Primewell Tires Review 2021:By TopTireReviews

If you have no idea what Primewell is then don’t worry you are not the only one. Here at TopTireReviews, we will provide you a brief Primewell Tires Reviews. You will also get a list of the best Primewell tires with all pros and cons.

Primewell Tires is a relatively new tire brand in the North American market. It creates a lot of confusion as many people think that this is any new Chinese tire brand but interestingly Primewell Tires is actually a tire brand that operates under the Firestone (Bridgestone) umbrella company in the US.

Meanwhile, in other markets, the tire brand operates under the international tire giant, Giti Tires, a company from Singapore that became the 11th largest tire manufacturer in the world.

In general Primewell Tires are a cheap alternative that is designed particularly for the owners of older vehicles. For instance, if you own a Civic or 90’s Corolla then you might find it a good option.

TopTireReviews believes that tires are an important part of the safety approach and also play a vital role to provide an excellent driving experience and ride quality. And bad tires can lead you to accidents or damages the car performance.

On that account, buying very cheap tires isn’t a good idea. But Primewell also manufactures tires with cheap pricing. So, how good are Primewell Tires? Should you make an approach to purchase Primewell Tires?

Frankly speaking, it is an average performance tire. However, we have included a list of the top 5 best Primewell tires in this Primewell Tires review to let you learn more about these products.

So, just read on this Primewell tires review thoroughly which contains all the positive and negative aspects as well as a list of the best Primewell tires. Now, let’s get started.

Top 5 Best Primewell Tires Review​

1. Primewell All-Season

primewell tires review

The Primewell All-Season is a tire that is specially designed for owners of small passenger cars and minivans. It could be one of the Best All-Season Passenger-Car Tires.

In both wet and dry conditions this tire provides the driver with safe and stable ride quality. But gotta say its traction in the snow is below average. Additionally, the Primewell All-Season tire is very quiet and comfortable. And comes with a 45,000-mile treadwear warranty.


  • Very cheap to buy
  • Very comfortable and quiet
  • Safe in wet conditions
  • Stable ride on the street and highway


  • Treadlife is average
  • Snow traction could be better
  • Not very responsive
  • Unimpressive 45,000-mile treadwear warranty

2. Primewell PS890

primewell tires review

Being categorized as the best summer touring tire the Primewell PS890 has an impressive ability to grips the road surprisingly well. You will be getting enough traction on both dry and wet surfaces.

In addition, its hydroplaning resistance is good as well. But sadly Primewell doesn’t offer any treadwear warranty on the tire and also has a shorter tread life.


  • Good wet traction
  • Very good traction and braking on dry surfaces
  • Good hydroplaning resistance


  • Short tread life
  • No treadwear warranty specified

3. Primewell Valera HT

primewell tires review

It is primarily designed for the owners of SUVs and trucks. The Primewell Valera HT is often classified as one of the best highway tires for SUVs and trucks. With that said it is a reliable all-season tire that delivers good overall traction to the drivers.

Likewise other Primewell tires, the Valera HT also has a smooth ride quality. Unluckily, there’s no treadwear warranty for Valera HT.


  • Very low price
  • Good dry traction and braking
  • Smooth ride quality on uneven surfaces
  • Solid performance on wet surfaces


  • Noisy on the highway
  • Unresponsive handling with no road feedback
  • No treadwear warranty specified

4. Primewell Valera AT

primewell tires review

Primewell Valera AT is an all-terrain tire that can work quite well on hardpacked surfaces. You will get good traction there. Apart from this, its on-road traction is also impressive no matter whether the surface is dry wet, or snowy.

Although Primewell gives 50,000-miles treadwear warranty on Valera AT, it still possesses some issues like steering feel isn’t great and it can be noisy on the highway.


  • Usable snow traction
  • Very good traction on hardpacked surfaces
  • Excellent 50,000-mile treadwear warranty
  • Good wet performance
  • Stable cornering on the road


  • Noisy on the highway
  • Feels clumsy to drive on the road
  • Not the best choice for rock-crawling or mud

5. Primewell PV600

primewell tires review

It is a commercial-grade tire for full-size pickup trucks and vans and commonly referred to as light trucks and van tires. The Primewell PV600 is constructed from a very tough and durable casing.

Moreover, the stability and handling are quite good even though when the vehicle is loaded. Here we have to tell you that the PV600 isn’t the best choice for driving over ice and snow because its snow traction isn’t that good.


  • Supports very heavy loads
  • Durable and Strong casing
  • Good stability on the highway
  • Good wet traction
  • Very cheap to buy


  • Snow traction is far from impressive

Primewell Tires Review: Buying Guide

The brand has a good lineup of touring tires that are designed to fit modern as well as old passenger cars like compact cars, sedans, and crossovers. We can say that their tires are particularly designed for driving on the street only.

Anyways, we have come up with a buying guide for you in this Primewell tires review where we will be discussing both its positive as well as negative aspects. And these are mentioned below.

1. Primewell Tires Positive Aspects

Very Cheap to Buy-Primewell tires are one of the cheapest options available on the market. The pricing is quite flexible even for those with a tight budget.

Excellent Comfort Throughout the Range-The Primewell tires is known to provide a comfortable ride. Apart from this, they also offer a quiet and smooth ride experience, even at higher speeds.

Safe and Reliable Handling and Braking-Most of the Primewell tires tend to provide you safe handling on the roads (if you don’t drive aggressively). Also gives usable traction on dry and wet roads.

2. Primewell Tires Negative Aspects

Not Good for Aggressive Driving-Primewell tires are safe for normal driving and in most conditions but they are definitely a not good choice for aggressive driving. The tires will immediately lose grip if you try to do so.

Unimpressive Performance Models-As already said in this Primewell tires review, these are safe for daily driving but lack enough grips and responsiveness when you drive enthusiastically. So, we suggest you better skip Primewell’s Performance Models if you want to have fun behind the wheel of your sports car.

Low or No Treadwear Warranties-This is the biggest issue with Primewell tires as they offer treadwear warranties which are worse than its competitors. In fact, they provide no treadwear warranty on most of their products.

Final words

This was our Primewell Tires review and in conclusion, we would say that if you want to save money on tires then you might consider Primewell, a tire brand that operates under the Firestone.

Although the tires from this company ain’t any different from other tires in the market especially in terms of technology, performance, and features, people who don’t seek ultimate driving performance will be satisfied with the tire.

Meanwhile, its competitors which are slightly expensive, offer quite good features and a treadwear warranty in comparison to Primewell tires. So, if performance and features are your priority then you better do some maths before purchasing which may prove to be a cheaper option in the long run.

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