattern features the IntelliSipe technology, as expected from a Michelin’s all-season touring tire. It utilizes zig-zag sipes in the tread blocks of the tire and we have got to emphasize here that these sipes create more biting edges than waved or straight sipes. Consequently, not just improves snow traction and braking but also helps in rainy conditions.

Also, there are four wide circumferential grooves are utilized across the tread of the Michelin X Tour A/S T+H tire to provide better wet-traction. These grooves also channel the water through the lateral notches and reduce the chance of hydroplaning.

Michelin X Tour A/S T+H uses the MaxTouch Construction technology that causes the distribution of the tire forces evenly throughout the contact patch. As a result, improve tread wear even more and limits the chances of wearing the tire unevenly, in short, prolongs the tread life.

Apart from these the X Tour A/S comprises specialized materials that reduce the rolling resistance which will save you fuel in the long run. So, we can say that X Tour A/S T+H tire by Michelin has the ability to improve the fuel economy of any vehicle.

Michelin X Tour A/S T+H- Maintenance indicators

To help the driver in order to better monitor how much tread is left there on the tire, Michelin utilizes the regular TWI’s (tread wear indicators) in the X Tour A/S T+H. In the absence of sufficient tread depth, the tire won’t be able to dispel water. So, we can say that these indicators are crucial for safety purposes.

Moreover, the tire won’t be able to provide usable traction on snow as well without sufficient tread depth. Here, the minimum tread depth of the X Tour A/S T+H tire is 2/32-inch. And this is the state when the tire can’t work on wet surfaces anymore.

Therefore, when that happens you must replace the tire with the new one. Thanks to its TWI that you can easily monitor whether your tire has enough tread left or not. These are narrow rubber bars that are built into the circumferential treads of the tire. And are recessed when the tire is new.

Seemingly the bars become more visible as the tread wears down. And they will be completely flush with the surface when the tread depth falls to 2/32-inch. Luckily here besides TWI, Michelin X Tour A/S T+H tire has exceptional tread life so, tread wearing won’t happen soon. On the other hand, Michelin provides an outstanding 80,000-mile treadwear warranty too.

Michelin X Tour A/S T+H- Behavior on dry road

As already mentioned that the Michelin X Tour is a standard all-season touring tire which means it isn’t designed particularly for fast driving. When discussing its features we have got to keep X Tour A/S T+H within the touring category.

And with that said, this X Tour A/S tire has some of the best handling and cornering characteristics in its category. And is pretty responsive in respect of comfort-oriented tires. If you worry about the traction, then you don’t have to because its traction is excellent and also, the braking distances are among the shortest in the all-season touring category.

Overall, we can say that the Michelin X Tour A/S T+H tire is one of the efficient all-season touring tires which has impressive dry road performance to deliver.

How does Michelin X Tour A/S T+H perform over wet, slippery, and snowy roads?

Be it dry roads or wet and slippery roads the X Tour continues to impress us all thanks to its deep tread pattern and carefully designed sipes. Although its competitors offer a slightly better experience than the X Tour A/S, it is still absolutely safe for daily driving.

The tire offers enough traction on moist or wet surfaces and it’s safe in the corners and has short braking distances as well. Moreover, if you are concerned about the hydroplaning resistance, then we have to tell you that it is praiseworthy even in heavy rain.

Also, the Michelin X Tour A/S T+H tire doesn’t lack traction when you are driving on wet roads. Besides, because of its zig-zag sipes, you can also expect good traction and short braking distances in light snow as well. And to be honest, we expected more from Michelin for this price.

To sum up, if you live in a place with frequent rain then the Michelin X Tour A/S T+H tire is an excellent choice for daily driving.

Michelin X Tour A/S T+H- What about comfort and off-road driving?

In this Michellin X Tour A/S T+H tire review we have stated many times that this is an all-season touring tire it is not designed for any particular kind of driving. Even though it can be put on some crossovers and you can use it over hard-packed surfaces for shorter distances.

But at your own risk as the X Tour isn’t guarded against cuts and chips, and prolonged exposure to sharp and fine objects might easily damage the tire. Apart, Michelin has managed to reduce the road noise, and it is really a great job because X Tour A/S T+H is one of the quietest touring all-season tires as of now.

In short, we can conclude that the Michelin X Tour A/S T+H has amazing ride quality both on the highway and over uneven surfaces.

Final words- Should you buy Michelin X Tour A/S T+H?

At the beginning of this review of the Michelin X Tour A/S T+H tire, we have told you that this tire is similar to the Defender T+H. So, we would suggest you cross-check the price of both the tires and compare them as per your needs and purchase the tire that’s cheaper at that moment.

Check out our detailed Michelin Defender T+H Review

The X Tour A/S T+H by Michelin is really a good buy and doesn’t have striking disadvantages. Most importantly, it can handle the daily driving tasks with poise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy Michelin X Tour A/S T+H?

You can buy the Michelin X Tour A/S T+H Tire from any of the following providers for quick and breezy service. We recommend you to buy the Michelin X Tour A/S T+H Tire from Amazon, TireRack, or DiscountTire for the best deals.

What is the warranty that is provided with Michelin X Tour A/S T+H?

The manufacturer provides a warranty of 80,000-mile tread warranty. You can check the precise details on their official website.

What is the speed rating for Michelin X Tour A/S T+H?

The Michelin X Tour A/S T+H is rated T+H, which translates for a rated speed of 112-130 miles per hour.

What type of tire is Michelin X Tour A/S T+H?

The Michelin X Tour A/S T+H is an All-season tire, which performs the best on dry and wet roads, avoid on snow roads.

How much noise does the Michelin X Tour A/S T+H make?

The Michelin X Tour A/S T+H offers a comfortable driving experience because the treads on this tire have been developed for low noise levels and is a good choice if you’re looking for a quiet tire.

Does Michelin X Tour A/S T+H justify its price?

In our opinion, the Michelin X Tour A/S T+H has sufficiently great reviews, and there would be no reason to move away from choosing the Michelin X Tour A/S T+H.

We hope you liked our Michelin X Tour A/S T+H tire review. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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