toyo versado noir tire review

Toyo Versado Noir Tire Review 2023

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Looking for a tire that’s both stylish and performant? Look no further than the Toyo Versado Noir!

This tire lives up to its name with a sleek, black design sure to turn heads. But it’s not just a pretty face – the Versado Noir also delivers excellent traction and handling thanks to its superior construction. So if you’re in the market for a new set of tires, be sure to give the Versado Noir a try!

Given the buzz about the tire, I tested it against the standards set for a touring tire. And let me admit, I was not disappointed. The tire does live up to the mark, with a bit of scope for improvement.

Below is a detailed review of the Toyo tire.

Toyo Versado Noir: Overview

toyo versado noir

The Toyo Versado Noir is a premium touring tire that offers a smooth, quiet ride and good fuel economy. The tire provides traction in all seasons, including light snow. It comes with a standard limited warranty.

The Toyo Versado Noir is an all-season tire for luxury sedans and crossover vehicles. The tire has a touring tread design and a silica-based tread compound that provides good traction in dry and wet conditions.

The tread pattern of the Toyo Versado Noir features large shoulder blocks and full-depth sipes that help to provide a good grip on snow-covered roads. A premium all-season touring tire with a focus on “touring” rather than pure sports concerns, the Toyo Versado Noir is made exclusively for luxury or sporty sedans and coupes.

This tire is considered quiet and smooth on all types of roads and provides excellent tread wear for the money.

Pros and Cons

The Toyo Versado Noir is a high-performance tire that offers excellent handling and grip in all weather conditions. The Versado Noir is great for drivers who want a stable, comfortable ride.

However, the Toyo Versado Noir is not a perfect tire. Here are some of the pros and cons of the Toyo Versado Noir:


  • Excellent handling and grip in all weather conditions
  • Stable and comfortable ride
  • Quiet on the road


  • Can be expensive


The Toyo Versado Noir is an all-season tire for luxury sedans and coupes. It features a black sidewall and a silica-based tread compound, providing good traction in dry, wet, and winter conditions. The tire also has a symmetric tread pattern with wide circumferential grooves that help evacuate water and reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

The Toyo Versado Noir is designed with a stiff exterior tread and a somewhat uninteresting asymmetric tread pattern. The blocks will be stabilized; as a result, enhancing handling and wear and providing a smooth and steady ride.

The inside tread of this tire has a larger density of sipes, creating more biting edges for better grip in light snow. This compound is made of an enhanced silica material designed to prevent wear and increase fuel economy while promoting a higher grip on dry and wet roads.

Performance in Dry and Off Roads

The Toyo Versado Noir is an all-season touring tire that provides a balance of comfort, traction, and tread life. It is available in various sizes to fit many popular vehicles, including coupes, sedans, minivans, and crossover SUVs.

The Toyo Versado Noir is not a very high-performance tire with a limitless grip on a dry road. The tires performed admirably in the dry, although they wouldn’t be considered spectacular.

Performance in Wet and Snow

The Versado Noir has an asymmetric tread design with four circumferential grooves and siping for traction in inclement weather. It has a symmetrical tread design with wide tread grooves that help evacuate water and slush from the contact patch to improve traction on wet roads.

The tread also has a high sipe density for biting edges that grip snow and ice.

Comfort and Noise

The Toyo Versado Noir is a touring all-season tire designed for luxury vehicles. It is available in H- and V-speed ratings. The Versado Noir has Toyo’s “Silent Wall Technology,” engineered to reduce road noise.

Whether crawling through traffic or roaring along the highway, the Toyo Versado Noir rode along in silence. Since it is one of the quietest tires I have tested in this category, this tire receives a high refinement rating.

Here is a user review about this

The objective of the conservative tread design, despite how basic it may appear, was to build a tire that could provide you with sufficient comfort and silence without sacrificing traction and grip. The tire also has a silica-based tread compound for extended tread life.

As a result, the Versado Noir provides good wet and dry traction, as well as a comfortable ride and low noise levels.

What Vehicles Will It Fit?

The Toyo Versado Noir is an all-season tire that fits a wide range of vehicles. It is available in many sizes to fit everything from coupes and sedans to SUVs and trucks.

Tire Sizes

The Toyo Versado Noir is available in several different sizes to accommodate a variety of vehicles. Below is a list of some of the most popular sizes, along with a brief description of each.

P215/55R17: This is a popular size for sedans and coupes. It offers a good mix of passenger comfort and handling ability.

P225/50R17: This size is often used on performance cars. It offers excellent handling and dry traction but may be too firm for some drivers.

P245/45R17: This is a standard size for SUVs and light trucks. It offers good traction in all conditions but may be too stiff for some drivers.

Price Range

The Toyo Versado Noir is available in 14-18 inch diameter sizes with widths ranging from 205mm to 295mm. Prices start at $103 per tire for the 14-inch size and range up to $233 per tire for the 18-inch size.

How much Warranty does Toyo offer on this tire?

The tire has an 80,000-mile tread life warranty for H- and V-speed rated sizes and a 60,000-mile tread life warranty for W-speed rated sizes.

Overall Thought

The Toyo Versado Noir is an all-season tire specifically designed for luxury sedans, crossovers, and SUVs. The tread pattern and design of the tire allow for a comfortable, quiet, and safe ride on dry or wet roads. In addition, the wide circumferential grooves help to evacuate water to reduce the risk of hydroplaning, while the solid center rib provides excellent stability and steering response.

Overall, the tire impressed me in every category except the dry traction. Versado Noir delivers fine on pavement and in snow but lacks a bit when there are cracks in the road. Other than that, it performed well and can be a smart purchase.

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