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Hercules Tires Review & Rating in 2023

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Let’s start with the Hercules tires review; Hercules Tires has been in the replacement tire industry for over 60 years. The American tire dealer is renowned for redefining value and serving drivers since 1952. The company gives its customers the performance they demand, the choices they desire, and the affordability they deserve. The result is a better, more innovative, convenient tire-buying experience for today’s cars, light trucks, and SUV drivers.


hercules tires


Hercules Tires follow the same guiding principles set forth by the founders decades ago. The core principles guide the business policies and the handling of customers. And it designs and delivers all the products with the same integrity. For American companies, customers always come first.


Hercules Tires Review

The Guiding Principles:

  • A customer always comes first
  • Excellence in everything
  • Fair and honest in all dealings
  • Respect for the individual
  • Rewards tied to performance
  • Leadership by example

Astounding Features of Hercules Tires

Wide Array of Products

With its comprehensive selection, Hercules Tires has just the tire you’re looking for. The mid-tier company has taken over the entire market with its various products. Hercules designs tires for vehicles such as sedans, crossovers, SUVs, and light trucks. No matter which vehicle you purchase, the company has a tire that will fit it perfectly.

The American tire manufacturer offers tires for all kinds of terrains. Whether you want to ride rough terrain or go on a long drive with your pals, this company has the tires for your vehicle. With Hercules, there is no limit to the availability of choices. No matter what the season or kind of terrain is, the brand has a model for your ride.


The market is full of tire manufacturers. And all boast of having the best models. But not each company has the perfect blend of quality and average price. Premium tire manufacturers give value to the customers in the form of ultra-performance tires. But we all know that they also cost pretty heavily.

Hercules, on the other hand, always produces affordable tires. The tires manufactured by Hercules ensure quality. At the same time, they also don’t fall too heavy on your wallet. With multiple brands in the market, quality with moderate pricing definitely seems to be a bargain.

Customer Satisfaction

The first philosophy of Hercules is to put the consumers first. Unlike most replacement tire suppliers, Hercules distributes its tires through a network of independent dealers throughout North America. Each dealer is trained and empowered to keep the customers connected to ongoing support.

Hercules allows customers to compare and try the tires alongside other tires. The company also offers a multitude of guarantees and warranties. For example, Hercules standard touring tires have an 8500-mile tread wire warranty. The guarantees include unserviceability and premature tread wear. Hercules also has a 30-day return policy. No wonder customers are so satisfied with the brand.

Protection and Comfort

Hercules tires claim to be the best in everything they do. This also covers the safety feature of your vehicle. The subsidiary of Cooper Tires promises protection as well as comfort. The design of the tires ensures a smooth ride without any bumps.

This tire is designed for the roads of America. All the models of the brand boast a comfortable ride. And thus comes with all the features an American may need.

Control and Fuel-efficient

Hercules Tires are designed to optimize fuel consumption. The tread material uses silica-infused gel compounds, which decreases the rolling resistance. It lowers unnecessary friction so that your car rides smoothly. At the same time, it increases the ease of handling.

These tires are built for everyday performance and give the best value for your money. Whether on a rough or slippery road, you can trust the brand to ensure a safe ride. The American brand provides value at a very nominal price.

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