Cooper CS5 Touring Tire: Worth buying or Not?

cooper cs5 touring tire

Designed to replace the old GLS model, Cooper CS5 touring tire is one of the most promising tires from the brand. Comfortable ride, long tread life, and increased fuel efficiency are synonymous with CS5. Be it wet, dry, or on snow surfaces, Cooper is set to roll in any terrain. But is it worth buying? … Read more

Cooper Adventurer A/T Review 2021- Worth buy or not?

cooper adventurer a:t 2022

Originally sold for Pep boys, Cooper Adventurer A/T is a variant of Cooper A/T3. It is designed for all the driving enthusiasts out there. If you are someone off-roading in the tough terrains, then this one will suit all your needs. Not only this, Adventurer A/T is capable of giving a smooth performance when driving … Read more

Cooper Discoverer ATP Review 2021: Worth buy or not?

Cooper Discoverer ATP

Are you an all-terrain driver whose life is pretty much on the road most of the time? then trust me you will love this one. A perfect blend of high off-road performance and smooth on-road performance, Cooper Discoverer ATP is a must-look enthusiastic driver. In this article, we delve deep into its features and provide … Read more