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Top 10 Best 40×13.50r17 Tires – Updated

This is the ultimate buyer’s guide to the best 40×13.50r17 tires. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most popular 40×13.50r17 Tires. I recommend using Cooper Discoverer STT Pro All-Season 40X13.50R17LT 121Q Tire as it is one of four top picks for your vehicle at a reasonable price and one of the best products currently available in the market.

List Of All Best 40×13.50r17 Tires Available Online

1. Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro is designed with Armor-Tek2 construction technology, which provides a smoother and more comfortable ride on the highway and thus making it one of the best mud tires in the class of other tires. The shoulder of the tire is designed with soft surface cleats and mud scoops.

This tire provides better off-road traction and takes care of on-road performance and handling. It works on road, sand, and gravel and is puncture-resistant and durable. The grip and traction are outstanding, and the handling performance of different surfaces is highly commendable. You can also check the toughness and performance of the tire as the manufacturers offer a free 45-day test drive.

The rugged and aggressive STT Pro in our list of best 40×13.50r17 tires is designed to handle extreme conditions and rough surfaces. Thanks to its tread design pattern help SUVs tackle rugged landscapes and provide the users with the best experience.

2. Nitto Trail Grappler MT

Designed to give the best off-road performance along with an adventurous experience, Nitto Trail has combined on-road comfort with aggressive off-road driving. So, another excellent performer features Z-groove treads for lateral stability and traction. It is coupled with stone ejectors, which protect the treads from extreme conditions of road stones and clear mud away.

Nitto’s Deep center sipe increases traction on wet surfaces, helping prevent hydroplaning and the two sidewall designs on each tire gives you the discretion to choose traditional or stylized lettering. The Grapplers perform outstandingly on rocks, sand, and mud, and their three-ply sidewall construction makes them puncture-resistant.

3. Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ P3

The mud terrain tire is one of the best 40×13.50r17 tires in the market. Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ P3 features a unique silica-reinforced tread compound that enhances its performance in the mud. It also improves the wet weather capability of the tire. In addition, it protects against cuts and abrasions.

Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ P3 comes with siped tread lugs with variable draft angles. This gives the tire a wide contact area with the road and promotes stone ejection. Another good feature of this tire is the angled shoulder scallops with mud pocket scoops. It enhances the traction in the dirt and loose soil. The four-pitch side-biter pattern adds an aggressive look and also provides extra traction. Combined, these features make this 40×13.50r17 tire a perfect fit for your trucks or SUVs.

4. Milestar Patagonia M-T

You will find Milestar Patagonia to be a very good tire. It features a staggered off-center tread block for impressive traction during off-roading. The 40×13.50r17 tire delivers an outstanding performance in harsh terrain and ensures a hassle-free ride.

Milestar Patagonia M-T comes with a high void tread design and biting edges. That, combined with the siping pattern, enhances the tire’s traction while keeping the mud and debris away. Apart from the self-cleaning feature, this 40×13.50r17 tire also features stone ejectors to minimize stone retention. This reduces the risk of cutting and chipping and keeps the tires in printing shape for long.

In addition to the rugged construction, Milestar Patagonia M-T has a three-ply-rating sidewall for protection against impact and abrasion. Its notched shoulder lugs will ensure you don’t lose control of your vehicle.

On the downside, Milestar Patagonia M/T doesn’t come with a mileage warranty. However, it is covered under Milestar’s Standard Limited Warranty.

5. Toyo Open Country M-T

Toyo tires are renowned in the market for their quality tires. This 40×13.50r17 by Toyo too offers a comfortable tire with ample traction. The mud terrain tire can be paired with full-sized pickups, light trucks, SUVs, and sports trucks for competitive purposes.

Toyo Open Country M-T features an aggressive track design for excellent off-road traction. It has hook-shaped blocks that ensure an outstanding on-road performance too. The 40×13.50r17 comes with open shoulder blocks that bite into the ground. This helps to eject mud, snow, and rocks while maintaining off-road traction.

The Toyo is for you if you are looking for extra load-carrying capacity and exceptional off-road capability. Its over-the-shoulder tread provides additional forward traction in deep mud and snow. Toyo Open Country M-T has a 3-ply polyester casing that strengthens the tire. This results in excellent handling and delivers a durable tire that can withstand heavy loads of weight. In addition, you can also use this tire on wet surfaces thanks to the deep sipes in the tread blocks.

