general grabber atx tire review

General Grabber ATX Tire Review 2023

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The General Grabber ATX is an all-terrain tire with exceptionally sound traction on almost all surfaces. It has been specially designed for the drivers of pickup trucks, crossovers, and SUVs. The tire comes in the category of off-road focused tires from General Tires.

This tire is available in many different sizes, starting from 14-inch models and then onto large 20-inch models of the company. The General Grabber ATX is also capable of towing or hauling heavy cargo. Its main competitors are BF Goodrich Terrain T/A KO2, Bridgestone Dueler Alenza Plus, Continental Terrain Contact, and Cooper Discoverer AT3.

Let’s dig into the features offered by this tire and the surfaces which are its advantages.

Features offered by the General Grabber ATX

The tire comes with Sidewall Technology and is the company’s mud terrain offering. This means that one can expect the two polyester sidewall plies to be more resistant to damage than the A/T2, and the shoulder lugs are vaguely similar to those found on the X3. The tread cushioning system built into the blocks makes for a better pavement experience.

For those with large amounts of highway miles between our off-road stints, General’s tread life improvements are backed by a 60,000-mile (excludes LT and flotation sizes) and 50,000-mile (includes LT and flotation sizes) limited treadwear warranty. You can find the General Grabber A/Tx in 54 sizes for wheels ranging from 14 to 20 inches in diameter and tire sizes from 27 to 37 inches.

The Grabber A/TX is one of the newest additions to the realm of all-terrain surfaces. Because of that, it is one of the most advanced all-terrain tires to date, with technologies that make it more usable on the road and even better for off-road driving. According to General Tire, the Grabber A/TX provides exceptional off-road capability and durability, balanced with impressive on-road performance. Interestingly, the tire also has the (Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake Symbol), indicating that it offers better snow and ice traction than all-terrain tires with the inferior M+S symbol.

General Grabber ATX

general grabber atx tire

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  • Outstanding off-road capability
  • Long tread life and durable construction
  • Quiet and comfortable for an aggressive off-road tire
  • Fair price considering the performance on offer
  • Usable for highway driving


Reflection of the Maintenance Indicators

The General Grabber ATX doesn’t come with the Replacement Tire Monitor Technology, and even the tread pattern of the tire doesn’t allow for the use of the technology, which is what makes the Grabber ATX a touring and grand touring tire.

The Grabber A/TX has one of the longest tread warranties for an all-terrain tire – 6 Years / 60,000 Miles Metric Sizes and 6 Years / 50,000 Miles LT & Flotation Sizes. That’s better than most of its competitors and certainly better than tires in its price range.

And even though the tire is relatively new and modern on the market, users seem to be very satisfied with its tread life and don’t report any problems with wear, even after the tires were used on very harsh off-road surfaces. This is one best things that the General Grabber ATX gives compared to tires of a similar category.

The Response of General Grabber ATX on Dry Surfaces

This model is built especially for off-roading and is also very usable on the road. The tire has a sufficient grip for fast cornering and excellent traction, even on more powerful vehicles. Braking is powerful, while high-speed stability is probably the best part of the Grabber A/TX.

That said, this tire is not the best option for drivers who regularly drive on the highway or other related surfaces. If you do that often, it is suggested that you go for the slightly more road-focused Continental Terrain Contact or the Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 3, and not this one for sure Still, for the off-road performance it offers, the Grabber A/TX is perfect for highway driving.

Also, have a look at this tire by General.

The Response of General Grabber ATX on Wet and Slippery Roads

The General Grabber ATX is a very capable tire in rainy conditions and provides enough grip and traction for a safe driving experience. Still, it trails behind all-terrain tires that focus on on-road driving.

Overall, the crossover and SUV driver will be satisfied with the performance since it assures a comfortable and smooth ride.

The Response of General Grabber ATX on Snowy Roads/Surfaces

The Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake emblem on the sidewalls of the tire signifies enhanced snow performance when braking, turning, and starting on ice and snow.

Overall, the General Grabber is one of the quietest and most comfortable tires in the all-terrain realm of driving. In areas of snow, this tire will be the only one you need for an assured, comfortable and smooth ride. The Grabber is quite admirable in deep snow and good on packed snow and icy conditions.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

You will definitely not make a mistake in buying this super great tire. The Grabber ATX is overall an all-terrain tire as compared to tires of a similar category.

The tire’s off-road capabilities are also exceptionally well at a budget-oriented price. This is definitely a tire recommended for snowy conditions.

One is also recommended to get the critical specifications of a particular tire matched and choose the best one for their pickup truck or SUV.

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