Westlake Tires Latest Review 2021: Worth your money or not?

Sold throughout the United States and Canada, Westlake tires are the type of tires that are designed for budget-minded drivers.  An affordable, basic, everyday tire that is mostly sold as replacement models gets manufactured in Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company in China.

They are available for all sorts of sedans, minivans, light trucks, SUVs, and CUV’s and a few others. Read on as we review them on their various aspects.

westlake tires

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Why go for Westlake tires?


Westlake offers their tires less than the average rate in the industry. But hey! Don’t think that makes them compromise with the quality. They are adamant about providing high-quality material without being heavy on your pocket.

So, if you are looking for an affordable tire but don’t want to resort to used tires then you can, without hesitation, choose Westlake.


Westlake, as already mentioned, doesn’t compromise with the quality of its wheels. They use high-quality raw material that makes their tires durable. Moreover, the tread layout is designed so that the tire doesn’t wear out early.

The truck and touring radials are designed using smart design for prolonged tread-life.


With Westlake tires, you’ll experience a quiet and comfortable ride, even if it is a long and bumpy one. The well-engineered tread block design reduces the noise considerably while the sturdy center rib enhances the stability.


These are engineered to give high-performance on various terrains. It provides great traction not only in suburbs and city streets but also in highways, trails, and other harsh off-road conditions.

The engineers back at Westlake have developed their passenger car wheels to give you a pleasant driving experience. While the tires for trucks can handle tedious terrains with ease.


You can’t even question the handling of these tires even once. Be it wet or dry traction, Westlake has engineered their tires to give an amazing performance. The distinct tread design with cross Sipes helps in enhancing traction for better handling. The shoulder blocks are designed as a way to increase stability when cornering.

For enhanced grip, Westlake has incorporated biting edges and serrated patterns in their tread design. In addition to this, the circumferential grooves are included to increase wet traction.

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