6. Maxxis Razr MT-772

Here is another mud terrain tire qualifies for our list of the best 40×13.50r17 tires. Maxxis Razr MT-772 is a 40×13.50r17 tire designed to deliver maximum traction and boost off-road performance. The mud-terrain tire features a tread compound with chemical fillers that reduces the risks of uneven tear and wear and maximizes tread life. It can be paired with Jeeps, light trucks, and SUVs and is designed to haul heavy weights of up to 4080 pounds.

Maxxis Razr MT-772 comes with a dual-cord casing ply for enhanced durability. Equipped with stone and mud ejectors, this 40×13.50r17 tire improves self-cleaning by ejecting mud, stones, and debris, so there’s always a clear section of the tire to dig in. Its rugged construction and sidewall design makes the tire puncture-resistant and maximize traction.

The 40×13.50r17 tire has shoulder blocks and profoundly sculpted center blocks to enhance lateral grip. On top of it all, the Maxxis Razr MT-772 is backed by a 40,000-mile limited manufacturer warranty.

7. Fury Country Hunter M/T

Another 40×13.50r17 tire is designed for off-road driving. With a load range of F and a max load of up to 4300 lbs, the 40×13.50r17 tire makes a perfect fit for camping and trips. You can pair Fury Country Hunter M/T with Jeeps, light trucks, and SUVs as it can haul heavier loads too.

Fury Country Hunter M/T is a mud terrain tire built with a three-ply sidewall. It features an aggressive, non-directional tread pattern and a deep lug design. As a result, you get impressive traction and performance off-road. Its high turn-up construction protects against punctures and has a reinforced carcass for maximum durability. You can also use the Fury Country Hunter M/T on wet roads as it efficiently expels mud. Also, it features a dense network of deep sipes that enhances traction in wet or snowy conditions. It also minimizes the chances of hydroplaning.

The 40×13.50r17 tire has staggered shoulder blocks for maximum grip in dirt, mud, and snow. It has a high-void tread design and built-in stone ejectors that help keep the mud and debris out for longer tread life. The Fury Country Hunter M/T has a robust tread pattern that distributes pressure evenly throughout the tire for reduced wear.

8. Nitto Mud Grappler

Another Nitto tire that has found a spot on our list of the best 40×13.50r17 tires. Nitto Mud Grappler is designed to ride on extreme terrain and delivers excellent off-traction. It has a 3-ply sidewall construction that vouches for the tire’s durability. Besides making your tire puncture-resistant, it also adds to the tread life.

The 40×13.50r17 tire gives the driver the grip required while making the sharp corners. As is clear from the name, Nitto Mud Grappler is at its best on muddy terrain. But that need not mean it will fail you in the dirt or snow. The tire can glide on any terrain, though its performance on the highway is slightly below the bar.

9. Goodyear Wrangler MT-R with Kevlar

Goodyear Tires is the third-largest tire brand in the world that provides fantastic driving experiences from Grand-Prix races, exciting off-road adventures, and even long, luxurious drives. So it’s no wonder one of the best tires comes from them.

Goodyear Wrangler MT-R with Kevlar features superior wet road braking to ensure a comfy and quiet ride. It comes with a wraparound tread, and DuPont Kevlar reinforced sidewalls. Together they offer enhanced sidewall traction in deep mud, sand, and rocks and provide more puncture resistance.

The 40×13.50r17 tire provides outstanding on and off-road driving. It has advanced silica rubber for off-road and wet traction. Be it any terrain. You can trust Goodyear with it.

10. Mickey Thompson Baja Boss X

This 40×13.50r17 tire can be a perfect fit for drivers who love to go off-roading. Its tread delivers the best off-road traction, whether everyday driving or racing. You can pair it with light trucks and ATVs. So you can also pair it with your UTV.

Mickey Thompson Baja Boss X has a black sidewall and comes with a special rubber compound. This, combined with extra-large, four-pitch Sidebiters, delivers outstanding traction on rough, changing off-road terrains. The rugged construction and Powerply XD technology make the tire puncture-resistant and ensure a longer tread life. In addition, its stone ejector ribs enable self-cleaning by forcing rocks, stones, gravel, and other debris out of the tire. You also get stability and quick steering response with consistent traction.

However, Mickey Thompson Baja Boss X is not DOT-approved for driving on paved roads, so you can only use it for off-road driving.

Final Words On Best 40×13.50r17 Tires

We tried our best to find all the best 40×13.50r17 tires available for you in this article. We have done in-depth research on all the available tires that will be the best option for your vehicle. Our article is wholly based on our experiences, user opinions, and reviews in the public domain.

We hope we have helped you decide on the best available 40×13.50r17 tires for your vehicle. If you have any opinions and questions, you can ask us in the comments section below40x13.50r17

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