continental truecontact tour tire review

Continental True Contact Tour Tire Review 2023

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Continental’s standard touring all-season tire is among the most popular on the market. Moreover, it succeeded the Continental True Contact Tour, a tire already among the best in the category. Despite that, the manufacturers have made many improvements to the tire, which should launch it at the top of the touring class.

However, the improvements aren’t insignificant. The new model has a 27% longer tread life and low rolling resistance than its predecessor. These improvements change the tire’s impressions and result in better fuel economy. Moreover, Continental made several improvements in snow traction, where its predecessor suffered a lot.

Some of Continental True Contact Competitors include the Michelin Defender, but also the newly-announced Goodyear Max Life, and the excellent Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus. Some competitors, such as Cooper CS5 Grand Touring, are even superior in their way.

True Contact Tour has one advantage over other premium category tires – it’s not overly expensive. For instance, the Defender T+H costs almost 30% more, which is not insignificant. And how can one forget that the Continental True Contact Tour is a premium tire?

Another great thing about the Continental True Contact Tour is that one can find it in the most popular sizes. Continental offers the True Contact Tour in 15-inch to 19-inch wheel diameters. The company covers many vehicle types with the dimensions on offer, including compact cars, minivans, small crossovers, and other such vehicles.

Continental True Contact Tour Tire

continental true contact tour tire

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Features of the Continental True Contact Tour Tire

The True Contact Tour is an excellent tire designed with a focus on long-wear, fuel efficiency, and best-in-class wet braking. The manufacturers also suggest that this is their longest-lasting all-season tire. That’s excellent since most Continental tires have a long tread life.

The True Contact Tour utilizes a tread compound with +Silane additives and temperature-activated functional polymers. The +Silane additives help with wet traction and braking, while the tread polymers aid tread life and fuel efficiency.

This tread compound seems very advanced for an all-season touring tire and aids easy rotation in front and rear and cross patterns. As far as the comfort component is concerned, the Continental True Contact Tour utilizes its tried and tested Comfort ride Technology. This is essentially designed to reduce vibrations. Also, fewer vibrations indicate a more comfortable ride and less noise.

Maintenance Indicators of the Tire

As the tread compound of the premium quality tire wears down, the tread wear indicators become more visible. When the depth of the tread reaches 2/32-inch, the rubber bars are utterly flush with the rest of the tread. This is the minimum legal depth on all-season tires. When it comes to this, one should immediately replace the tires with a new set. Otherwise, one may risk severely worsened wet and snow traction.

Fortunately, the True Contact Tour is an outstandingly stable all-season tire. Continental provides an excellent 80,000-mile treadwear warranty for T & H Speed-rated models and 70,000-miles for V-Speed-rated models.

Response of Continental True Contact on Dry Surfaces

The Continental True Contact Tour is one of the best touring all-season tires in handling and braking. Behind the wheel, the tire feels responsive and gives the driver a good grip on the corners. Moreover, the braking distances are sufficiently short, while high-speed stability is excellent—a truly safe and sound driving experience is assured to the driver.

Overall, one can have complete faith in this premium quality tire. One can, without a doubt, think of not buying this tire. It is recommended to always go for this one for their minivans or crossovers.

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Response of Continental True Contact Tour on Wet and Slippery Roads

The True Contact Tour tire is absolutely unique in terms of wet traction. It performs outstandingly well in the corners, giving its driver confidence and comfort.

The braking distances are also the shortest in the category, a testament to Continental’s improvements to the premium quality tire. Ultimately, the hydroplaning resistance is also top-notch and at its best. At this moment, it might also be the best tire in its category in rainy conditions.

Response of Continental True Contact Tour on Snowy Surfaces

The True Contact Tour continues to impress on snow-covered roads. The traction levels are pretty sufficient for a safe drive over light snow. Handling is also predictable, and the braking distances aren’t very long.

Now, sure, the True Contact Tour won’t replace a proper winter tire for sure. However, as far as all-season tires go, this one is the best compared to tires of a similar category.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

It is always suggested that all car enthusiasts gauge the key specifications a particular tire offers and then choose the best one for their vehicle. Not doing so may hamper vehicle performance and efficiency.

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