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Continental PureContact LS: Tire Review 2023

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The Continental PureContact LS is Continental Tire’s whole season of great touring tires for vehicles, carts, roadsters, and small SUVs. Alongside being a grand summer entertainer, these tires accomplish extremely well in winters, downpours, and frosty conditions while giving the most drastic grasp. The tire has schemed around the likelihood of fantastic vehicle response, relief, and foothold in all street situations.

Continental PureContact LS: Review

Customer audits suggest this tire improves vehicle seizing maintenance, ride quality, and slowing down hold over other similar tires. Owners ensure a reduction in brake distance by over 10%. Available to last near 50,000 miles, even in more terrible street situations, the tires come in 29 distinct sizes beginning from 16″ as far as feasible dependent upon 20″ to suit a wide scope of present-day vehicles.

Continental Purecontact LS

Continental Purecontact LS: Development

The tire’s interior advancement is made of a solitary utilized polyester packaging for a general lighter weight evolution and less weight on the vehicle’s suspension. Two polyamide overlays enhance double steel belts to broaden solidness and rapidly drive fitness. The tall pinnacle provides responsive seizing maintenance while slowing down, hurrying, and swiveling with a GT quality tire’s ride comfort.

Temperature-enacted utilitarian polymers in Pure Contact LS’s road mixture broaden the public combination holding, giving an improved foothold, tire wear, and eco-friendliness. The broad focal rib provides a strongly focused feel and a safe straight line. The unstable example of the track highlights stable tread blocks in the shoulder for smooth grasp and fast cornering.

Continental Comfort Ride invention delivers an underlay underneath the path planned to divide the track from the packaging and lessen lodge vibrations. The organization’s Silane encircling to the tire compound enhances the grasp of humid and cold situations. The general track grooves joined with profound circumferential water lanes help drop hydroplaning.

The Pure Contacts drank up shoulders, and halfway track blocks assist prepare the snatching edges required for grip in a day of cold street conditions, and the ground grooves snag snow in the track squares to give snow to the snow foothold.

Continental Purecontact LS: Judgments

The Continental Pure Contact LS is accessible in 29 sizes to fit an extra substantial vehicle scope. 195/55-R16 being the littlest tire size, the Pure Contact LS is attainable in several sizes up to 245/45-R20 with sloping the scales at 16 lbs for the lightest and 28 lbs for the heaviest tire in the line-up. With its keen track strategy, this tire can maintain a half reduction in outside sound when varied with its archetype. Notwithstanding the administration’s implications, the arrangement testimony framework advises the driver to check the arrangement when needed. Customer neighborly visual imprints on the tire track caution the driver when the tire isn’t performing in dry, wet, or frigid climate conditions.



195/55R16;        1,201 lbs.;          51 psi;   10/32″; 18 lbs.;  5.5-7″;   6.4″;            24.4″;    850
205/60R16        1,389 lbs.          51 psi   10/32″ 20 lbs. 5.5-7.5″              6.6″      25.7″    809
205/50R17        1,433 lbs.          51 psi   10/32″ 20 lbs. 5.5-7.5″              6.7″      25.1″    829
215/50R17        1,521 lbs.          51 psi   10/32″ 21 lbs. 6-7.5″   7″              25.5″    816
235/50R17        1,565 lbs.          51 psi   10/32″ 23 lbs.  6.5-8.5″              7.7″      26.3″    791
245/45R17        1,709 lbs.          51 psi   10/32″ 26 lbs. 7.5-9″   8.4″              25.7″    809
245/50R17        1,709 lbs.          51 psi   10/32″ 27 lbs. 7-8.5″   8.2″              26.6″    780
245/40R18        1,609 lbs.          51 psi   10/32″ 24 lbs. 8-9.5″   8.3″              25.7″    808
245/50R18        1,764 lbs.          51 psi   10/32″ 26 lbs. 7-8.5″   8.2″              27.6″    751
235/40R19        1,565 lbs.          51 psi   10/32″ 23 lbs.  8-9.5″   8″              26.4″    787
245/45R20        1,709 lbs.          51 psi   10/32″ 26 lbs. 7.5-9″   8.1″              28.7″    724


Most long-term customers publicize discoveries like what the organization advertises for them. The tires are entirely agreeable, grippy, and calm out and roughly. These match amazingly with heavier vehicles, for example, Audi, Mercedes, Lexus, and so on, due to the thicker sidewall for longer benefit times. These may ride relatively horribly once in a while. However, as a rule, the passage is neat and smoother. You will likewise find an improvement in your slowing downtime because of the sticky track compound.


These tires support a great long-term or 70,000-mile track life guarantee. This unmistakably indicates the quality norms followed by the organization to ensure a more extended assistance life for the Pure Contact LS. Continental likewise gives a tracked product consistency assurance of 1 year/initial 2/32″ of wear. You get six years of artistry and materials guarantee and a multi-day or initial 2/32″ primary guarantee.

Continental Purecontact LS: Verdict

We consider the Continental Pure Contact LS the best premise for your vehicle. These top-notch GT tires are not complicated to live with and won’t let you down in any climate. With an extra drawn-out help life and a calmer enjoyable ride, these will boost the ride quality and take care of your vehicle’s capabilities. Benefited by Continental’s extraordinary guarantees, these are among our top picks for vehicle tires in the existing demand.

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